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How Does Your SL Look Today?


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45 minutes ago, Vanessa Amethyst said:

i dont know about ordering food here the staff looks a little shady. 


OMG, your pic is just so fun!!!

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1 hour ago, Cinnamon Mistwood said:

It is through a group called Freethinkers.  They meet every Tuesday at 4:30 SLT for a philosophy podcast and discussion.



There used to be a discussion group meeting at the guild, and I used to go with Katie. But the guild closed  recently..

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Well, I did it. I bought more land. I had 8192 m2 which I used to build Utrecht estate. Now I bought two small adjacent parcels and have 15,872 m2. In an international environment like SL, I have the need for a place that reminds me of home. Many will recognise this. And home to me is the Netherlands.

I was not always very happy with the places in SL that have a 'Holland theme'. The haunted house in the station in Amsterdam on SL is funny, but has nothing to do with the beautiful old station in RL Amsterdam. Anyway, these places don't make me feel at home.

So I made my own home. While landscaping I too cannot escape clichés like the Dutch polder landscape and a windmill. But I want to give those a more natural place. It is not an amusement park. And of course I should have had ten times more land, because a polder landscape cannot exist without a distant horizon. On mainland that is almost impossible. You only have that if you buy an island and that is slightly above my budget.

On the photo:  the first two rows of pics are Dutch landscapes in RL I was inspired by for landscaping. Right row is my land as it is now in SL.

Up for a real Dutch/Holland experience?


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