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  1. So true story . . . . I was recently hired as a flight instructor by one of the major aircraft makers in SL. One of the things they asked me to do was to learn some of the really advanced flying techniques that most people don’t know. Suits me well because the reason I like this maker is because of the realism and the learning involved in flying their products. But it does mean a lot more flying than I did before. So I’m flying in and out of the airport where they are located a lot. And just beyond the airport, within the approach path to it, is the Fiji Estates. And, out of the blue, a couple of days ago, I get a message from Jane (not the user’s real name) who tells me in a very hostile way that she saw me in her house and I shouldn’t go in someone else’s house without their permission and thanks to me, her security orb is going to be turned on now. Well . . . I don’t know who this person is or where their house is. But I do know that I haven’t been wandering around inside of anyone’s home. I started to type a sarcastic come back about how I’m sure the person is very important, but I don’t know or care about where their house is. Then I realize that might reflect badly on more than just me. So I tell Jane I haven’t been in the house, explain what I’m doing and why. It takes a bit of convincing, but by the time I get down to explaining in specific terms what I’m doing and which aviation company I’m working for, the conversation turns. We had a friendly conversation from that point forward and parted on good terms. I hope Jane and I cross paths again. I’m sure it probably helps that you can look in my groups and see that I’m in their staff group and they are known for both ultrarealism and for offering instructors. Makes it easy to verify. But the bottom line here, and the reason why I mention the story, is that sometimes people really do get upset over things that are actually a misunderstanding. So take a moment. Breath. Don’t fly off the hand right away. As long as people can talk about it without getting into that irrational anger too far, these things can be worked out and often times people really can part ways as friends, provided that both parties allow it to happen.
  2. And here I was wondering why the Affordable Care Act had arrived in Second Life.
  3. I know all of us at SLR-SAR are very appreciative of the Bellisseria Oceongraphic Institute stepping in to render aid. But, without intending to disparage the SLCG in any way, I think it is fair to point out that they are the Second Life *Coast Guard* and Bellisseria is a vast continent with vast inland areas and many non-marine hazards. So I am not sure that SLCG is the right responder in those areas or to this type of hazard. SLR-SAR, while more generalized to handle both land and sea operations, is also not the right agency for every emergency. We have seen that when some houses have caught fire and the only response SLR-SAR could provide was air dropped fire suppression, which put out the fire, but also caused serious localized flooding resulting in the entire neighborhood being washed away. We have had to field some phone calls from various Bellisseria residents who reported their houses missing and asked us to search for them, for example. So I hope the Bellisseria government (where did that town clerk go?) will step up and develop a full emergency response system including a fire and rescue department, police, and other first responders so that the Bellisseria Oceanographic Institute can focus on studying the sea, SLR-SAR can focus on maritime and land search and rescue, and the SLCG can focus on maritime search and rescue and law enforcement. 🙂
  4. Well, look, they gotta protect the pickle making industry somehow, right? Otherwise any country could come along and take over the pickle factories.
  5. Subsequent forum posts have said that non-LL orbs are allowed as long as they comply with the LL restrictions. Not confusing at all, really. You just have to keep up with what’s going on. 🙂
  6. Hmmmmm so pickle making came to Bellisseria because of this explosion, perhaps.
  7. I got nothin'. This is just amazing and I love it! But neither Ebbe nor Patch was one of the original Lindens so I think they both technically post-date the creation. 🙂 But if you read my original post, you will see that I found it! The Bellisseria pickle factory, which was found in Bellisseria exploded and created a crater on Heterocera? How'd that work?
  8. I like the idea, but I think orbs and ban lines on the mainland outside of Bellisseria would make it hard for such a group to operate. I'd be interested in participating if not for that. What say the chronicles about the ancient pickle factory of Bellisseria?
  9. Easy. GPS coordinates. A/k/a SLUrls. 🙂 OMG. Excellent point! You’re not the town clerk anymore?
  10. Could be one of the avatars from days long forgotten. When I login tomorrow, I will be very disappointed if my house is not surrounded by people wielding pitchforks and complaining about this 🙂
  11. Haven't you ever wondered about Bellisseria's history? Obviously such a well developed place could not pop out of the ground wholly formed. Surely it did not just get pulled up from the ground by some kind of animal. No. Obviously the idea is ridiculous. So I was wondering about Bellisseria's story, where it came from, how it developed, and why people first came to live there before it developed its current construction industry boom. And today I think I may have encountered my first clues. I was strolling through some of the areas near the west coast when I discovered this building here. This is obviously an abandoned barn. So it suggested to me that Bellisseria might have some sort of agricultural history. At least the area around the barn must have served some agricultural purpose. Perhaps this was a place where livestock were kept long ago. Or corn. Or hay. Obviously this must have played some roll in the way that ancient citizens of Bellisseria once were able to deal with their need to make a living. I continued along where I encountered this building behind a clearly different house in an obviously entirely different location and noticed that behind it there was an old building that was just falling apart. Obviously this building was no house. The tank on top is a giveaway that, at one time, it must have served some kind of industrial purpose. I didn't dare go inside considering its condition. And I didn't dare climb up the stairs because I would not have been climbing any sort of Mt. Olive, but rather a dangerous building that should probably be demolished. It's nothing more than a reminder of a Vlasic era that has long since passed, and there was no reason for me to step inside and risk getting hit by a spear or some big chip falling out of the ceiling. Do that and there's be nothing left of me but hamburger. And I'm not the owner of the property anyway (clearly, right? Of course it's not me) and trespassing just wouldn't be kosher. I contacted my fellow Bellisserians letting them know I was in quite a pickle. I could not for the life of me figure out what this meant. After some discussion about how these buildings could fit into the theme of the area, we realized that their condition had to be the result of a lengthy fermentation caused by their exposure to salt, water, and the elements over a long time. So the likeliest scenario was that they were grandfathered in. A check with the Bellisseria Historical Society's records confirmed that these were protected historical sites. In fact, these may have been the first pickle manufacturing facilities in all of Bellisseria! Which just goes to show that the pickle industry in Bellisseria has been important since long before any of us lived there! So now we know what's the dill! Sweet!
  12. Yes, there really are two typists here. But I was rolling on the floor laughing about the town clerk and Mount Molly. Still . . . I did officially recognize the name. But I note that LL has not recognized the official, correct names of Mount Molly or Lia's Airstrip. How disappointing. The good news is that Molly and I don't even know each other and we're really not organized in any sort of organized roleplay. Just two people doing their thing and having fun at it.
  13. IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!!! This fire broke out in North Waddling Region. Apparently it started as a small fire under a barbeque grill under a house boat. But Bellisseria does not have a fire department so, once again, I was the only response available and my ability to response is limited to a heavy duty airborne response that is really more suited to large forest fires than individual structure fires. It takes a while to get in place. And this is what I saw by the time I got there. You can see the fire had grown just a little bit by the time I got there. Instead of a small area under the deck, the whole houseboat was on fire. And you can see that poor homeowner trapped between the fire and the sea! Well, I did the only thing I could do. I loaded up with water, carefully avoided dropping on the poor home owner and . . . . This was the start of my first air drop. Airborne firefighting equipment like this isn't really meant for the degree of precision needed to avoid hitting a nearby victim, but I was able to manage. Unfortunately I crashed before I could circle around to check and see if another drop was needed. And, sadly, communication difficulties kept other rescue services from learning of the danger. But, fortunately, the fire went out after my one drop. 11 tons of water will do that, I suppose! And the moles must be really talented engineers because that houseboat didn't sink and the damage turned out to be only superficial. Another fire put out! But it does show the serious need for better public safety agencies in Bellisseria.
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