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  1. Group ... do you think those heads might actually some sort of custom shape/skin that goes on something like the Normie or M4 Venus Anime head made by <UTILIZATOR> ? They are far more doll-like than I have seen before in the normal skin stores, yet more realistic in terms of texture and looks than most of the anime heads. The examples I attached are close but still not quite as realistic/pretty as the ones in those ads, but close. Or it could be Genus baby faces just wildly shaped? I don't really know. May be what Kitty is looking for. Thoughts?
  2. Sniped once again by the ever-present Rowan and Drake. Thought it might be tweenster, too or maybe a shape from Lulustuff? Also a store called aii sells these types of shapes.
  3. Wicked smart, sassy, and this good looking?! Give the rest of a chance, Rowan!!
  4. Gawd that's amazing!!! I need to know where you are buying these awesome outfits (this one and the silver one above).
  5. Anyone know of an avatar head (body not needed) that's as close to the Blacksad character as I can get? Thinking this would be a cool alt character to make.
  6. They often do, especially when you're up front with that fact. You know, like honest? Almost like those guys wanna get cat-fished for a while. Anyway, their loss. *sigh*
  7. You can just pack everything up and move, but I always consider it polite to let the landlord know you're not renewing. As @Rowan Amore said, if you pay via a CasperLet type rental meter on that piece of land, there should be an button option in the menu when clicked that says "Will not renew". It's turned on on by default in the landlord's CasperLet control panel for that meter. Just click that button and let them know that way, no need to send a IM or message. Refund policy as mentioned earlier will depend on the landlord and the policy they set. I don't rent for long periods of time for that very reason, even if I'm offered a "discount" like a free week or lesser price for a long commitment.
  8. Coffee, while I admire modernist architecture, that seems to be taking the whole "just a large rectangle" design aesthetic to an extreme.
  9. Sadly, Ever, Jane's servers were shut down on December 20, 2020 with the whole effort offline by January of 2021.
  10. This is an AWS problem affecting the west coast. Call Jeff Bezos and the AWS team to complain.
  11. Yup, according to the AWS folks... AWS Internet Connectivity (Oregon) Connectivity Issues less 11:25 AM PDT We are investigating an issue which is affecting network traffic for some customers using AWS services in the US-WEST-2 Region. Even some major sites are affected and currently down, i.e., DoorDash. Something's broken out on the west coast.
  12. Karley? It was you who first brought this up .. what did you do to SL!? It wasn't @Rowan Amore this time. (teasing)
  13. What is this "outside" that you speak of? SL being down means I simply pivot my desk chair 30 degrees to the right and actually do work. Sigh. But ... SL shopping!!!
  14. Yep. Was shopping at Just Because for demos (cause 11 new outfits wasn't enough today) and got weird errors not getting demo delivered. Also my Linden balance was down to -1L before everything went weird. Can't relog atm.
  15. Seeing if there's any interest in informally renting my little tropical beachfront cottage. It's already mostly decorated with a mix of cottage + Apple Fall decor, but has a small open beach area to decorate to your liking and enjoy the quiet residential vibes. Nice location, moderate rated, next door to my own home/painting studio and also near a small open jazz club/beachfront home I also run. Plus, there's a special neighbour just across the water I have Casperlet, but this would be more informal .. some common sense good neighbour rules, no-subleasing, one-two peoples, renting for 100L/week with 100LI to use, just passed along every week. Two week minimum stay. If interested, reach out via PM or in-world. This is the place ... Once someone's in I'll add a basic security orb for you, and make you a sub-admin.
  16. Modernist homes. And get Trompe or Bad Unicorn to design them for you, LL.
  17. Polish dish, fermented (i.e., rotten) sour rye soup. Imagine the taste/smell of vegemite that has gone bad. Leave it to ferment another month in a dirty sock. That's the taste. Żur Postny ze Śledziem (pronounced like the word "day" in French, "jour") Ewwww. 🤮 Apologies to any Pole who enjoys this.
  18. Remember what your mom told you about that ...
  19. Sunset, just before heading to Foxxies to dance.
  20. Immersive factor? I run it full screen on my gaming PC for the immersive factor, and have a 27" iMac and MBP laptop next to it to do other things simultaneously if needed, which is rare. I have run my alt male account a few times on then iMac while running Katherine on the PC when building sometimes, since he has furniture and some landscape stuff that I don't have. Then again, I run all my PC games that I do play full screen (WoT, Sims 4, Post Scriptum, Foxhole, etc). I don't like being distracted when playing a game.
  21. I'm in with mushrooms as well. Spore dispersal mechanisms for underground fungi. Eww, no.
  22. I'd love to live on a 1024 seaside spot on Blake where I can sail my BBX or Oceanic without veering for 20 minutes through a maze of crowded little parcels to get out into open water. Or find out one person has blocked access at then very end of that weaving. Yeah, right on the Blake shore, wind in my hair, jumping on my boat and sailing open waters with the sun glittering on the waves. Can anyone send me the 100,000L that would cost? I kid .. but not by much.
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