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  1. Back before I updated from my 2006 GPU I always had that problem =^.^=, so your description sounded familiar.
  2. Can you check if the "hardware skinning" checkbox is enabled? Maybe your graphics defaults were set back.
  3. Why do you want to confuse the map?
  4. Abuse report and poof to elsewhere. Simple as that.
  5. That one looks actually cute, I hope you do not mark it as your's lion style =^.^=
  6. No idea about mesh: stupid kitty hack: obviously the pivot point in SL seems at the object center... add an invisible cube opposite of clock hand point at same distance to move object center to origin.
  7. Can't do without the cheapest insults, can you? No not every one is whoring out You could save yourself all that equipment. I begin to suspect they pay you to stay AFK =^.^=
  8. The last body included no bento hands, hence no bento animations. They just added something, and apparently it was not the best choice to add ...
  9. Just wondering: does it glow?
  10. I doubt so, because almost no one will produce alphas for all the already released stuff. So the cuts will stay in place or the creators would almost instantly loose a market.
  11. Sorry, but no, the gacha market is like stock trading, you have to be pretty good at guessing what people will be willing to pay for on the secondary market.
  12. just confirmed this, still possible =^.^= but if you upload the money you save the on health care you most likely have to spend on treating an RSI syndrome caught while doing this longer than an hour a day will yield you more Lindens =^.^=
  13. Traffic can be bumped, believe me, I earn my Second Life living as a traffic generating extra =^.^= And nope, it went downhill went someone tried to explain how important gamifying AFK-whoring is =^.^=
  14. That would support the "bad animation" theory, is it reproducable? Then belleza uses deformer animations.
  15. Nope hasn't I send her new stuff I find when I run across it every while or so. It does get updated =^.^=
  16. Unless you area bug, mermaid or the silver surver, when does Joe Average need shimmering skins or tattoos?
  17. Sounds strange, maybe you accidentalty "hijacked" SdrawkcabHtapohcysp's account?
  18. I have a similar problem with my fluffy bento tail, but I foudn it is gone when I raise the graphics quality. Maybe it's just that. If the tail is copy and edit: fool around with the alpha settings of the textures installed, could be some tweaking there helps.
  19. I would not be surprised at all, after all they didn't have much time to roll out bento hands
  20. Also try to look at the old but good underwater laboratory builds by Aley (can be viewed at the Aley Museum in mieville). As the New Babbage and Aley's examples clearly show, there is no need to remove that "indoor" water from the home.
  21. Especialy heads are often only partial compatible. That partial ability can be makeup layers only but no skins (Genesis) and restrictions on where the layers go (while skins cover the whole head, most heads will not have a makeup layer that stretches to your hairbase region) eBody will work wth Omega cloth out of the box, Maitreya and Venus will need add-ons (can be one time installers alternating the internal scripts or relay HUDs) Here's the techie explanation: mesh needs to know where the textures go, this is arranged by a UV-map. Omega works for any mesh that shares the UV-map of the original classic avatar (yes from a techie point of view those are mesh too, take that , mesh snobs). The applier HUDs tell the mesh object to use a new texture. Now some mesh objects understand your omega applier output right away (like eBody and Tonic), some can be tought to (like installer scripts for Vista or Slink hands, which can be altered with the installer taht adds scripts to them) and some need a translation device (like Maitreya, where the relay listens the output of the omega appliers and then generates a new output that will be understood by Maitreya's mesh). Will the clothes work like system clothes ? Not entirely. You cannot combine them on mesh, you can only ever have one skin, one tattoo, one underwear and one clothing layer active in each of your 3 body sections (head, upper and lower). But here's the bonus: Those layers are actualy different meshes you wear like an onion. And most mesh makers have the clothing layer removed quite a bit from the main body to add a little 3D looks to stuff worn there (it is still flat but now it has an edge, you don't need much more for a perfect swimsuit). All that said and done I only ever use the tattoo and skin layer myself and prefer to wear mesh cloth.
  22. Try visiting an infohub. those are special places for those new to SL and even offer courses for newcomers. you can find them in the Destinatiosn guide: https://secondlife.com/destinations/howto/newbie/ Also don't buy anything yet and give it time. SL is not first live, it doesn't come easy and some stuff needs explanations.
  23. FYI: I just recently made a deformer friendly lips talking animation for the bento petites with Qavimator beta .. it my be an antiquity, but it now can do bento =^.^= (I had to start it in wine though, because the beta was windows only)
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