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  1. Random piano find, no one around. Apologies to any flora and fauna that have audio sensibilities.
  2. Enjoying a funky lounge and a vacant stare.
  3. Love this photo! I too love to be on rooftops, even jumping from roof to roof after a nice espresso.
  4. Stopping to ponder the cool things about Second Life.
  5. First photo I've posted to social media from Second Life. This is of me and my dear friend dancing together at an interesting place called Altitude.
  6. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the recommendations.
  7. Like I said, the "metric" I'm looking for something between a midi (usually just above the knee) and mini because most mini skirts in SL are a lot shorter than I like. I've perused the marketplace and been to many inworld stores and found just a few in years of hunting that satisfy that preference. I get the demand for the ultra short skirts so not criticizing designers for offering such. Just a bit frustrated that it is so hard to find a length not uncommon in so-called RL.
  8. Thank you Josephine for the reply. Although I didn't find a skirt I liked, the store is nice and I picked out some shoes and boots to try on. Best, True
  9. Truestar Mokeev


    Anyone have recommendations for designers who make skirts not super short? I'm not looking for mid length but something in between mini and midi. I suppose I could just buy more slacks and jeans.
  10. Not yet having an SL pet that I've named Peeve, and procrastinating about doing so.
  11. I'd just toss the notification. I can't recall saying Happy Rez Day to any of my friends/"friends", so take my comment in accordance. Hmmm, honestly I can't recall that day I signed up and started enjoying this wacky world where it's up to me to spend or not spend money. Happy Rez Day though!
  12. Hi thank you for your response. Yeah when I was trying to share I did check to make sure they had media streaming enabled on their viewer. The media url I had set was for a youtube video, and what my friends experienced was just the url box appearing when mousing over the object.
  13. I recently discovered that after building an object I could select a face and in the texture panel select "media" to play youtube music, etc. I can't figure out how to share this media with other avis. Is this possible? Thanks!
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