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  1. I was wondering around inworld today and found so many things I wanted to buy but couldn’t at the moment. I would love it if someone made it possible to add in world items to a wishlist so you don’t forget it. It would help both buyers AND sellers. Is there some where else I should put this idea so maybe Linden Labs would see it? Is it something any coder could script?
  2. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE ! 2,048m - 703 prim - L$499/w Grass Hills at Tuatara 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 Golden Sands at Deminis 5,120m - 1757 prim - L$1,149/w Waterland at Skibbereen 5,120m - 1757 prim - L$1,149/w Mountain Top at Waring *** PROMO 2 WEEKS MAXIMUM --> 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$449 at Titian
  3. Looking to sell my Mainland parcel. It is 8192 m2 and 2812 Prims and is Moderate. Only available for PREMIUM members (Apologies for that) Bought for 7k and would ideally want at least 5k for it. But, I am open to sensible offers. A relatively quiet location, not many neighbors. An up and coming location close to SL Road. Please see a picture of the basics of the land/layout below. If you'd like to visit in person, feel free to IM me inworld @Pixii Littlepaws
  4. Looking to sell my Mainland parcel. It is 8192 m2 and 2812 Prims and is Moderate. Only available for PREMIUM members (Apologies for that) Bought for 7k and would ideally want at least 5k for it. But, I am open to sensible offers. A relatively quiet location, not many neighbors. An up and coming location close to SL Road. Please see a picture of the basics of the land/layout below. If you'd like to visit in person, feel free to IM me inworld @Pixii Littlepaws
  5. I have a fantastic 1280m 2x protected WATER parcel for sale situated within a quiet region. This is ideal to keep your house boat or skybox with nice neighbours. It also benefits from a protected sunset view. Type: 2x Protected WATER parcel with sunset view Maturity: Moderate Size: 1280m Prims: 439 Price: L$11,950 (L$9.3sqm) Link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gemmed/28/198/23 Please contact me in-world if you have any questions. Thanks Exavor
  6. SAIMYA ESTATES Move in special PAY 2 weeks get 1 week free Waterfront Land Control your media and other land abilities Privacy in every home Furniture may be used or return Security may be used in all homes Television for movies and youtube in all homes Group invite sent when rental unit is paid. Access to sail able waters at some locations Excellent Customer Service Skyboxes Fully furnished, however furniture can be returned Television for movies and youtube available Affordable prices Adult skyboxes available Security may be used Group invite sent when rental unit is paid. Have access to sail able waters. AVAILABLE LISTINGS BELOW Available places from Saimya Estates choose and TP: https://www.casperpanel.com/rentals/2OlnqUQd1TOO2LTq/available OFFICE TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whitemud/208/179/2017
  7. Currently renting an unfurnished home on landscaped and private land. Rent is 750 L weekly for 1000 Prims . Am willing to negotiate on price. Contact Afkgirl101 for information on renting this parcel or taking tours inside the home. Thank you!🙂
  8. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 For 13 weeks --> 640m - 219 prims - L$3,889 Ocean Front at Gramela 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Golden Sands at Storgosia For 52 weeks --> 2,048m - 703 prims - L$22,999 Grass Hills at Mavora For 26 weeks --> 2,048m - 703 prims - L$11,999 Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Grand Moat at Titian For 26 weeks --> 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$21,999 Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899 a week Grass Hills at Eurodium 8,192m - 2812 prims - L$1,799 a week Grass Hills at Klibert ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  9. We are looking for a Receptionist! If you are friendly, social, and can fluently write/ read English, you are already a good candidate for this position! Our staff gets 50% off our skybox rentals plus commission sales! Come by and click on the tablet at our front desk for an application, we are hiring ASAP Landmark - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Laguna Island/212/38/178 Voss Estates is the Home of Affordable Luxury Skybox Rentals.
  10. Check out our website, experience finding your New Home in the effortless way..... https://misfit.estate/ [Misfit] Estates ⭐️⭐️ Stylish & Affordable !⭐️⭐️ ****Great Customer Service, ask any of our tenants! **Refer a friend program *Discount for 4 weekly paid tiers *Paypal accepted https://www.facebook.com/MisfitEstates👍😉 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Misfit II/162/109/23
  11. Wait wait wait! Before you tell me to look at the posts below, take a look lol. I'm not looking for work in a club, even though I do have light experience as a host/dancer. I'm more specifically looking for work in what I've been already doing. I help promote sales, events, new designers etc etc and post information in groups about them. I have my own group in Facebook for promoting sales but that's currently inactive. I would like a job doing something similar but I'm open for suggestions. My hours are somewhat flexible atm too. You can IM me or reply here. Thanks!
