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    Wrong topic

    Well mods can, and you can nicley ask them to =^.^=
  2. Saves people form creating a premium alt and donating land to group and so on ... which is basically already double premium =^.^= a double premium would just be a convenience offer. Lindens will not loose anything that way, because it is already practiced.
  3. That is why you buy modable furniture. If I would rely on the freebies I got I would have a hodgepodge of furniture now but I really like my sets to work together.
  4. I actually often need it. Oh nice coffee machine, can I install it in my yacht? Nope, because no mod? OK then, keep it, I'll buy another one.
  5. Most AV sitter furniture is mod because there is a healthy 3rd party add-on script market. Not my first choice of sitting script but it works and is easy to set up for anyone with more than 1 week of coding experience and kind of one of the few "inofficial standards" the SL community agreed upon ...
  6. Many role play providers have sims linked in their shops or personal picks, do a marketplace search for fantasy/ SciFi/ police/ whatever you want to go for research visit those places and search their creator's places picks... you will find a lot.
  7. And do a marketplace search comparing quantity and also what exactly is offered for the bodies... you do not want to buy a body you really like and that has lost of support only to find out all you actually can buy are barbarian Conan-esque outfits =^.^= Demo + market analysis
  8. Does that also mean the phone companies will be liable for any illegal action arranged on a phone? Because that will be a hillarious trump in the hands of lawyers (pun intended)
  9. not to forget the current SL metaplot would allow this evil Ruth to ripple the fabric of space... would totally fit in =^.^=
  10. I hope you voted for unicorns in spaceships, we all want to see that one
  11. Not so easy it needs a google login, so I didn't vote at all =^.^=
  12. Maybe "Still an Advanced Member" then?
  13. Yes and no. Current genesis female heads are only Omega compatible for makeup, not for skins. We were told upcoming 4.0 heads will be compatible with Omega skins then too. No idea about older heads though.
  14. So you are already upset when people file you guys as "snobs" , oh my... I better don't tell you about my "possibly a control freak" interpretation then, Oops I just did See, I am no corporate bound by laws of economy. I can and will glady pay more if I deem the creator/item worthy of my money, or I can decide not to buy at all, both in RL and SL. Does that make me a "snob"? For some I guess it might, but being that kind of snob feels right, and that is all that matters to me.
  15. You could never stand up to her, who just happens to be a god in everything she is doing =^.^=
  16. But it reapaired my broken inventory on more than one occasion =^.^=, but always try if a relog would not be enough first (often is) Extra tip: Firestorm has a secondary inventory window, you can access it with ctrl+i, I found it is independent and often works when the main inventory is broken.
  17. SL sailors and aviators would delight in this, as would car drivers if we finally got bridges =^.^= (Well unless they use map orientation, which could get confusing then)
  18. Could be it is binary and LSL just casts if inappropriate varialble tpye. I'm not so deep into LSL =^.^=
  19. They didn't use binary to encode it? Whow LL was ahead of it's time when they made SL.
  20. Nostalgia often makes us remember things better than they actually were, back then you old folks most likey had nothing better.
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