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How Does Your SL Look Today?


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Dancing inside an abstract art piece that looks like an egg that is hollowed out in the middle, wearing pinstriped overalls and a slim tentacle leg attached to the side of the pants.

This sim is called, Timeless by Cica Ghost, featured in Destinations' Editor's Picks.

All mesh art displayed is created by Cica Ghost. She has a small shop in the sim of some of her funny characters, those of which are on display on her land.

The color scheme is muted browns, blacks, and oranges

Looks like a vintage steampunk environment to me.

Turn around when you land and click the sign on the wall to visit her marketplace store.

She has a large quantity of abstract wall art, creatures and decor that you can purchase.

All of her mp listing photos look just like her creations in-world.

I think these would be great to use for a melancholy scene, with rain and holding a dark or black umbrella.

There is a texture that tells you what to set your graphics and lighting to for the way the artist wants you to view her art.

If you open her profile, you can visit her Flickr through her album, of sims she has created with her amazing artwork via mesh objects in landscaping, in addition to silly art as well.

I can see why this sim was placed in the Editor's Picks.

10 stars out of 10.

Dancing Maid Bunny - Kytteh Wytchwood_001.png

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4 minutes ago, Ayeleeon said:

I did find that girl, who is so far beyond what I hoped for.

It always warms my heart to see photos of you together in these photo threads. 

Have you taken her to Isle of View yet? (It's lovely on quieter days outside of the Hug-a-Linden event), I think there are swan boats and lots of places to cuddle and gaze into each other's eyes. 

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She wanted me to get a picture of her shooting her bow, because she has to be in Mouselook to do it, but she would bring the bow into position and put it down so quickly I couldn't get the shot, Then she said forget it lets go home so we did.

Trying to get a picture of her shooting an arrow


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