  12. Visit our Website: CrispSL.com for Available Listings & Career Information Position: Assistant General Manager Experience Required Compensation: Salary + Hourly + Bonuses + Commissions Apply Now: In-World Only 👉http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue/32/53/2502 😃 Sign-On Bonus: Work for Crisp Estates for 30 days receive L$ 1000 in Trompe Loeil Gift Cards! 😃 Do you love to help others? Do you have a pleasant and upbeat demeanor and enjoy inspiring and motivating teams? Are you highly skilled in property management, including terraforming and parcel permissions? Do you want to help someone find their dream home on a beautifully decorated waterfront/beach or sailing parcel? Then we're looking for YOU! Apply today to Crisp Estates! We can't wait to meet you! EXPERIENCE IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED for this position (training on the basics this position are not included or provided, except where they are needed for our brand and its specific selling). Our expectation will be that you have already have advanced parcel management knowledge and need little direction on the understandings of mainland and private estate management. We expect that you are a sales person and are good at a managing a small team. We expect that you can provide at least 15 hours/week to this position. You will receive a base salary, plus an hourly salary, plus selling incentive bonuses, plus commissions. While you will be a manager, you will also be expected to be a sales person as well, without exception. We are looking for a candidate who is available during the hours of 4am to 3pm SLT, Monday-Friday. This does not mean you have work all these hours; however, we need someone to be able to fit within these hours. We are not looking for candidates outside of these hours. We do not need assistance on the weekends, unless you would like to put in additional hours. VOICE IS REQUIRED for this position, without exception. Having regular meetings and training our staff is required. Opportunity to graduate to the full General Manager position is available upon mutual agreement, experience and fit. You must be fluent in written and spoken English. We encourage you to speak other languages as well, but you must be able to communicate well in both. We do not expect you to be a native speaker, but be able to navigate the language with ease. If we believe you are a fit and meet these requirements, we will contact you to set up an interview as soon as possible.
  13. BEE REAL ESTATE SINCE 2007 ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE ! 928m - 318 prims - L$249/w Roadside at Celchu 1,024m - 351 prims - L$249/w Grass Valley at Hubble 1,024m - 351 prims - L$249/w at Clay 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w at Mephilo Tor 2,048m - 1406 prims - L$499/w Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grass Hills at Klaatu 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grand Cannyon at Titian 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$899/w Grass Valley at Campbell Plateau 5,120m - 1757 prims - L$1149/w Mountain Top at Waring
  14. BEE REAL ESTATE  SINCE 2007 First Week 50% OFF --> 2,048m - 703 prims - L$249/w Grass Valley at Mavora 5,120m - 1757 prims - L$1,149/w Mountain Top at Waring 8192m - 2812 prims - L$1799/w Grass Valley at Gothlauth OFFICE AT Celchu subscribe for Reservations ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  15. Hello all, so I create shapes and my primary avatar recently opened a store. I created this second account so I could work in peace and not feel bad about having friends feel ignored plus I really rather not have all that extra inventory of heads etc in my primary account. My issue is that if I create a shape in my working account avi (this one) it doesn't name my other avi as creator and I really would prefer it did. Is there a way to change creator? I own the originals and transfer it with all permissions of course. Thanks so much
  16. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenilworth/126/128/61 MUST GO! For Sale, 55296sqm, that's almost a whole region, A whopping 18984 Prims, to build as you wish! Quiet area, as the neighbors don't build too much, and aren't active! Was selling for L$4 per m2, but dropped down to now L$1.5 per m2. Only L$83220! Come see, and come buy! If buying, go to About Land -> General tab and click on the BUY button http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenilworth/126/128/61 Ask me questions, at markbwalker
