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What are you watching today?

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My viewing habits have gone off the rails. I watch videos on youtube like a street food vendor making a ham and eggs sandwich, then an episode of Blue Planet. I watched the new IT movie. Still not sca

Because when I flipped on my TV this morning this one popped up. So. Now we move forward.  

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9 minutes ago, Garnet Psaltery said:

I got tired of the wooden Inspector Floch (there's only so much attraction in pretty costumes), and nearly returned to Inspector Montalbano, then I saw this.


I seen the name to that video and was waiting for the big turtle monster to show up at first..

Then went to youtube and seen the actual name was Gamera.. hehehehe

The names were so close that i thought you might have found a remake of that too.. hehehe


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15 hours ago, Ceka Cianci said:

I'm going to bed and going to watch this as I fade off to sleep..

It looks really good..


I'm quoting myself on this because I think it needs to be said, because it was pretty bad I think.

The Assassin..

I don't knock too many movies, but OMG, I don't think I've ever been so bored that I couldn't fall asleep..

I kept waiting for something to happen the whole time, there was no structure to the story and just about all the characters backgrounds were empty..

It kept jumping around or people would stare at each other like they forgot their lines..

The assassin which was the main character was may have had a whole 5 minutes in an almost two hour movie..

The only reason I kept watching was  because I was either trying to piece some sort of story together or waiting for something to happen..

The longest fight scene may have been like 20 seconds..

I love Asian movies and thought I might be in for something like, Memoirs of a Geisha.. It wasn't close by a country mile.

I figured I better say something, because if someone watches this on my recommendation.. They're probably gonna beat me up pretty badly in here afterwards..


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I just watched this on Prime.  It's mostly* lovely to look at, with nice effects, and a decent script.

*I'm not keen on orifice emissions (which are popular in recent years) but there are only a few of them. 



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I decided that my brain needed a reboot after watching the other movie last night, So I put in one of my favorite movies..

The Man From Snowy River..

There is no better reboot for me than this beautiful movie..


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Tonight I've been watching two movies with my friends - first one was a family oldie named "Harry and the Hendersons" from 1987 while the second one was a bit newer, animated comic - "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" from 2018. I must say that I liked both of them... and as a bonus we've also experienced three episodes of old "Exosquad" cartoon.



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This is gritty in subject matter and in the appearance of the cast, who are often soaked by rain but are never clean.  It's slow-burning, improving as it goes, and involves fraternal love, faith, battle, and shifting loyalties leading to the founding of Rome.

post scriptum: I don't know what Apocalypto is and I don't know what this has to do with GoT.


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I've gone back to something on Prime I enjoyed.  This was a one-season series set in York (mostly why I keep it on my watchlist), with good actors and decent stories.  The clip here is not good quality but it was hard to find much on YT that was. https://youtu.be/I3P09id310E

Now I find that won't embed, so here's some of the music and a short video on the wings they used instead.



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I seen this over the weekend.. Mary Poppins Returns.

It was really good, Emily Blunt was really good.. Actually the whole cast was really good..

It was a nice escape..


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