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What are you watching today?

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1 hour ago, Garnet Psaltery said:


   ... I read 'TW@N' phonetically. Completely lost the plot before it had even began. 

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I love this guys channel..

His channel is called, Learn Your Land..

He goes into all the health benefits and how to prepare plants  that are everywhere around his area and gives locations where they are in the country.. It's really informative, especially if you are into hiking and getting out in nature..

There are so many gems just laying all over the place.. hehehe


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I watched the Italian version of this movie, which was the three hour version and not the two hour version.. I was really surprised how good it was..

After seeing the song performed, I just had to watch the movie..

The trailer in this version is actually the U.S version that got the bad and the ugly mixed up.. hehehe

The guy with the noose is the ugly.. I guess the Italian or Rome version was actually called The Good, The Ugly and the bad..

So the narration is U.S. but the trailer is Rome or Italy..

Anyways, I really enjoyed it..


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I've been thinking about getting another bird..

I loved the last one I had and still miss her so much.. I was devastated when i woke up and seen her perch had broken while she was sleeping and she passed from the fall..

 So I've been watching videos which remind me of just how lovable and fun they are.. I really miss that bond.


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