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  1. During the weekend I gave Newbrooke a chance, after several rolls I landed this: a 512 next to Newbank, so far it's the nicest Bellisserian location I ever had.
  2. I just went to a G rated hangout place wearing a kittens print yukata, several guys IM'ed for adult stuff like if I want to be their "sub" or to ask what I was wearing under it... in a G region, really? 🤦‍♀️
  3. It is!, in fact is today's Abranimations advent gift.
  4. May not look perfect but I'm having a lot of fun with these advent gifts. 🦃☃️
  5. Last week I moved to an old Linden Home, a Loftroom in Meadowbrook. If I recall correctly this style used to be sold out when I joined SL, in fact my first Linden Home and where I lived the longest was a Tahoe in Pelican, next to the river. Recently I have been moving frequently so Linden Homes are quite convenient to me. Of course I have heard of and even lived in Bellisseria, in the following themes: Traditional, Houseboat, Camper and Log Homes. I tried Chalets and Victorians too, but I can't make them work for me. My favorite ones are Traditional and Houseboats as they have one-story layouts easier to decorate. What made me drawback from Bellisseria is performance. Back to the Loftroom, I'm surprised how easy is to modify and decorate this particular model, the area looks nice and definitively I enjoy the good performance and minimal to none texture trashing. I used 125 prims for my decoration:
  6. Today I made an attempt to "update" an old Linden Home.
  7. Second Life is very different from the 3D chat that has those offers... 😳
  8. Hello, for those who want to use HD Layers and hair bangs there's an option in the HUD to remove materials, so they don't clash, it worked for me with different hairs. It's under Settings. From their manual:
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