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Portraits of Friendship

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On 4/13/2021 at 5:32 AM, Yuumo Ichibara said:

True! This thread inspires me to take more photos with my dearest friends. It is always lovely to honor moments we share with them with a photograph.




Lovely shot, Yuumo! Glow-y and glam-y. You look like you've both been getting ready to go out to a club.

(Remember the days of RL clubs? . . . *sigh*)

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18 hours ago, Truestar Mokeev said:

First photo I've posted to social media from Second Life.  This is of me and my dear friend dancing together at an interesting place called Altitude.


I like this pic so much because it's obviously unposed. Just two friends, enjoying dancing, music, and each other's company . . . in a post-apocalyptic setting.

What could be sweeter?

(I keep meaning to go to Altitude. I have lots of friends who go there, apparently.)

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1 hour ago, Aiyumei said:

My goofball in crime


These are really lovely shots, especially the one on the right, where you make the slight lens distortion work for you!

Also, very cute. He doesn't look like a goofball. He just looks nice. Although I suppose he could be a nice goofball.

Anyway, post more! These are wonderful, and they really show the connection the two of you have!

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I have a pretty diverse range of SL friends. Some are friends I've made over the years in SL, a few (mostly gone now) are people I actually knew in RL before I joined this platform, and there are, increasingly, friends I am making through the Flickr community as well.

But a really surprisingly high proportion of my friends I met first here, on the SL forums. I consider the connections I've established here to be every bit as real and important as any others I've made over the year, and some of these, such as my relationship with Maddy, or with Belinda, Saskia, and Eva, are among my most important.

My first in-world meeting with @Josephine Carissawas actually to take this picture, but we've connected in a number of ways here on the forum. Hers is a quiet presence, but if she's sometimes soft spoken and seemingly shy, she has also been enormously positive, supportive, and just . . . kind. Jo can hear the bell. She believes -- and belief in her case means empathy and caring.

I wanted to meet Jo in-world, and I thought it would be nice to mark our meeting and friendship with a photo, so here she is, dancing in my club as we spin some old jazz records. She was very patient with me while I took this!

Thanks Jo, for your support, and your friendship.


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Strolling with a very dear friend in the Outer Garden only a few hours before it closed on May 31st.

The place is so magical even an unedited photo looks straight out of a dream, but now it feels bittersweet. I loved spending time here since it opened in 2015. So many memories, most of the time by myself, but many were shared with friends too, most of whom are no longer in SL. One of my biggest regrets was that I did not like to take snapshots back then...


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another amazing collab with @TatianaNikolay @Eva Knoller @Scylla Rhiadra @Laurel Aurelia and @BelindaN

We met to celebrate Midsommar which is, where I live, a very popular occasion of social gatherings, usually with family and friends but the more the merrier. It is so nice to share the tradition, even virtually, with my friends!



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