  17. I am currently running an experiment that I might decide in future to develop into a full scale system that other content creators in SL can benefit from. About half a year ago I started selling my virtual products on credit. At 1st I was setting credits manually in database for each customer upon their initial pre-payment of 30% and it was lots of unneccesary work. But recently I programmed what I call a credit vendor and now when customers pay 30% of full price of the product the remaining 70% is set as debt automatically. These remaining 70% then they pay off with 50% of their earnings from all of my systems when they withdraw them. From the 1st look it might seem that this is a bad idea and that it doesn't make sense and that as a content creator I am loosing money. But it is really not a bad idea and I ❤ the concept. And here is why: Drop rate of new signups in Second Life or Residents who stay in SL for only a month or few months is very high (like for any other free social platform - people try it out some stay lots drop out). If as a content creator I can sell my products for at least 10 - 30% of full price through credit vendor (as in case of many SL drop outs who will never pay off their debt because they stop using SL) I am still getting sales that otherwise would not happen. *The virtual goods I sell are no transfer so they can not transfer to another avatar and abandon their obligation to pay. Unlike with RL physical goods there is no material production cost and with virtual goods we can sell unlimited copies of it. Because above reasons to me selling virtual goods on credit makes a perfect sense. Another amazing reason worth pointing out is that i n this way I can get my product and brands in the hands of many more people and that makes for great marketing effect. If your product is not worn or used by anyone and for others to see it and talk about it then that is almost the same as if it doesn't even exist. (There is a scifi book author Cory Doctorow who issues his books with public copyright permissions, so books can be copied basically for free and his argument is that this way more people find out for his work and he also gets more sales). I learned great deal from reading about his rationale from a preface of one of his book. Selling something on credit is known concept already from ancient times. While for the selling of virtual goods on credit I kind of hope I am the 1st one or one of the 1st ones doing it in history. \O.. O/ Now 1 main disadvantage or risk is that a customer doesn't fulfill their obligation to pay off their debt (but at least they paid pre-payment). So if I ever build full scale credit system for other content creators to use the customers will have a credit rating / credit score that will be based on their past repayment of debts. Customers with bad or low credit rating won't be able to make any aditional credit purchases and content creators using credit vendors will be able to set minimum credit rating needed to buy on credit. I have been very happy with my credit sales little experiment. Since I've started offering my products on credit there is now a total for about 15 000 usd of customer/players debt on my books (database) for which its questionable of what % of it will be ever repaid but what is not repaid will be mainly because the SL users are no longer in SL. It has not hurt my product sales purchased paying full price. I think its actually boosting it. I've established trust with hundreds of customers. By giving them my trust first that they will respect their obligation. My goal is for the debt to grow to 21 000 000 L$ by the end of 2021 for a better proof on concept and if its recepted well by content creators community I might expand the credit system for others to be able to sell on credit through it too. We'll see \O.. O/ Some general advantages and disadvantages of selling on credit from the web: Advantages: An increase in sales may happen when you start selling on credit. Your customers are likely to buy from you as their cash flow is not disrupted and it is not necessary to pay upfront to competitors. Better customer loyalty. Offering credit to customers demonstrates trust. Disadvantages: It can lead to bad debts.There is no guarantee that the customers will pay back. Loss of income/capital. Bad debt is a loss of income as well as loss of capital you have invested in buying the goods. (Does not apply for virtual / digital goods of which there can be unlimited copies and copying has 0 cost). Strained relationship.
  18. BEE REAL ESTATE  SINCE 2007 1rst week half price --> 2,048m - 703 prims - L$249/w Grass Valley at Mavora 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/w Mountain Top at Callisto 4,096m - 1406 prims - L$449/w Grass Hills at Eurodium IN CASE YOU WANT SOMETHING ELSE THEN TELEPORT TO MY OFFICE AT Celchu and subscribe for Reservations ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE !
