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  1. ChinRey, thank you for the reply. I will check out the option you listed, thank you. As to your question: Even though a Free Woman must be covered from head to toe in most situations and on most sims, there are other times where she does not have to covered completely, as in when she is with a FC, if she has one, or she is in her own house, or if she visits some of the Academies that are available to them on SL(the academies - she still has to wear the long dresses, but can go there without head dress or veils, depending on which one she goes to). I would not want to use a system body or head, regardless of what role I'm playing, but that is just me. I have seen some system bodies and heads that do look quite nice. Just not for me. I hope that answered your question *smiles*
  2. Oh my apologies. I did not mean 'free', I meant Gorean Free Woman apparel. I'm so sorry I did not make the distinction. Took me a minute to figure out why you guys were thinking I was looking for freebies! dur.. *smiles*
  3. Oh I'm willing to pay, if I could just find it or someone to do it! lol I'm not really looking for freebies, although that would be good too! Thank you for the replies.
  4. Hello Everyone. I have searched Marketplace for a few days now, but can't seem to find but one Free Woman Outfit that is made specifically for Maitreya and only a couple that have appliers included. Is there somewhere that I'm not seeing?? I would really like to find some that is made for Maitreya or at the very least, have the appliers. If not, is there someone I can contact that would make some for me? I would appreciate any help. Thank you. Dhyana
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