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  1. Oh no, just fell for sin #1 "stupidity" =^.^= but as Discordian I still insist on being right
  2. If you have not been there yet, Calleta Station is a place you should visit one day. Sure some modern mesh builds would look far superior but it is the overal sim design of Calleta and the surrounding sims that give it it's special charm. It was once the proud gathering place of the now rare SL-hobos, a subculture based on the ideals on tinkering and helping others. It is also one of the central nodes of the SLRR network on Heterocea so grab one of those free trains (available at the station or get yourself some other SLRR compatible trains from MP) and give SL railroading a try. If you are lucky, you might even run into some of the last remaining hobos when they are around, I ran into a few and had some nice chats there. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calleta/181/166/31
  3. I just (ab)used it for test riding until I discovered the lovely upper levels.
  4. Are you just implying there should be new premium perk: "extra strikes on escalation ladder"?
  5. Yes I've seen, makes people ragequit premium, but in that individual case they at least promised to take a second look. And also do not forget: People pay a lot to keep SL moderated.
  6. could backfire, and people play the system dealing out really hard insults just because they know the escalation ladder will not harm them enough. I'm pretty sure some sick individuals would deal out hard strikes knowing let's say a 3 day ban hurts them less than the words will hurt their their victims... I say: leave it as is, judgement by Lindens on an individual case basis.
  7. I'm really pretty sure you missed a "not" in that 2nd sentence =^.^=
  8. I'm sure I'll find something in LaVey's list of 7 sins for satanists that prevents me from contacting you. PS: Oh, here we go, how about "herd conformity"? My Discordian believes tell me an organized church of Satan must rock ROFL
  9. Ermmm? Klytyna, do you realize those omega appliers have just SLUV texture UUIDs in them... you are already wearing those old system skins on your "prescious new" mesh =^.^=
  10. Kinda like "How dare they show they have no money in my presence!" ?
  11. All insults here are hidden between lines and indirect, accusing people of low mental capabilities etc. ... someone's dancing dangerously close to the edge, but that just fits the self proclaimed game "Maximizing everything you do to perfection". Game goal here: "How far can you go in insulting people without having to fear consequences?"
  12. Unless you go for very low lag scripting but yeah... fetch link numbers in initial run on rez and store them in memory should not have any impact on script time after all and a very little neglible one on memory.
  13. you already have a script taht gives you depth in hovertext.... just combine both scripts... an experienced scriptor should be able to do so on a lazy afternoon... optimzing it for sale might be another thing =^.^=
  14. I am not sure what you do there... I link with the building tools and it works fine with me when I add new stuff to each other. I even added AV-Sitter scripts for furniture items into my boat. I see some possible problems in what you are up to: two conflicting vehicle scripts and the combined physical meshes could exceed vehicle maximum. Does order need to be preserved? You can test this very simply: Link a cube to your boat and take it for a ride... if it works don't use the complicated script
  15. Use a support ticket, say (what you apparently claim happend) that your account got restored but you got the wrong account... meanwhile create an alt, your inventory is not in the wrong account anyways (I'm sure the helpdesk will understand that, and there are no rules prohibiting against it)
  16. True, but this one can be worn with other bodies (OK the old one can too, but you have to alpha out all but the head)
  17. in preferences > graphics settings... in FS it somewhat to the right lower end of the first settings tab. grey is just... the textures are missing, most likley lag
  18. Silly Kitty workaround: don't mesh it texture it. Use a second face on top or your scale mesh and have a sliding bar (for linear scales) or arrow (for round scales) texture moved/rotated around the face with scripts.
  19. Well guess what? There's away to stop it, I would have almost told you, but erm... let me quote a wise man: "Use your brains!"
  20. Great customer service there, ... not =^.^= oh my *headdesk* no, do not hold back critisism unless you deem a designer totally worth your devotion. I just chatted with car manufacturer, who could explain me why the car was "no mod", so totally useless to my little project, and on top of a nice explanation he even showed me a 0L vehicle by his competitor which was mod... guess what? I like the car, sure I cannot add my fancy nonsense to it (every limo should have Blofeld's white kitty in the backseat, PERIOD) but the explanation made sense, I appreciate the customer service given before I even was a customer... I might still buy it. How they deal with weird customer wishes and negative reviews helps us identify which merchants are worth investing our Lindens in.
  21. Wait what? You do not know the "busy" sign for your computer? It is natural, it should show up all the time your computer is doing things...
  22. Unfortunately it still is not allowed to call names on the forums (see Freya's post from may , 5th 16), report for fraud is all you can do. B.t.w., congrats on the necromancy, the thread is alive again...
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