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Found 13 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone has any favorite places to explore, in such an amazing world of SL there is just so much to do and so many wonderful people. Could someone share some nice places to go one of mine is Waterfalls of Dreams, it is so elegant and beautiful, I love castles and just beautiful creations Have a wonderful day everyone
  2. Hello, As a proudly tall woman who prefers much shorter men, a few months ago I was looking for shorter men in particular and I made a forum post discussing this matter: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/458807-where-to-meet-cute-shorter-men/ It was an antidotal reaction to the widespread presence of the tall, muscular, hyper-masculine, hulking brutes you see seemingly everywhere. In the end, I established that guys with particularly short yet adult avatars (not kids) which served as a reflection of who they were, personality-wise and more or less in reality were exceptionally rare, limited to a small number of groups specially catering to short guys, tall women, or both. Most people in these groups aren't online very much, and I've basically exhausted these groups, having met most of the active members and not having a good experience with some. So I'm now wondering; Where do men with ordinary, average-looking "normal" avatars tend to hang out? The ones who aren't so muscular, tall and hyper-masculine, yet not particularly short (that is, much shorter than the default avatars you sign up with and much shorter than most human avatars you see, but not being a tiny or a child) Where are all the skinnier guys, the cute Asian boys (not femboys) and those guys who don't have six-packs, massive arms and sharp, chiselled jawlines? Where are all the prim, modest, anodyne, intelligent, sweater-wearing types who look like a young Mr Rogers, Yves Saint Laurent or have a Clark Kent likeness or persona? (as opposed to Superman) Where are those with flabby cheeks, messier and simpler hair, guys who are overweight or obese and don't mind showing it in-world? Where are those with disabilities and other insecurities they aren't afraid to show? Much older men with matching avatars also tend to be naturally more prosaic in appearance as they grow shorter and have visible wrinkles... So where can I find folks with avatars like this? It does seem that every now and then I do come across people like this, far more often than I think, far more often in general, and especially more often than men who are particularly very short. But still not as often as I'd like, compared to everyone else, who has a big, overpowering avatar. They tend to be much simpler or plainer in appearance or have very basic avatars and I have seen them among other places in airports, train stations, hospitals, intellectual places like discussion centres, spiritual sims, camping sites, and roleplay communities. New people also tend to be like this, but they then feel the need to eventually turn into those massive Hulk Hogan or He-Man clones as they learn more and improve their avatar. I've also noticed many of these people with these simpler avatars have been Second Life residents for at least 9-12 years. I suspect the modesty and comfort in themselves comes from the experience - they don't need to dominate every situation or overpower others with their excessive confidence and are comfortable with who they are; thus, the avatars reflect this. So how can I increase my chances of encountering folks like this? Where do they tend to congregate? What are some good places or groups for this? Thank you all so much, - Charlotte Sinclair
  3. Hello. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, hopefully someone can move it to the right topic. Just learned how to open items and to use them. But now I can't get back to the place I started SL, and I have no idea how a place is called where to open them. I don't mind looking for one, but I don't no how to call it. Any help would really be appreciated. MartineAndrea
  4. what are ur favorite places to go on here to make new friends😁
  5. So ! New to having a parcel and it’s a public for ppl to come to enjoy as well! How do make it public ? Or is it already public? Iv tried searching my own LM buy entering it in “Places” in world. But I cant see it says “ not found “ . Thank you for the help and helping anyone else who has this problem! Today my birthday the way ! So ty for the gift of knowledge
  6. We have received the sad news that Chouchou Sim will disappear from SL in the next month of June. It is a loss that many of us are greatly regretting. Many in the SL community think and honestly believe that this place, Chouchou, Memento Mori, Islamey ... should stay in SL! It is part of the history of SL, it is a beautiful example of the art that some people have created in our virtual world and it is a beautiful symbol for many of us. I sincerely believe it would be a big mistake to let that place disappear from SL https://flic.kr/p/SaoudH This is just a small example of a part of SL that wants to support that place and that deeply regret the idea of Chouchou disappearing from SL
  7. So I discovered by *accident* that the Lindens are working on a (super-secret?) 360 Snapshot project. I never saw it announced! Well-played, Lindens, well-played indeed! Anyway, I thought I'd create this thread to show-off wonderful places I've found using 360-Snapshots (as in 360º Snapshots) because the usual "flat" snapshots just don't do some of these places justice! I'll tell you how (if you want to give it a go) inaminute, but first a coupe, from Lutz! (If you don't see it: click on the picture and drag your mouse): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Templemore City/127/88/28 SO here's how to do it if you want! Grab the LL "Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer" (Mac, Windows) here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers Position your camera where you want, then choose WORLD->CAPTURE 360 If you like the preview, then click SAVE LOCAL (and give it a good name) Upload directly to FLICKR (if you want to embed it here) or any other 360 Photo hosting website Open the 360 image in Flickr (so you see it as a 360 Image with click-and-drag) - Copy the URL Create a reply in this thread and paste the URL THEN, go back to Flickr, click "SHOW EXIF" and copy the SLURL and paste it into your message too. That's it! A couple things to note: It's an experimental viewer, it's very stable for me (the SL Viewer part is rock-solid), though sometimes the 360 image doesn't capture some prims and mesh objects, so you may have to reposition and experiment a bit, Also, don't edit your 360 images because then you may erase all the meta whatevers that Flickr uses to make it a true 360-image. Even if I am the only one to post here then so be it. It's a shiny new toy from Linden lab and I hope they keep developing it! Though I hope some of you will join me! This is just a post to kick it off, I already have a new place to show you in my next post!
