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Friendship, one of the most precious things in life. In my pics I am mostly alone (when  I'm not on my interview trip) , but I do have friends. One is very special to me. We met through a mutual friend. He told me that he also knew a writer. That was Ganymede. Then I rented a house in Sweet Grass, the community where he held sway. But I also met him in RL. He was at my last book launch. We teamed up with another writer to create a writers' platform for quirky writers like us.  Now I no longer live in Sweet Grass, but bought my own land and put my dream house there. But Ganymede as a friend has remained. As I write this I really have to wipe away a tear. Because friendship, yes, it does something to you. As a human, but also as an avatar because there is a human behind it. 

Villa Rudolfo, Sweet Grass, SecondLife
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There really is something a bit special about virtual embodiment. Here's a picture of me with three women with whom I chat on Discord and through IMs in-world pretty frequently. The bond is real.

So we met for a pamper session with Margarita's and much to discuss. Here we are at Saskia's place putting the world to rights.  @Eva Knoller @Saskia Rieko @Scylla Rhiadra      

Surfing Squad with @Scylla Rhiadra , me, @BelindaN, @Saskia Rieko, and @Eva Knoller

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My soul sister and best friend, the person who introduced me to this world. She was my long-time friend on ameblo, a blogging platform, before she invited me to SL in 2010. As cheesy as it may sound, I believe in soulmates and I also believe that soulmates are not limited to your destined lover, but could also be your best friend (or enemy), and that you usually meet them in the strangest places. People tend to discredit bonds formed online or over long distance, but I’ve never gotten as close to anyone as I have with her. We finally got the chance to meet in RL 2014 when I visited Paris for a week where she was living with her then-husband. It was one of the most magical weeks of my life, like I met a mirrored version of myself but years older and wiser. We kind of lost contact and drifted apart when both of us got busy with our 1st lives. Also I have lost interest in and deactivated all social media including SL so I had no other way to reach her. It wasn’t until 3 weeks ago when I received a message from her in-world saying she was back after a long hiatus. Imagine how shocked and emotional I got when we reconnected! Here we are having dinner at Empire Steak, New York. I love how SL transcends time, distance, and all the physicalities that limit us!


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22 hours ago, Scylla Rhiadra said:

Pretty adorable!! (And a great shot!)

Awww thank you! ❤️ I just glad you finally got to meet her and see why she makes me such a happy kitteh girl! :) 

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