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  1. And now you met a third xd Doesn't make us bad people, some of the most caring people i've known have had the most difficult issues
  2. Sometimes SL likes to make us show as offline, even when we're not Sometimes, people simply forget to tick to show online again, that's all I show offline if I want to be treated as offline, which of course doesn't mean I keep it permanently on, just now & then if I wish to be left alone. If anyone can't handle seeing my name as online, for an hour or two, so be it lol There is no way to hide, it isn't done to hide, if people believe that is why, that's on them
  3. Friends lists have to be one of my most hated things! I don't like to add people unless i've got to know them pretty well & we have some connection, and need to be able to explain to them why I may delete them randomly (due to rl). I don't wish to discuss that with strangers, and people get hurt if removed, so I just don't add any. Then they get mad if I don't add them, can't win. For some reason, a contacts set or calling card is never ok. I even had one guy demand I be on his list. If I give in and add them, explaining I may well remove them randomly, and do, even if they said it's fine
  4. I agree with the above two posters; my alt is trying for a Houseboat atm & the only one to come up was gone before she'd completed the agreement It really doesn't matter where it is, in terms of how far from anywhere else, it's all just as quick to get to unless next door
  5. Ok, so I love the Houseboats & Victorians, and said i'd *never* have a Traditional, as they feel so claustrophobic with tiny rooms, and IMO don't have the character of the Vics, or the uniqueness of the landscaping etc (to me, Vics seem to have more variety) I got bored waiting for a Houseboat, so went to view a Trad, and just fell in love with the location, decorated & think it's my favourite spot yet, I can't explain it! Anyway, i'm very happy so here're some pics
  6. English here too, there's loads of us about, though it doesn't matter to me where people are from xd
  7. I got this one, I absolutely love it with no neighbours behind or to one side and the lighthouse view!
  8. About to release a houseboat here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lusitania/225/182/27 16x32m
  9. I went with the Verne, but yeah the rooms aren't too easy to furnish with the curved window areas and small straight walls, but I like a challenge!
  10. I hope the Lindens see this or are already aware as i'd agree, that would be a problem for me also. Hopefully they are aware
  11. Thanks everybody . . . @Chad Marbach . . . @Sylvia Tamalyn is correct, I did mean which of the four to choose as i'm terrible with making decisions and couldn't decide! Thanks for replying though because that will help others who don't realise they can change their house style @Sylvia Tamalyn . . . that's a good point about clutter, I too like this so that has given me something to go on, thanks. @karynmaria I like the Verne for that reason too, the huge window at the front gives a great view and really makes it feel spacious @Marianne Little . . . thanks so
  12. Hey all I have finally found a Vic in a lovely location but am so indecisive as to which home to choose. I wondered if those with Vics or those who've had them, could give me pros & cons of each home; what did you love or not love about them pls? Pics welcome and apologies if there's already a similar thread
  13. The 5 home limit is soooo frustrating, especially when you wait for the one you abandoned to be claimed, try again and get ones you went to :(
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