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  1. shhhh If you necro, at least do it quiet. Or Mr. van Helsing will find you, and he won't be going easy on you either
  2. Some people have a RL. Believe it or not most of us do not pay their living from SL income.
  3. I use gedit Here is a whole list of them, choose your favourite poison: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LSL_Alternate_Editors as on who still uses them, I would check the community listed there under your editor.
  4. While most likely to late to reclaim the market and no body I own, yay for more different bodies. I don't own the body but this might work (and will doom you to complexity hell). Can you alpha out one hand? If answer is yes: alpha out one hand alpha out all but that one hand on other copy apply textures wear both copies simultaniously tada
  5. Wearing them all the time. I constantly get asked where I bought my skin . See girl, when everyone dumps the "free" GA skin just because some uber-meshista tells them so, GA skins become the new "rare", that is your highly sought after niche market. * goes through her skin folder* Hm I see some top designer skins in there which I never use, didn't even cost me a virtual penny... oh no same for heels, ... i might have spent 100L on heels so far and have hundreds. ...but of course since I do not name designers in public you will claim my stuff will never hold up to your "high class designers" a) maybe, but not me b) why? She claims to earn enough to pay for being stubborn, and the cashout tax keeps the servers running, right?
  6. *puts on vampire detection thingie, looks takes it off again* erm, yess mam unfortunately they do. Want to share my garlic sandwich with me?
  7. OK Tommy Linden reminded us of the true purpose of this subforum, so let's flush out all those ads with sims we really enjoy. So, here's one I like coming back to: Rock of Cashel A lovely detailed sim with an Irish theme to cruise around with your vehicles. Beware of suicidal sheep though please note this pic is from their old sim, they since have moved (had no better one on the hurry, but the new starting place is almost identical to the one in this pic) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape York/181/116/294
  8. And gave me another 2 excuses to reach that 500 goal
  9. That is the wrong approach dear, demand us to throw a party for you
  10. Takes a few to ruin the lives of many.... Some furries believe it is their (INSERT HIGHER ENTITY OF CHOICE)-given right and obligation to spread adult stuff around all SL and annoy everyone with it. And while the same idiots exist among other groups too it is the furries that get all the hate =^.^=
  11. *does a quick calculation* .... hmm 10kL divided by 50L a week... OK I stay with dividing my time between fishing and deal hunting, sounds like a better ROI to me =^.^=
  12. Mama Alpa won't help you earn more, you know you cannot sue the father of your prim babies, right?
  13. And double room for user owned bad meshes... I see no improvement there =^.^= I prefer meadowbrooks which can be easily restyled with tortured prims and the meadowbrooks resource kit... I suspect Lindens will actually tell the moles to hold back a little to encourage a 3rd party market (much like what happened in Horizons)
  14. You don't read the Linden blog, do you?
  15. Thank you both for helping me with those misconceptions.
  16. But the OT has an important point there. How do we complain about bad or fishy creators? Let me tell you something from my experience: There is this shop owner who tried to seduce me, and I have the strong suspicion he does with every well looking female that enters his store. But his ass is covered as he can hide behind the invulnerability of IMs. RLs has a cascade of legally protected interests in most civiliced countries, allowing you to break an inferior valued interest to protect one of higher value... but SL does not have this cascade. What can I do? I asume nothing, in RL that shop would by now be closed, because some SJWs (yes they are not always bad and good for some things too ) would have most likely made shopping there a living hell. Let's spin this ideas further: Let's asume someone reveals something illegal to me in an SL IM. I could not even warn fellow SL residents about that illegal stuff I was just told about in the IMs because those still are protected. I can file an AR on the IMs, but I could not warn fellow residents and would have to wait until the Lindens reacted, right?
  17. Sorry. no idea, but I would search in poses. Most likely those hair won't look anything good outside a pose, so I'd start looking there
  18. .... another good reason to invest some Lindens in copy enabled items =^.^=
  19. No, that would make absolutely no sense. Faked and hyped surveys have way more participants... (example? Look at what happened when 4chan tried to influence the design your own burger awards at that German fastfood chain)
  20. As far as I know, the UK has done so before, with a complete ban of "violence related porn" so even under current juristiction by now there should be no British Goreans left =^.^= ... I doubt anything will happen soon worst thing that could happen is: UK persons could be blocked from accessing adult sims like certain states now cannot access skill gaming regions. But as said: I doubt it will happen. [shameless plug™]There's always the emmigration option, people with good English skills are always needed around the world (sorry for the Cockney folks, but cuts need to be made...)[/shameless plug™] EDIT: just read the independent article on it again, OK so far only "violent" porn produced in the UK was affected, which makes it complicated to guess if somone usinga keyboard consumes or produces content (no lawyer here, could be interpreted both ways)
  21. Hello heongost, only the parcel owner in Prout's Neck will know, maybe you are only banned in one parcel. Maybe you are banned in the whole sim. Mabye you are not banned at all, but someone limited access to specific groups, like "payment info on file" or "avatars over a specific age" Just move on... Sim and parcel owners can ban you for whatever reason they like, they are not under no obligation to tell you why either. Asking them might either give you a reply that tells you why or just some silly excuse or you might even anger the landowner... Hence my tip: just move on... try coming back in some weeks or month.
  22. Wait? Those are 10 persons who voted? You know what the only statisticaly reliable result of the poll is in this case? People are not interested in your poll ^^
  23. Fionalein

    Custom Tattoos

    yes in commerce subforurm the wanted channel will most likely be the best place, nots ure if you can amrk your own post and ask mods to migrate it over.
  24. LOL, good way to invest into an infrastructure that almost no one will ever use if it costs. Please please tell me at least someone with some business sense (no not someone with a business degree) calculated that one through. PS: it might be a neat premium perk though, 1 free namechange on signup
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