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  1. Yay it SOLD!!! This was my very first time selling a parcel so THANK YOU TO THE PERSON WHO PURCHASED IT!! ❤️
  2. Hello, I have a General parcel, 2048sqm, 351 prim on the water for 8000L. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chooqu/248/81/23
  3. I will go back and take a look. They are really pretty pics!
  4. If you have a 2nd Avi perhaps you can still do some house hunting. Just a thought.
  5. You are correct. I checked my account and the extra 1024 will cost me $7 per month. Which isn't bad at all! I think 2048 is perfect to play with and see what I can do with the parcels. One home is on stiltz which I was waiting patiently for Linden Labs to drop that under Bellessaria. Now I don't have to. Thank you again and good luck on your other sale(s)!
  6. I have a question. Do I have to keep my Premium membership to own the 2 parcels? Sorry as I said I am new to the owning land, etc.
  7. I was able to get the one next door, it has like a beachy area with a camper?
  8. Is the house closest to the Waterfall area available as well?
  9. I got it!! Wooohooo Happy dance!!! This is my very first buy! Hahaha THANK YOU!!! 😀 I
  10. Someone named Aly. I missed it by "this" much as Maxwell Smart used to say LOL
  11. I'm at the location and I love it. Is it still aavailable?
  12. Hello, I popped over and I have a question. Which part is for sale? Is it the green square I see?
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