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How Does Your SL Look Today?


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So here's Grote Pond, which my neighbour filled with Milk of Magnesia the other morning right before the auction closed on some waterfront land on the pond that somehow neither of us managed to see go abandoned. I also put up a Kitty Cat Korner and Sick Kitties Clinic with thirty cats under the blanket to help potential bidders visiting the area to see that, well, this was not an attractive area except to those who already live here? PS I think the Pond is getting more of a blue now.

Here's a Mainland island I have that now has a happy new owner who has a better graphics card than me so that she doesn't get misled to think she is at Club Med in the Cayman Islands because it's really Hidden Lakes Northeast out there across from the newbie help place which has its pluses and minuses as a location.

I love SL. 

Constantly changing.

Mar 2022_029.jpg

Jan 2022_171.jpg

Mar 2022_031.jpg

Mar 2022_033.jpg

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On 6/26/2021 at 12:23 PM, Bagnu said:



I saw this and thought, wow his avatar looks just like he does in real life..... then I did a double take of your profile pic and realized it was not a rl pic. I somehow thought it was lol. I'm loopy!

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On 4/5/2022 at 2:07 PM, Tary Allen said:

No dragons ?

There are dragons out there during RP, generally, but not any out flying during the Gather 😞

There was a thread fall however*, and I left the dance to run around with a flamethrower helping the ground crew burn the thread that hit the ground. :)     

*dragons flying the fall must have been too high up to be seen

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5 hours ago, Robberinthemuseum said:

Are you being impaled by a killer whale? 

It's a screen shot from a second life youtube movie I'm making. I'm going to try to use some special effects to make it look like I am eatin by the mighty orca. 

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17 minutes ago, SodaGnome said:

It's actually a long story. The orca ate her husband and then she runs into the same orca in second life and then he eats her too. Kinda sad I guess unless you are the killer whale getting some nourishing meals.







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