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  1. Evil is kinda like Highlanders, you know? There can be only one.
  2. It's the long awaited confrontation between Bellisseria's two main forces of evil. The Slenderman versus the Evil Cat. In the end there can be only one.
  3. FOR SALE! The former headquarters of LiaEx, the Company to call when you absolutely, most definitely do not need it there tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. This 3072 sqm parcel is in Corsica at the end of a Protected Linden canal and has protected water access allowing you to sail all the way down to Nautilus and the Blake Sea. The parcel is situated on the edge of a sim and across that sim is SL's very own Disneyland! It's across the sim so it won't lag you, but close enough to be fun! 🙂 Asking price: 30,000L I'd very much like to see it go to someone who will use it
  4. I'm not sure exactly what the question means. Individual tip amounts vary a lot. I would say anything up to 500L is a typical tip, but I have had them go much higher. The total tips for a gig vary. I've been in semi-retirement where I have only been doing special events and such. One time gigs. I do have a client who hires me repeatedly. This is typically 30-60 people. The sets are usually 1 hour instead of the typical 2 hour sets in clubs. I usually have a total tip amount 1500L-3000L for the hour. I sorta kinda came out of my semiretirement (haven't decided if I want to go find a
  5. May I share some thoughts from this from the DJ perspective? I never ask for tips because I figure that if I’m doing a good job, I won’t have to. This approach has worked well for me and I often receive as much as about 3000L in tips for a half-set of one hour in length. I do use tipping as a way to entertain the audience though because, let’s face it, entertaining is my job. It’s not just about playing songs. So I will thank people for their “Linden like” on the mic and talk about how that is oh so different from the “Linden love” that most people say, for example. I don’t like pe
  6. I just want to say I like the name. Baked 'n' Beats is cute.
  7. The Evil Cat is kind of like the Queen of England, except higher ranking. Like the Queen of England, the Evil Cat does not need a passport.
  8. However, *Evil* Cats do not run from the Slenderman. They go bat-bat-bat with their paws on those things sticking out of his back.
  9. The Bellisseria Evil Cat is far more evil and scary than the Bellisseria slenderman. Just give the Slenderman some pizza. He will magically become the Bellisseria fat man. 🙂
  10. Because Linden's participate in conversations. (Yay!) And they inevitably drop a little bit of information along the way. That doesn't mean every word they say should be posted.
  11. How is a cat not evil? ”Cat is not evil” just doesn’t make sense as a concept. All cats are evil. And yes, the Bellisseria Citizens group has an evil cat. It’s a snow leopard.
  12. Every time I see this thread, I make the mistake of thinking it’s about the Bellisseria evil cat. Then I look and discover (again) that it’s about some other cat!
  13. People seem to have forgotten that when Bellisseria first opened up, ban lines were allowed and there were no security orb restrictions. It was people going to Linden Lab and asking for something to be done about the ban line/security orb problem that led to those restrictions being put announced not long after the continent opened up for residents to move in. But it was AFTER the continent opened up, not before. People panicked and raged. And then a huge success happened. Even some of the people who said it would be a disaster have ended up thanking the lab for putting those restrictions in
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