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  1. Female Winslet

    Stolen valor on SL

    I think it’s a great idea! Should be easy to implement too. LL just needed access to the complete service records of everyone who has been in the military to verify against. Then we need to make sure LL has every SL user’s correct name, DOB, social security number, etc. so that LL can cross verify those claims and avoid getting caught up in problems with people having the same name. And, of course, everyone will need to supply identification when registering so we can make sure they provide their correct identification info. Then we will need some method of monitoring or collecting reports whenever someone says they were in the military and they might not be. What could possibly go wrong?
  2. Female Winslet

    How does one become a DJ

    Suggestion: Spend some time listening to good DJs that you'd like to emulate. Befriend some DJ's that you consider to be good ones you'd like to emulate and ask them to give you tips. There are tons and tons of lousy SL DJs out there. I've even mistaken some for automated audio streams. But good DJs are always in demand and have no trouble finding work.
  3. Female Winslet

    Two 1024m parcels for sale in Jeogeot

    Both parcels are now sold. Thank you to both buyers and enjoy!
  4. Female Winslet


    In the spirit of trying to restrain topic drift a little bit and help keep this discussion on topic, I went ahead and started a separate topic about buying abandoned land here: Sorry to anyone who was too disturbed by the topic drift.
  5. Female Winslet

    Buying Abandoned Land

    There seems to be a lot of interest in buying land over in the SSP discussion, and it's an issue that comes up periodically, so I thought I would start this thread in the spirit of keeping the discussion from leading the SSP thread completely off topic. 🙂 the Linden Lab policy on requesting sales of abandoned land is here: if you take a look at that, you will see that there are some pretty widespread misconceptions. For example, there is no rule requiring that people surround the abandoned parcel on three sides to create a sufficient claim to justify the sale of abandoned land to them. But there is a guideline saying that people who already own land in the region get priority over others. I own only about ¼ region and it is a little bit scattered into various locations in the grid. But the overwhelming majority of the land I have has been purchased as abandoned land. It's probably the least expensive way to buy land and there is so much out there that it really isn't hard to find something desirable-- albeit a few categories, like Blake Sea land, are pretty hard to come by. I've always understood LL's policy on this to be a way of putting land back into use. It doesn't earn them any money and it doesn't look great when it is just sitting there empty. So it seems like buying abandoned land is a win-win for both LL and the user. That said, the guidelines really are just guidelines rather than hard and fast rules. There is a lot of discretion on whether or not they will approve or deny a request or put a parcel up for auction rather than sell it to you. So I always approach it as a favor that they don't have to grant. I say please. I don't state the request as if it's a demand that I'm entitled to. I follow the guideline by mentioning if I own a parcel in the region. And at the end of the transaction, I always say thank you to whichever Linden I've interacted with. That's mostly a matter of just doing my best to be good people. But, when you work in customer service, things like that can be a big deal. I also tell LL a bit about what I plan to do with the parcel I'm asking to buy. I don't really know, but I would imagine that they are less interested in selling to a land baron who is going to flip it and immediately sell it to someone else a much higher price. I've always had the impression that they want people to buy abandoned land so that those people will actually use it. So I don't say much, but I do put in a sentence or two saying that I'd like to buy this parcel to expand my dock, or to build a river, or whatever else. I have heard that LL considers disciplinary records when deciding whether to grant or deny a request to buy abandoned land. That wouldn't surprise me. So if you've ever been banned from the forums or the grid, that could be a factor against you. Again, I don't know, but I would not be surprised at all if LL looked at what people do with the land they already have. I have heard stories of Lindens popping into large parcels in particular to have a look see. If that's the case, I would guess that they probably would favor aspiring buyers who use things in a community friendly way. In the land that I buy, I try to build pleasant--even beautiful--environments that make the surroundings nicer. In one spot, I am one of several buyers who tend to buy land as it becomes available largely just for preservation purposes to keep it beautiful and open for others to use. My parcels are always, without exception, open to visitors, so there are never ban lines or security orbs to keep everybody else out. If someone is causing me problems, I will ban them individually. I don't think I have anyone banned on any of my parcels at the moment. You're welcome to have a look at an example of the type of thing I'm talking about my current construction project here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koss/124/240/129 I own almost 15,000 m² on that region. It probably does not hurt that when I bought much of it (as abandoned land), I was using a large chunk of it as a community holiday land. I set it up as a place where anyone could come, join a group just long enough to rez some holiday decor that brought them a bit of joy for the holiday season, and then leave if they wished. I plan on doing the same during the upcoming holiday season unless something happens to prevent me from still owning the land at that time. Another project at the back of my mind is to build a community center somewhere to use it as a venue for a mixture of different types of events— parties, exhibits, etc. But I haven't found the right place yet or really figured out exactly what it is that I will plan to do there. if you do stop by, please do say hi in an IM or just walk over and say hi if I am on the property. And definitely don't forget to feed the ducks. 🙂 So these are my thoughts on the subject of buying abandoned land. Sorry for the length.
  6. Female Winslet


