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What Does Your Avatar Look Like Now?


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Maitreya is having a 50% off sale all this week, while browsing I discovered that these boots, in this color had been reduced by 50% twice, So instead of 700L (I bought the black a while back at that price) They were 187L. I couldn't pass that up. 



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Pearl with Scylla

I just looked again at this pic, and realized it could be suggestive. There is nothing going on between us other than friendship!!!

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25 minutes ago, Katherine Heartsong said:

Gorgeous. Must know where that was taken ...

It's my home sim. It's public. So, feel free to visit. The mirrors will teleport you around the sim. If you walk through the stone arch near the landing point (horse trail sign points to it), there's a long, wooded trail that leads to a cave that leads to the ground level. Lots of places to explore. 

If you want to get to the spot where that photo was taken, walk up the stone stairs near the landing point.


My flickr album with some shots around the sim:



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hearing voices
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This is my avatar Angelus van Engelen with his soulbrother and spirit animal.

It's in his house villa Rudolfo in Sweet Grass/regal. A few months ago he had a make-over from an old system avatar to a mesh body and head (Catwa head, Belleza Jake body, Stray dog Javier skin) that I could shape to my old looks. I had great help from many of you here on the forum that I appreciate a lot!

Because I'm a writer I must have a story. So does my avatar. He is a (Dutch) writer also and lives in the villa with furniture of his great grandfather (also a writer and secretely gay) surrounded by a beautiful garden. He is a bit of a hermit, but sometimes he goes to book readings or even a wild party. He is very friendly, mostly well dressed, but he also has a dark and wild and secret side. Maybe his spirit animal knows more?


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On 12/8/2020 at 10:02 PM, Bagnu said:

Pearl With Tal at the new Apartment.


LOL, It looked like I was drunk. A button got pressed on my AO HUD by accident, and I couldn't figure out why I couldn't keep standing!!!

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