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  1. Of course, just "take" the boxes instead of "take a copy" other approach: Edit content and drag out the no copy to your inventory. I find it convenient to keep my no copy stuff in seperate "no copy items" boxes. Also be sure to never try to rez those on tuesdays or in unstable sandboxes
  2. Quite the opposite in fact: it means way more lag, less traffic equals more server time for your shoppers and your store's scripts
  3. I wonder how that affects virtual trafficking, like Gorean roleplay. Guess we have to wait for some judges to sort that out =^.^= *readies popcorn*
  4. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    It looks it is always just the wheels, (well with cars it can be doors too, abnd bikes somtimes suffer from dissapearing forks) I'd say to hell with it and use high LI wheels instead. If the bike increases by 10LI to 15LI and keeps looking great that is a price I'd readily pay as a customer.
  5. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    hehe, my vanity forbids me to use items that don't work at LOD factor 1.5, because half of SL runs on old computers... what is the use of showing off your vehicles, if they fall apart for those who watch you? Thank you Chic and angeoco, found some nice onws in both stores now (I was short of giving up and really was considering rebuilding one with prim tires before I got the idea to post here) PS: I love the lone aley bug in your LEA place, nice and subtle way to quote her =^.^=
  6. Interesting, the only merchants I know about using this so far didn't have those demo lines, so it is an interesting way to do it (not the one I would do myself though).
  7. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    I see, another good LOD bicycle, ... I was actually looking for a motorized bike, but as your bike and mine clearly demonstrate: it can be done. That company also seems to have motorbikes, I'll take look at those, thank you a lot.
  8. I think the idea is to allow you to see it without those demo lines... but yeah I had that with a knight's set of armour. The time it took me to cycle through all the options had the center piece dematerialize.... You could try a demo rezzer in world, allowing for unlimited test time ... yes that will lead to a lot of people abusing your demo rezzer to just ride the vehicle. But also consider this: Your demo will be seen all across Linden waters... eventually someone will rightclick inspect it and want it Before I bought my two non freebie planes I testrode them across several sims, from one airport to another, taking off, landing, taking off again. Guess submarine buyers might like to do similar.
  9. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    "good looking" as in not falling apart into a bunch of triangles at LOD level 3 at default LOD weight. I would prefer a racing bike but I will gladly consider anything from a WWII military one, to an offroad, a chopper or even one of those superboring traveller's road bikes.
  10. Oh this one looks interesting, how many facial expressions does it translate?
  11. Fionalein

    Good LOD bike

    hello, Forum folks I'm counting your collective swarm knowledge to help me. I am still looking for a bike with good enough LOD to stay a bike at full draw distance (usually they loose tires long before at default LOD weight settings). I'm OK when they turn octagons at LOD level 4 but at least retain the tires. Come on, car designers, even plane designers manage to do it. Why are bikes only fully visible if the are close enough to lick them? There must be at least one decent bike designer out there, right? I would be happy if you could point some out to me, if not I'll stay happily with my LOD-stable bicycle =^.^= . Thanks in advance, Fio
  12. Earning Linden Dollars isn't that easy, fortunately you do not need many (But I know it's still great to have the shinier stuff the rich kids have). Small amounts of L$ can be earned in Traffic generating games, and I think there is also a guide by one Linden on how to earn inworld money (sad conclusion is though, fry burgers at your local burger bar and use the earned money there to buy Lindens will earn you better 99.9% of the time). As on wha to do? It is a simulator for life. Do what you always wanted to do in life. Learn sailing, fly a plane, get a pilot's licence, screw the paperwork and just fly without licence (YAY!!!). Just hop around a week or two, you might find stuff or stuff might find you, and all the sudden you are a member of some community you didn't even consider you could like before joining SL. It's all just people and interactions
  13. Oh bakes on mesh can also sniff out and copy classic layers? I thought it was just bakes in mesh @kassi I think Firestorm can do so. Sort by date, filter between two dates ... EDIT: No it can't I stand corrected, see LittleMe Jewell's post below
  14. Don't forget the really big stores who rent out small shops on their sims to new stores or other creators' sidestores.
  15. I know it'S to late but top for next shopping: Always demo before purchase even if the seller has no store and no inworld examples contact them, some will be willing to rez it for you in a sandbox to test.
  16. You know, just like the mainland they run on ^^ all those sims they took me to ... all empty It isn't the pods that keep folks from visiting mainland... I fear it's the mainlanders themselves
  17. which could be subject to fees again if listening for commercial purposes, media law is Pandora's box =^.^=
  18. You need no head devkit for an omega lipstick, only the oemga creator'S tools (which AFAIK are free)
  19. It is done all the time, but you need to believe them, so people ar cautious. There are some really big charity crews in SL though, one ( a rather purple one) directly related to cancer charity. Join one of the big ones known to the majority of SL residents and people will more likely donate money ;-)
  20. Hop to Caleta sim and discover the remnants of the once proud and vivid SL Hobo subculture and the giant railway hub they did build... also ride that railway with an engine of your own (free trains for the SLRR are available on MP and at several SLRR base stations)... Go sightseeing to projects buildt by the residents of ancient times that were so beautiful, LL resurrected from the grave by talking the Sims over when they were given up (SS Galaxy, Mont Sait Michel)... Annoy a certain person on this forum and take and enjoy some of the Yava pods tours (they give you great info about the places they take you)... Also: Be a freakin unicorn , because here in SL there is no excuse for not being one =^.^= Visit some Japaneese sims, I hate being national stereotypes but I just have to be in a positive sense here. Those guys and girls are totally underrated because we cannot understand them, ... so much SL beauty that is hidden from our Westerner eyes, because almost none of us know about it
  21. that is what kept me from DJing, I know my country's regulations are a pain in the ass on this, and as I would stream from home... yeah you get it, the stream would most likely not be falling under US laws ...
  22. Fionalein


    Plain simple? and straightforward : it is more points on your avatar that can be animated. Some new fitmesh items (ab)use those points. While not intended as such you could use the hind legs and wings and tail to animate hair for example.
  23. And silly me thought that happens with whatever Gor you try =^.^=
  24. It could be some misplaced checkbox? It does not generate thme automatically, you have to set them (so your copy/mod /notrans item can be boxed up in a no copy/no mod/no trans delivery box)
  25. Could be a limited time offer as well. Who knows what is going on in a creator's brain? And selling it at 99 will more likely generate much more lindens in total than selling it at 500 ever would.
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