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  1. riding bicycles with friends @Eva Knoller @TatianaNikolay @Scylla Rhiadra @Stranger Hoxley @Laurel Aurelia and @BelindaN
  2. today's collab is ballet. Four Graces @Scylla Rhiadra, me, @BelindaN and @Eva Knoller and then a picture of Odette and Odile (Scylla and me)
  3. today was a very nice day to celebrate and I don't mean Valentines but a nice virtual brunch with friends. We take a lot of pictures together but these which remind me about things we could do in RL (if we weren't that far away from each other) are most precious. Some people say that SL and RL are separated, I don't fully agree. It is always our choice to separate these two worlds but it is always people who are behind avatars and we create connections, relations and friendships. So thank you @Scylla Rhiadra @Eva Knoller and @BelindaN for all these collabs, chats, all the fun we have been havi
  4. this is how we look today. Fancy hiking outfits! From left to right: @TatianaNikolay @EllieNewell and @BelindaN then @Scylla Rhiadra staring at snow, @Laurel Aurelia, me and @Stranger Hoxley
  5. I believe they sleep or are in a kind of coma and have weird dreams about a weird place called real life and then wake up and remember their dreams and think "oh, so you can actually drink coffee without spilling it all over your face and it even has a taste!" and then they come back to SL, disappointed that it was just a dream.
  6. Superpower - to absorb all existing superpowers Music - probably Devin Townsend because he is not only a great musician but seems to be a great person too TV Show - as above, The Expanse, because I have already been avasaraling people at work and I am even not that old
  7. and now my version of B.E.S.S rehearsal @Scylla Rhiadra@Eva Knoller and @BelindaN
  8. Yes, it was. It's a nice place. And thank you
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