  8. Second Life Second Chances Coming to Second Life, was a combination of curiosity meets possibility. A friend brought me here to hang out and do things we could not otherwise do in real life. Real life can sometimes leave but moments for a person to enjoy themselves. Sometimes the money alone can prevent a dream from becoming reality. Hello Readers, and welcome to a second chance at life, called Second Life. Second Life is where you can be anything, do anything, and achieve anything that may or may not be accessible in real life. The Possibilities are endless. I came to S.L. by way of a friend who I wished to do things with in real life, yet finding the time and traveling long distance were problematic as we struggled to find a new way to spend time together that did not involve just another chat. A somewhat tangible way that allowed for a visual involvement. I felt like Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" in a way. I sit down at my desk, my coffee in hand and walk into a world I have now come to call my home away from home. As is the case in all things new, I wandered around lost for a while, not sure where to begin, Piece by piece things began to reveal themselves to me. What viewer, how to walk, run, and fly. Baby steps to a young one such as myself, being only a few months old, where it is second nature to a veteran. I have learned those who are shy in real life have found a bold new voice in this world and live to express it in so many ways. A single dance in here speaks volumes as you no longer need the skill to be able to actually dance. With a click or two suddenly you are Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers, all the while your fingers find the rhythm and you are immersed in conversation and making a friend. Some dances never end as you jump through time and space wandering about exploring. I found myself thinking back to when I was a child and smiled as the memory of two tin cups and a ball of twine and how it grew up too. Second Life is more than a second chance, it is revisiting yesteryear with the confidence that allows us to brush ourselves off and wipe away cobwebs we did not know were there. In here I can skydive and swim, where as in my real life I cannot. I have met designers and creators who have inspired me and in a world where no one is denied a dream for lack of money, time, or even creativity. The impossible becomes possible with a single thought. My first day I was taught to fish. Grab a free pole and toss a line in the water. Fish Hunt has become one of the many things I truly enjoy in this world. I can choose one of the many varied destinations sit back and reel in one of a variety of fish. The nearby chat provides me with all the information I need to know as I progress in this hobby I pursue. When I am done, with the click of a button i can find myself in Business Park turning in my catch for cash called Lindens. I have learned to pay my rent, and find I can snag a great deal on the Market Place for something that I wish to enhance my appearance and or experience. I always say, "I am just in it for the shoes". Truth is, there is so much more than shoes. The other day I came across a hud for holding hands. A hud is one of many things you will come to learn in this world. There are so many that can help you in so many ways. This particular one allows you and another to act in unison. You just rezz the item in a place allowable and you can go anywhere together doing a variety of actions provided through scripts embedded as you would if they were standing there next to you. Second life really is a second chance at life you can pause, rewind, and find success with persistence. Earlier I mentioned skydiving. My first attempt at skydiving was a failure. I did not understand you needed to attach the parachute and as I watched myself falling I thought I would need to begin again. When my avatar landed with a thud I was ready to create another and yet she stood back up and brushed herself off and I found myself going back up to the platform by way of teleport and jumped again, not a graceful landing as I ended up on someone's rooftop but better. My adventures in here have just begun, and with a little time and patience, I will learn to not repeat mistakes and perhaps show up to a dance with all my limbs intact. All the while meeting and speaking with a wide variety of wonderful people from around the world all while comfortably sitting at my desk coffee in hand. written by: Silver Angel Editor in Chief Meta-Com
  9. I have been looking for functional subway stations but I haven't found any, does anyone know any sims that has a functional subway/train station?
  10. Tommy Linden just posted (and of course I read as it said "read me" LOL) about posting in Favorite Destinations. Personally I seldom read Favorite Destinations since they are often "ads" (Tommy's point). BUT I have been getting bored lately and I need a change of pace -- or maybe just to get back to my roots. I used to have a section on my (now ten year old) blog called PLACES. I am renewing that now and getting a little adventure into my life. The first post was about the new NEO event (I am not taking part in that so no conflict of interest) which for me is one of the most exciting shopping events I have seen in a very long while. Here is the lead photo. You can read more on my blog post which is hopefully is OK to post here and if not a mod will "mod me" and that's fine too. :D. https://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2018/04/a-night-at-neo.html https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GABRIEL3/107/141/500 A Night at NEO
  11. Does anyone know the name of the place to which the Group tag 'Wicked Alien' belongs to?
  12. Hi there, it seems the places pages were deleted/reset last night, i lost all my contents and even the links did change. Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone infos about it? Support couldnt help me at all Thanks, -Ame
  13. The Library of Landmarks a public project created and curated by Saul Goodie. The mission of this library is to collect, organize and feature quality locations from across the Second Life grid. Please enjoy the selection of Landmarks; each category has 4 featured landmarks with quick links - simply use the map to teleport! Click the FOLDER button to receive a folder of Landmarks related to the category of your choosing. If you feel you have a Location worth admitting to the Library, please attach the Landmark to a notecard with an explanation and drop in the Suggestion Box on the Library Front Desk. We encourage submissions of all types, even if they do not fit the displayed categories. You can also use the Suggestion Box on the Library Front Desk to: recommend new categories, report dead or inactive landmarks, request feature spot highlight, or request landmark removal, and misc. questions. : Current Displayed Categories : MUSIC CHILL ART SPIRITUAL COMMUNITIES ROMANCE CAFE PARKS EDUCATIONAL STEAMPUNK SCI-FI ** FANTASY INTERACTIVE ** ** = Under Construction ::The Library of Landmarks was established in January 2017 by Saul Goodie. The Library was built with the help of several Residents who are forever remembered through a plaque outside our front door. ::
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