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  1. Hi there. I tend to hang around business park and I then often go to fishing places with people. Fish hunting tends to be quite social and I have met some awesome people when doing fishing in secondlife. You will find that you'll find quite a few people fishing and playing games to earn lindens. You can come to check out business park which is the place where the fish hunt HQ is and also goldhunt too. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Business Park/98/158/22 There are also many fishing lands on LGH's website too that a lot of people go to. Most people will tend to be at the multiplier fishing events though mostly. http://www.goldtokens.net/ this goldtokens website is where you'll find more fishing lands and goldhunt lands where you could meet people Other than that you'll generally find a lot of people at clubs too and other linden earning games around secondlife mostly :).
  2. I think group chat issues do need fixing because a lot of people enjoy chatting in them. From my own experience and also some close friends of mine. We can often be left quite annoyed and it really affects some people. Some groups that I am in are very important and when chats don't work.... people do get quite frustrated over it. One group for example which is Goldhunters that I am in does tend to give out a lot of notifications of fishing events and goldrushes which is important to know. Then when people are not able to respond back in that chat because of lagg issues or messages getting dropped and not coming through properly. It does get quite annoying because it is a very social group with a lot of members and people do like to be able to talk to each other within that group chat. I hope that lagg issues and performance issues of group chats gets fixed and sorted out because it is a shame when things do lagg and don't work properly because then important information gets lost and messages.
  3. I think I might do the same. I have plenty of old skins sitting in my inventory. I might give those older skins a try that I haven't yet tried with the HDPRO Head. I'll definitely give that a go and keep trying until i find a good skin that goes well.
  4. I'll have to check out Deetalez. Thanks very much for mentioning this.
  5. Hopefully there will be some designers making skins for Catwa HDPRO heads soon. I do have to agree that when I have gone to a few skin stores there is a lot of skins suitable for older heads and some new skins for the new heads are very much needed. I have found some older skins to work pretty well on the CATWA Queen head however I do think it would be nice if some skinmakers could by chance create some skins designed to work especially well for the CATWA HDPRO heads in particular. Sometimes putting on a skin can be hit or miss. It may or may not look right all because the skin was designed for a different head. So some more skins for CATWA HDPRO heads are needed i agree.
  6. best advice i would give to people who want to make friends in secondlife. I would recommend that people join groups like club groups, fishing groups and linden money making game groups too. When I joined sl again I put myself out there and joined lots of groups and went to a lot of clubs to dance and have fun. There is also a lot of people out there who want to earn lindens and so they join these groups to earn lindens but then end up making good friends along the way too. Best thing to do is join as many groups as you can and get out there and just have fun exploring random places. You'll meet plenty of people simply by going to events/clubs and random places through joining groups.
  7. A land that I absolutely love is a land called Fearless fishers land. I love it because I see this land growing quite a bit, not just in the land being expanded in size but it is becoming more popular for fishers to come and enjoy doing fish hunting. When things first started the land only had a few fenced areas for me and my family to put our snuffles in but then things expanded. The land size was increased and now it has a market and a lot of plots and lots of other little things. I feel like this place is very relaxing because of the music that plays at the land too is lovely. The picture below shows an area that I sorted out and decorated for people to come and relax at the land. Since I stopped doing Snuffles for a little bit. I decided to decorate my space up a little instead and decorated this area for relaxing in. However although I have stopped with doing snuffles and breeding them.. there are others now that have moved in and started them at the land. The place is a good place to do some fishing and collect snuffle materials for crafting potions. It really is a nice calming place to come and enjoy some fishing. The nice thing about Fish hunt also and fishing at blue buoys like this one. The numbers in the Local Fish pot always goes up as people fish and then someone will win that pot at random. I really love fishing and I think this place is one of my favourite fishing places to go to and feel at home at. It has a very calming atmosphere. Finally this last picture shows some snuffles that someone else has placed down at one of the plots. Snuffles are cute and breed and they produce materials that can be used for crafting potions. Overall Fearless Fishers land is not only a good place to come and relax but you can come and enjoy fishing and snuffle material collecting too. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chokki/181/92/58 landmark to fearless fishers land.
  8. I wasn;t even in that many group however at that time. so some people were adding me to some sort of conference for their clubs. The conferences I was getting were for clubs which was groups I wasn't even in lol. I am in mostly fashion groups and I don't join club groups really.
  9. my fishing rod making noises. I am doing a bit of fish hunt fishing at one of the buoys
  10. I like it when female singers can sing nice high notes. Having said that though I really love male singers too. I think I prefer listening to male singers unless there is a female singer that has a nice sweet voice that can hit high notes.
  11. I used to hate being added to random conferences as soon as I logged into sl. Some conferences would spam constantly and try to get me into going to some random club. Luckily I don't have that problem anymore as I managed to block getting those. I don't mind going to the odd few clubs but this was constant spam I used to get in my IM's. Another thing I don't like is random people who you don't even know trying to spam invite you to a club after that. Been times when I have gone to the club I was invited to but then the person still spams invites in my IM's even when I get there.
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