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What Does Your Avatar Look Like Now?


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1 minute ago, PermaRuthed said:

Now how do I take off the skin?  There's nothing in the HUD that does this.

Omg, your skin is fine. It;s your face which isn't  But that's just my opinion. Others might think it's great.

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11 hours ago, PermaRuthed said:

So pushing the cheekbones and lip fullness to 100 isn't so much a hot idea.

Yass gurl, shine ON - now just add a crap ton of accessories and blow out the lighting...so good! #mood You can just burn a few important details like your boobs and booty curves back in at post. Work the angles so it looks all artsy. Use a vignette! Try a popular freebie font to sign the work. Fresh, Cool Perfection. 💯 

Note: not poking at any one person who may do (m)any of these because it’s so common to see them scattered about...but if you do these, might want to reconsider some choices? 

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