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Portraits of Friendship

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2 minutes ago, Laika Ravikumar said:

And you have been here so long to tell me anything?


Let's just take this inworld or on PM's. This is a wonderful thread, and I don't want to see it removed. 

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Hi Laika. I'm not quite sure what this is all about, but this is not the appropriate place for it.

We'd all love to see more pics by you here: the one that I can remember that you have posted is really lovely.

But this is verging on trolling. Please don't? Just as I'm very careful not to spam the picture threads with comments -- surely the same reasoning, and the same consideration for those who have posted here, applies?

I am sure that anyone you want to speak to would be happy to do so elsewhere, or in DM.

Thank you!

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This is one of my best friends, @Scylla Rhiadra

The picture shows us sitting on the floor in our house, in a private photo studio we set in our garage. Photography is the subject that connected us at the very beginning, we had a few funny collaborations (cousin Jeb still doesn't approve what we do) and with time we found out that we have a lot more in common that only taking and discussing pictures.

She is always caring, listening, fun to talk to and ready to take some exciting expeditions. Right, Scylla?



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Loegan Magic is one of my oldest friends in Second Life.

I'm not quite sure when we first met, but it must have been within my first four months or so in SL (he's a few months younger than me); we were both part of what developed into a fairly close-knit, if occasionally tumultuous community at a cafe called Open Latte in Mill Pond.

We were pretty close in those days. When Loegan was wooing his then-girl friend, he sent me out to search for "romantic spots" to propose to her (I still have a folder of landmarks for him); when he bought her an engagement ring, I was tasked with helping him choose it, and when they were married in SL, I officiated. We've both been in and out of SL at various times over the past 9 years, and not always at the same time, but he has remained someone always I've considered one of my best friends.

He is one of the few men I've counted as a friend in SL who has never expressed the slightest romantic or sexual interest in me. But I quite like him anyway. And why wouldn't I? Loegan is smart, articulate, funny, affable, and extraordinarily goofy. Maybe especially goofy. What's more, he's enormously talented, and has made a name for himself as one of the best photographers (particularly in landscapes) in SL, as well as developed a very successful career as a DJ.

The photographs in this picture are his, surreptitiously swiped from his Flickr account. I've never helped him set up an installation or exhibit, but the subject here is reminiscent of my experiences assembling, according to his demanding (and of course totally unreasonable) specifications, his first club in (I think) 2010. Or maybe 2009. Sometime back then, in the mists of the Paleolithic.

He's also both a loving and courageous man. Loegan's relationship with his partner Rachel is one of the deepest and most genuinely touching I've known here. It's wonderful to see such lovely people together. And she was there for him all through his recent bout with depression, which he has bravely, and harrowingly, recounted in the most recent edition of Focus Magazine. My respect for him, and for his accomplishments and steadfastly genial (and, yes, goofy) outlook has only increased since I've come to understand what he has been through.

Loegan, it's a bit unsettling to offer to such a talented photographer this representation of our relationship. I hope I've caught something of its goofiness. But whatever its faults, please accept it as my thanks to you for putting up with me as long as you have.

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