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Portraits of Friendship

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This for me; not just celebration of love however two girls who also enjoy very much being friends to boot and our two little ones; Damien Jack whom in front of me on left and then is Anya Maria whom is in front of Sneak on the right.

Beach Day with Lil Ones.png

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today was a very nice day to celebrate and I don't mean Valentines but a nice virtual brunch with friends. We take a lot of pictures together but these which remind me about things we could do in RL (if we weren't that far away from each other) are most precious. Some people say that SL and RL are separated, I don't fully agree. It is always our choice to separate these two worlds but it is always people who are behind avatars and we create connections, relations and friendships. So thank you @Scylla Rhiadra @Eva Knoller and @BelindaN for all these collabs, chats, all the fun we have been having!



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