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  1. I have seen that and I always assume it means they use a variety of different avatars, and it has nothing to do with RL.
  2. Yeah pretty much, and again I am not complaining about the way things turned out, I just thought it was an interesting sequence of events.
  3. Can we see the next picture, the one of you on that dress soaking wet?
  4. Also two people can be roleplaying, then one starts to take it more serious, and they other might not realize a change is taking place right away. It is all trickier than some want to admit.
  5. True, everyone has a different approach and everyone needs to respect this. Also there is a saying, "hindsight is 20/20" We aught not to blame others for not seeing in the moment what has become obvious in hindsight.
  6. It can be a thin line between creating a fantasy to entertain, and breaking someone's heart.
  7. This I think is where disagreement arises, not on whether we should respect others but just what it looks like. A big part of respect is honesty, but in SL where we create a character, does respect require that the people behind the characters be honest with each other, or just that the characters be honest with each other. Just how much does respect require that we share about our real lives?
  8. I didn't know when I met her she would give me a job.
  9. Only in RL where they can actually bite you.
  10. Wander around looking for conversations or whatever else might come up.
  11. I am not really seeing where the shaming is, sure they named the account, and stated that the account was everywhere they were, but is there any shame in that?
  12. Well there is this, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pathological_lying
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