    Well, probably this really belongs in another thread. But I have always figured that I am basically making a request for a favor when I asked them to sell me abandoned land. So I am really nice about it. And I also expect that they would prefer people to own and use the land rather than just flip it and sell it for profit. I'm always buying it to use it, so I tell them what I'm going to do with it. For example, one sailable abandoned land parcel I bought recently, I said was for a dock extension. And when they sold it to me I did indeed extend my dock and use it for additional boat docking space.
  7. Female Winslet


    I typically get some excellent mainland parcels for about $1L by buying abandoned land. It's pretty easy to do with a little patience. No need to have land bordering the parcel and so on like many people believe. That information is years outdated at this point. To me that's the big problem with these or any Linden homes. Why take one of those when land is so cheap? I suppose it avoids a lot of time and effort involved in setup. So there is a convenience factor for sure.
  8. Female Winslet


    The new Linden homes looks pretty nice. I probably would want a houseboat and I have a sneaking suspicion those will be the most in demand. It sounds great to have the new continent connecting two of the big continents as well! But my big worry is the security orbs and the ban lines. Existing protected passages tend to be so narrow that it's difficult to drive through in a car without hitting some ban line. If you are flying or in a boat? Forget it. That is a huge factor that discourages use of mainland parcels. The benefit of the mainland is it's a bunch of space put together to travel over. But if you can't . . . what's the point? So yay! for connecting continents and nice houses. I hope there will be enough protected space to actually travel over the newly connected continents easily.
  9. Female Winslet

    Two 1024m parcels for sale in Jeogeot

    One parcel sold. One still available. A 1024m^2 parcel for $L3000. Remaining parcel here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hae An/218/186/55 Nice, flat land with access to protected road Route 9.
  10. I have a pair of adjacent 1024m parcels for sale in Jeogeot. Both parcels adjoin protected Linden Road Route 9. If you are a premium member, you can buy one and have it as a home with no tier cost. Or combine them to form a single 2048m parcel. Location is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hae An/215/176/55 I am not a high volume seller. This is actually my first time ever selling any of my land. 🙂 Please contact me in world with any questions.
  11. Female Winslet

    Would like to Trade Properties But at a Cost - Is this fair?

    I totally misread this so my reply didn’t make sense so I deleted it. Sorry!
  12. Female Winslet

    Would like to Trade Properties But at a Cost - Is this fair?

    This is definitely a purchase of abandoned land. You can tell because the parcel name is a date and an avatar name. Also, it is for sale by a Linden. The price is $1L per meter and it is set for sale to a specific avatar. It has not been purchased by that avatar yet If it were an auction, then the land would be purple on the map and you wouldn’t see it for sale to a specific avatar. Also, the bit about needing to have land on the sim to make a case to buy abandoned land is widely believed, but it is information that is outdated by at least a year or two. The policy has changed and the current LL Policy is stated here: Basically, LL tries to give priority to abandoned land buyers who already own land in the region. But anyone can buy abandoned land and LL will usually sell it to them directly. LL putting it up for auction instead seems pretty rare. And I’ve never known that priority issue to come up, though I suppose it could if two people wanted the same parcel and one hand land in the region and the other did not. Hope this helps!
  13. Female Winslet

    Would like to Trade Properties But at a Cost - Is this fair?

    There are some land sellers who charge inflated and ridiculous prices for all land parcels. I recommend just not doing business with them. SL abandoned land is cheap, abundant, and easy to buy as long as you don’t mind waiting a few days for LL to respond to you. And you can almost always find something as nice or nicer that way.
  14. Female Winslet

    Copywrite issues in RL

    For this type of issue, you need to consult your own legal counsel, not this forum. Probably the answer depends on considering factors related to the terms of use associated with the object in question, the TOS for SL, and the law in your local jurisdiction.
  15. There are a bazillion boats out there, most made for only two people to be aboard at once. I’m looking for a sail boat that has a large passenger/crew capacity so that I can bring larger groups of people out sailing with me. Bonus points if the boat is a decent racer in any category. Right now I have my eye on the Bandit 55 or Bandit 60, but I am wondering if anyone else out there knows a good sail boat with a large passenger capacity? Plus it looks like there hasn’t been a sailing thread in a log time, so time to have one. 🙂