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  1. Now, it would be interesting to knwo if having a prepaid balance did the trick.
  2. Even more than last time =^.^=
  3. Try to get a redelivery: Both my AO and my bento head got broken by SL, sometimes it just needs a new one...
  4. Schreib mal den Scriptautor an, oder durchsuch den Laden. Entweder verkaufen die eine Fullperm Lizenz für teurer, oder das war ein Fehler.
  5. Die Texturen könnten auch nicht fullperm sein... oder die Skripte, da kann leicht etwas das ganze Ding in seinen Rechten verändern. Beim aufheben werden die Einschränkungen dann alle an das root prim vererbt.
  6. But but... one of my favourite vehilce builders lives down there, why not nuke just the madlands parts but of all mainland? some carters would be hell of an improvement to most things out there.
  7. Gib die Objekte mal einer/einem Alt. Wenn das klappt isses einfach eine falsche Fehleranzeige und es ist in Wirklichkeit was anderes.
  8. Not sure if you need to convert it, I did. They just stated it had to be worth at least that amount. It worked for me with 27 dollars + some cents after it didn't with 22 dollars... so yeah that information could not be sooo wrong
  9. I found a solution in a backwater German language SL forum linked on 3rd page of Google search on topic... (yeah remember the last time you had to search links burried at deep?) according to them you need prepaid value on your paypal if you are outside of US/Canada/Australia and a minimum of 25$ US... asked my sister to send me some paypal money (transfer to family and friends is free) and it worked for me...
  10. Oh, wait, Mainland Rally Myuki? Which I was not able to finish 2017 no matter how often I tried because sooner or later the vehicles crashed on a sim crossing? *nods* yeah Myuki must have the perfect solution =^.^=
  11. You are a shame for whole gnome-kind. If you keep up like this, the fabled Gnomes of Zurich will never accept you as one of their own.
  12. Recent example why mod rights are good: I buildt a vehicle rezzer for a shopping sim. But I needed the cars to dissappear when shoppers leave them... now most car sellers have "no mod" cars. But I found one car merchant that had modable car meshes. I could set the cars to "temp", shove them into the rezzer, and the garbage collector of the sim will dispose of them once shoppers leave them behind. Typical use of a SL car? No. Did I dishonour the creator's original idea? Most likeley not, I rather gave him sorta free ads for his vehicles.
  13. Most huds I see are texture nightmare, consisting of dozens of textures... could be done better, and I doubt mesh baking will stop people making bad HUDs, but at least it would give them other options.
  14. The ancient art of bragging while admitting a flaw... you must rock at job interviews =^.^=
  15. Why would you kill the most useful application fo mesh baking? Those HUDs need mesh baking the most.
  16. No fawlty towers referrence? Kitty is dissapointed....
  17. Ninja edits it away before Rhonda finds out *is afraid of math*
  18. *pouts* but,... but,... mousie is not dead yet, kitty wants to continue playing...
  19. Late on the train here but my sole item is "no mod" because it is copy and transfer and I am paranoid ... See, my item is meant as free gift to the petite community so I intended it to be passed around by them freely... this however leaves the item (a simple cube with a tpye animation script) vulnerabe to abuse. By making it "no mod", I can leave it copy and transfer without having to worry people will abuse it by turning it into something bad (like with money stealing scripts) and leave my name tag on it. This is even mutual because that way I also make sure if someone recieves an item with my name as creator, they can expect it to be save if they trust me, no matter where they got it from.
  20. Create awesome (in a positive sense) items. I usually review when I am positively or negatively surprised.
  21. try "Not allowed listing practices" as listing illegal stuff most likely is no allowed listing practice =^.^=
  22. Let the market decide =^.^= There's always two approaches: "they butchered my art" or "look what they've come up with using my stuff" you decicde what to apply
  23. I would buy the milk that tastes better =^.^=
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