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  1. Hi there, I am just in the demo stage of the Legacy body as I've always used Maitreya. I want to switch because I want a full figured avi without going Kupra. Do you know if there is information on Deformers? I've no idea what they are or how to use them. Also which stores do you shop for clothing that are Legacy friendly?
  2. Hello, I use the FireStorm Viewer and I it's been at least 3 yrs since I've been gone from SL. Can anyone tell me how I would clear my cache? I am noticing a LOT of lag time when I am changing up my Avatar (Skin, shape, clothes, etc.) I am not using many if any appliers since I've gone BOM. Even within my Maitreya HUD nothing responds or when it does it takes a while for the change to occur. I just emptied my trash but again, I can't remember how to clear the cache. Any help and/or advice is appreciated.
  3. I just updated and I have no idea where my nams and prams (as I call them) environment light settings are. There used to be a long list of light settings you could chose that would be your setting no matter what parcel you were on. Now I can't find that option anywhere. 😭
  4. What store carries the Freya body?
  5. I've been doing some more looking around since posting this and yes, I will hold off on the Kupra and try the Freya. As you stated there aren't a lot of clothes, etc made for the proportions of Kupra. However, I also wonder how difficult it might be even for the Freya if the shape is made larger ( hips, thighs, etc?) The exaggerated look of Kupra just reminds me of the female rappers/performers like Doja Cat and the Kardashians with the butt and boobs implants and tiny waist. That seems to be where it may have come from.
  6. Hello, I am looking to create a new Avi that's a big girl/bbw. Kupra is new to me and I was wondering if anyone has used it to make a curvy, hourglass BBW? Will it work with the Maitreya body?
  7. I don't know how to use the SL camera to take pics so I just do screen shots. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  8. Your Avi looks awesome!!!! I just discovered COCO and I love her work! I love how she puts looks together for ideas and even has items that can make up 2-3 different looks which means the pieces will fit together and not clash. I love that! I also like a lot of pieces from Rowne https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/54448. I have the Dangerous Girl AO from Vista. I made the mistake of deleting the ones I selected from the SL AO hud I use. I prefer it instead of having the Vista hud open, also I find even if I like the majority of the animations I don't like all of them, so this way I can pick the ones I want.
  9. I have been practicing for the past few days and I think I've got figured out! I decided to also upgrade my look and get a new skin that's BoM. Tonight I played around with the new Maitreya add-ons to try layering with tattoo, underwear and clothing & used the tinting option for an applier I added. I've also updated my hairbase to BoM I'm slowly getting the hang of things. It's a challenge but a good one. πŸ™‚ Thank you for all of your help.
  10. Thank you! I will add it to my list. πŸ™‚
  11. BoM is on for the head, right??? Am I heading in the right direction?
  12. Well, I got some sleep. I have searched for YT videos on CATWA BoM tutorials and they are (the people doing them) are just as confusing. I wish there was a point by point what to do video. 1. Do this. 2. Next do this, etc. IF and that's a strong IF I ever figure this stuff out I will try do to one...minus rambling, opps and my bads that I'm seeing so far. #justsayn. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ πŸ˜‹
  13. Awww I get what you mean! I have a friend who actually created two of my Avatars, this one I'm working on is one of them. She's a creator at heart. She also changes her Avi a LOT and I do as well but not as often since I've been back to SL this year. When you can finally look at your Avi and say you're happy or wow this is beautiful feels good. Who cares what others may think or say, it's what makes you happy and that's all that matters. β™₯️ Take care of yourself and get your rest. I got my flu shot not too long ago and it is weird how it can make you tired, etc. I sleep came home after I got mine and sleep the entire day lol. Anywhoo I am going to get some sleep, I've been up all night working on my Avi and I'm exhausted and my brain is turning to mush! I'll work on her hair, etc after I sleep for a few hrs.
  14. I think I've got the head done correctly. I still have to put my hair base & hair back on but I'm sleepy lol. I'll figure out how all that works with BoM when I wake up. ☺️
  15. Ok so before I head off to bed (it's just after 11am here) I played around a little more with the BoM, etc and this is what I've got so far. The hair and hair base session will have to wait until I get some sleep. πŸ€”πŸ˜΄
  16. Thank you all for commenting and trying to help. I tell ya, I've been up all night playing around with this thing. I want to use the updated Maitreya (v5.3) but I'm ready to say fudge it! 😠
  17. Do you have a store for your BoM skins?
  18. When I click on the BoM button it just changed the color of her body but it didn't fix the face/head.
  19. I was in another topic on BoM but I decided to create my own thread as I didn't want to hijack the conversation that was going on there. I am slowing trying to change my Avi using the newer Maitreya 5.3 and using skin instead of skin appliers. I'm almost there, I think. This is where I'm at so far. I have to figure out how to fix the face. I have the CATWA Catya Bento Head.
  20. Ahhhh ok, I think I'm getting it...I think! LOL Thank you☺️
  21. I feel like I may have injected myself here and I'm sorry. If I need further help, I will start a topic. Happy Turkey Day everyone and please be safe!!πŸ¦ƒ β™₯️
  22. Thank you for explaining things for me! Just a few more questions for clarity. 1. When you say "system skin(s)" do you mean the squiggly looking icons like in the pic below? 2. Will using BoM help with clothes clashing? You know, you put a shirt over some pants and the pants will bleed through the shirt layer, etc.
  23. I seriously need a short school bus explanation of BoM! I am just coming back to SL after being gone for 2-3 yrs and we have this thing now, BoM?? I don't know how to update my Avi and this is me before & after adding the Maitreya V5. Also, I am using the FireStorm Viewer. Does that make a difference in using BoM? I would love to be able to layer closes so they don't clash, etc. Please can someone give me an idea of what I may be doing wrong? Is there a how to video on setting up your avi using the new Maitreya with the BoM?
  24. Thank you @Katherine Heartsongfor the breakdown!! That was very helpful! I was a premium member when I first came back to SL. I did so for all the things you mentioned, the stipend, etc. But what I found was it wasn't conducive to my preference to privacy. I found that no matter which house/location I selected there were a lot of other parcels surrounding me. Also it was hard to find a beach parcel. For me, I crave having privacy and I also wanted a beach with waves, etc. So I gave up the premium membership and decided "buying" as Estates call it was a better option. It may cost a little more at the end but I guess it's the price of having exactly what I want, etc. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  25. Thank you for the suggestions! I'll save the TP locations and check them out. 😊
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