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  1. Sadly no good story behind my name. It is quite random, because I don't remember any famous Saskia which I might have liked when I created this account. And Rieko just sounded nice with this name. I thought I would never enter SL with Saskia again and created new avatar Kotelle which was a desperate try to use Kote (not available at that time) and ended up as completely meaningless name. For that one I use display name Liv Kote - Liv name runs in my family and Kote is just a nice word.
  2. I am INTP (Logician). I was extremely surprised when I got that result, mostly because I was not aware that I had always been an introvert but also how accurate the description was. And a sigh of relief that it is actually nothing wrong with me, there are more people who feel the same. Life forced me to fake being an extrovert but I managed to find a way of dealing with that by taking a unique role in all groups and teams, where I can both cooperate with people on my own terms but mostly I work as an independent specialist. No problem to stand in front of the crowd and give a speech or run a meeting, it is fine, as long as there aren't many interactions between us. Additionally I am not good at feelings and emotions and probably I could discuss everything to offer a solution instead of any emotional support. And in SL... well, I have maybe like 6 persons on my friend list and we talk really occasionally but I really like all of them and appreciate that they like me the way I am. As an introvert I am usually drained of energy after too many interactions or spending too much time in a group of people spamming gestures, texts and meaningless chatting. It took me 3 years to decide to come to my first forum breakfast meeting (am I holding the record now?) and it was a great breakfast but the decision process was long.
  3. My name is completely random. I liked only this surname from the list which was available that day and why Saskia? I don't really know. I think it sounds pretty nice together. My other avatar Kotelle was a desperate act to use my nickname but it was too short so I had to add a few letters and now I hate it
  4. The same as already mentioned: height, more or less body type, hair color, glasses, and generally I wear clothes I really like and I would wear iRL. What's different is that iSL I wear much more makeup but still I think it is not that much. Oh, and I change tattoos often, so bad I can't do it iRL. Additionally I prefer realistic things, furniture, houses which I would also select iRL if I could. I like fantasy themed sims but I wouldn't live there. When it comes to my personality and behavior, it is me behind this avatar and neither I developed any specific personality for any of my avatars, nor I managed to roleplay. So basically it is me, my emotions, feelings etc.
  5. don't worry, it's not hot at all, it's just my private fika place
  6. I know as EU user what GDPR is but what kind of request is this? Asking them to show you what kind of data they collect about you? Asking to permanently delete your data?
  7. now we can have a trio picture with the same hair and glasses, unless your twin sis is ready to join
  8. I thought it was obvious but if not... The hair is kokolores available at this round of Liaison Collaborative event.
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