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How Does Your SL Look Today?


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My dear friend Katie visiting the Island. She couldn't join the group, so we had to ask the actual landowner. It turned out that even though she showed that she had 3 groups free, she had no free slots. All fixed now!!! He was a great help!!!

Katie Smoke Lens flare.png

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Recently, the landowner who owned most of the Zindra region where my workshop is left SL. This left most of the region vacant. So I bought the parcel adjacent to mine, and built a water feature.

This is a very simple build. It starts with a cube, expanded to 20m in X and Y, and with the maximum sized square hole. A purchased animated water texture piece provides the water. There's a hollow cylinder for the fountain, with a particle emitter, and a light to illuminate the water. Looped audio of a fountain finished the job. 4 LI.

For now, it's a small urban park. I may build something later. I want to see what appears in the vacant lots first.

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On 2/1/2022 at 7:52 PM, Ayeleeon said:

Where's Ayeleeon, I am in this picture, can you find me?



You are a pink person in a translucent pink bubble almost at center frame, standing under the bright pink tree.

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