  19. Strong Land Sales & Rentals is seeking a reliable and dedicated land sales & rentals agent. The agent will be responsible for customer interaction with individuals who visit the inworld Strong Land Sales & Rentals shop, (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Centalia/205/32/23). In addition, will be required to engage with individuals, couples and groups who visit individual parcels. Provide information on what parcels are available that may fit a potential clients wants and needs. Also, provide guidance and assistance to potential clients who are newer to SL and are not familiar with how some things work. Salary - L$ 300 per week + commission, and free rent on a 1024 or smaller parcel. Duties - Send IMs and/or NCs to individuals who visit Strong Land Sales parcels Monitor CasperLet IM and visitor tracker IM messages for new potential customers Assist in the buying/rental process Send out information NCs to potential customers Set up land for renters after they pay their 1st week of rent Report to owner sales activities Requirements - *RL sales and/or customer service experience is a plus *Experience of knowledge of CasperDNS is a plus Excellent communication skills Friendly and helpful personality Working knowledge of SL, to include understanding of SL viewer and/or Firestorm Viewer Basic understanding of mainland parcel size, prims and tier fees, preferred Spend no less than 1-hour in the one of the Strong Land Sales & Rental locations per login session; no less than 5-hours per week Engage with at least one potential customer per day that you login, close at least 1 customer every two weeks as a minimum Potential candidates should apply directly with Blake Strong (StrongZer0), by sending a NC titled "Sales Agent Application". Please express your reason for your interests in this role, and why you believe that you are well suited to be successful
  20. Crisp Estates is seeking a rental agent for ASAP 🤩 RENTAL AGENT POSITION: You will be responsible for selling new properties, communicating with our renters and making sure all rental rules are followed. You should enjoy talking to people if you'd like to apply for this position 🥰 This is a PAID/hourly position, with commissions and tips and the ability to work in the office and "from home." Fluent English is required. An attractive, adult, mesh, human form avatar (male, female or non-binary) IS required before applying. We strongly prefer someone with experience with SL land controls/estate rights. We strongly prefer someone who speaks another language (German, Spanish, huge plus!) Hours are flexible. WHERE TO APPLY?: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sylvina/173/239/33 Please do not apply here, we will only accept completed notecards in-world at our rental office. We're excited to meet you!!!! Questions: Alexis.Crisp or Cretos.Jones in-world
  21. We are Meqara Port, a Gorean RP sim. We own an OOC market with 28 shops, 16 ad boards and stalls. We are looking for a sales agent willing to work on commission basis. The commission is based on rental payments for both shops and add boards. Requirements: -Must be at least one year old. -Must be fluent in english. If you are interested please contact Wynna Wrexan(wynna) or Leonidas Wrexan(leonidas079)
  22. Black Friday Sale 50% discount on items in store Bon Amour Store, Hairs and clothing 27nov-30nov,2020 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bermuda/215/41/1202
  23. I don't get what's happening since monday, suddenly my sales went down dramatically... I don't get it. Is there any kind of ban, glitch, bug whatever??? I'm getting frustated by this. My store is like 10 years old and it never happened something like that. Please tell me this is temporary system mistake or whatever. - Monday: I sold only an item during early morning (between 2 am and 5 am) - Tuesday: 2 items during early morning too (between 2 am and 6 am) - Wednesday: 4 items during early monting (between 2 am and 4 am) - Thursday: 2 items during early morning!!!!! ((between 2 am and 4 am) What is happening here??? 😢 I don't get it. It's like my store is only active on MP during early mornings! what the hell?? I went from selling like 20 items per day to 5 Last sunday my sales were like heaven! then the nightmare started on monday. What's wrong! am I violating a TOS or what? I need help.
  24. Recently downscaling our land on Morgan - We've split everything as equal as possible for those who don't want a large parcel WILL TAKE NEGOTIATIONS - PLEASE CONTACT MYSELF OR MOIRA GOODE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/133/79/40 3000L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/143/100/39 3000L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/174/103/38 3000L http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/178/74/38 3000L Before continuing onto the rest of OUR parcels here are neighbouring parcels for sale that you could consider as well: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/173/53/37 <-- Cat is selling her 4096 and is taking negotiations http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/178/132/37 Tain Streeter is selling his 1024 and is taking negotiations http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/125/210/33 Abandoned Parcel, couuld be a HUGE deal! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/46/201/73 Been up for rent since March 2020!! Our other parcels on the same sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/172/165/36 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/175/207/35 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/155/201/34 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/109/201/33 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/113/170/33 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/134/169/33 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/89/236/33 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/85/144/71 All items are negotiable and MUST BE SOLD (bar the ones that we don't own, we can only help our neighbors, not sell for them)
  25. BEE REAL ESTATE  SINCE 2007 1,024m - 351 prims - L$249/week Reserve it @ my office 2,048m - 703 prims - L$499/week Reserve it @ my office 4,096m - 1,406 prims - L$899/week Reserve it @ my office 8,192m - 2812 prims - L$1799/week Reserve it @ my office 16,384m - 5,625 prims - L$3,599/week Reserve it @ my office OFFICE AT Celchu (Reservations) ALL PARCELS ARE FULL PERM - NO RULES - YOU RULE ! 
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