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  1. Should be working. Didn't feel like it.
  2. It's rainy season at the Village of Ahiru.
  3. I also run my store on my main - but I suppose it helps in that I sell a very niche product to a very small community, so I don't have a lot of customer service issues to deal with. I've also become friends with some of my customers, so that was a fringe benefit (and gives me warm fuzzies). My business is really more of a pet project for the love of it, rather than a way to make heaps of cash - so I'm happy for it to be connected to my main. But yes, your inventory will suffer.
  4. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Symmetry/124/227/55 Selling at L$4000
  5. The title suggests he wants girls to work AS a club. Frankly, the mind boggles.
  6. This is from Mudskin. You can usually find the head appliers on the MP because they are gatcha skins. However: - This skin is designed for the Catwa Catya head plus Maitreya Lara and V-tech boi chest. She has two skins designed for Catwa Daniel, one of which is currently at the Neo Japan event. The bare versions of that skin are actually available for purchase directly, versions with makeup are gatcha. - The body skins do have an omega version but weren’t designed with the male mesh bodies in mind so aren’t a perfect fit there.
  7. If you wanted a more 'anime' style head, I'd suggest one of the BJD heads from Raven Bell.
  8. Iki Kimono

    Unisex skins?

    So, I’m aware of Mudskin (which kinda works) and Soul, but does anyone know of any other skin makers that have a “unisex” option, ie. neck shading that allows for a female head with a male body skin? Specifically, I wear a unisex head (with a female UV map) with a male mesh body.
  9. I've seen some pictures of avatars laying down with their hair fanned out on the ground around them, but my search-fu is weak and I can't find any. Does anyone know who sells hair like this?
  10. ... I feel an intense need to buy this body so I can be a Kimono in a kemono kimono.
  11. Sort of. The UV mapping seems to be slightly different around the mouth and eyes, though that can be masked if you’re rocking makeup. Best thing is to try it out and see what you think (because it may vary between brands). You may also have issues with the neck as male skins tend to have an Adam’s apple. There are some skin makers that make skins with a unisex neck so you can mix and match.
  12. Definitely agree with this. My avatars tend to develop a very strong identity and it feels weird dressing them in a way that is outside their usual style. If you don't want to mix genders on the same account, going for androgyny could be a good shout. Also, you can use collars, neckpieces, chokers etc to mask the mismatch in neck sizes between a male head and female body or vice versa. It's not perfect, but it can work. (Alexandra Nevermind on Flickr has turned this into an artform, imo).
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