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Mesh goes gridwide: Create, sell, buy & enjoy all-new things in SL

Linden Lab


Today, mesh technology is available gridwide in Second Life. All SL users can now benefit from mesh technology, no matter what you do or where you are inworld.


If you shop, be sure to check out items built using mesh — they can sit alongside everything else you own and love in SL, but often look superslick, and may have greater detailing or design than a similar item built without mesh.

If you build, mesh is another option to help you access unlimited creativity. All the other traditional SL building options are still intact, we’ve just added to your toolkit.

If you sell things, selling objects created using mesh is one way to diversify your offering.

If you own land, well-made mesh objects can be used to increase efficiency and maintain optimum performance on your parcel.

Make sure you use the new Viewer to view and upload mesh objects correctly; older viewers will not render objects created with mesh correctly. Please check with third-party viewers; mesh support may vary.

A More Technical Look at Mesh

You’ve probably already seen mesh technology at work in modern video games, special effects and 3D animation. The term “mesh” refers to an object that consists of polygonal geometry data. That means it is extremely flexible — and it certain situations, it can be way more efficient than the existing prims and sculpties you’ll find inworld currently. Although existing building tools and techniques may still be the best choice in certain settings. You can talk with other designers about mes here.

Mesh objects are first created in external programs, such as Blender or Maya, (check here for more information) and then imported onto the Second Life grid. Once there, mesh objects can be manipulated in pretty much the same ways you would manipulate a regular old prim. Learn more about uploading your own mesh items here.


Recommended Comments

Yay! I am ecstatic it has finally arrived!

I'm also happy Lindens took the time to get it right!

I'll wait at least a couple weeks before I release my stuff, in case there is any surprising pop-up issues with this first launch of mesh, & to let most people have time to realize mesh is here & to download the mesh-compliant viewers.

Thank you for your hard work Lindens in launching this new creative tool for us in Second Life.

Lots of kudos to all the guys on the team who worked to make mesh a reality!




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although i'm yet to tinker with mesh i am thankful for the default prim sizing increase (from 10 to 64M).

in the words of a group tag “Rez, We Can!”

thanks lab =)

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Not quite all SL - Maestro Linden said in Forums

.... the BlueSteel and LeTigre channels won't get Mesh until their rolling restarts later this week, per the schedule Oskar posted.


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Yeah, woo hoo (waves a strand of limp spaghetti.) First off it's broken stuff all over the grid. Secondly, given the choice of viewers that support it.....well....I'll be waiting a bit before bothering with it. The larger regular prims will be nice though.


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                        (\ ï /)
                        (/ l \)   .•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨) DELIGHTFUL
                                             (¸.•´ (¸.•´ 
 Hope to be creating...soonish.... and see the spaghetti and all the wonders...


                   waves o/

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Not quite mesh day yet.  Not yet.... we still have to wait for Phoenix and Firestorm to catches up first.


Nevermind Viewer 3.0, lulz.


PS:  Viewer 3.0 is prone-crashing.

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Well this is nice and all but is there ever going to be a mesh viewer that is not as crappy performance wise? I can't update to anything newer than 2.7, every viewer 2.8 and newer has horrible lag and I get nothing better than 5fps on it so it is just simply unusable for me. 

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I would have thought this would be under "Featured News"...

Yes, it does depend on Viewers being available, and used, which support it. I hope we get a clear announcement of when a Mesh-capable Linden Lab viewer is available, and not a Beta.

But past experience biases me towards waiting for Firestorm. With such a large number of people not using the Linden Lab viewer, this isn't going to be a fast take-off.

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Technical Note: Everything on the Grid is a mesh anyway. Prims are drawn on our screens as mesh objects. Our AVs are mesh objects. But we don't have to download the details of those meshes.

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VIEWER 3.0!!!!!!!! FAIL UPON FAIL UPON FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with Darren Scropio i tried it today and epic lag they need to fix the lag issue asap i go a max of 10fps and that was on ultra low settings lol on firestorm i can run it on ultra lol like i said FAIL EPIC FAIL. my advice wait for firestorm i have been using firestorm since it was in preview and it has less bugs then 3.0 plus firestorm has sooooo many more options that i couldnt live without now. WAIT FOR FIRESTORM 8)

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*sighs*   I cant say i have crashed once, I also havent lagged out.   Regardless you can use Kirstens viewer.


I kinda think you just have alot of Phoenix/ Fire Storm fan boys upset.

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Yay! Here's my first mesh creation imported inworld. Totally puts my old prim birds to shame!

These new birds here are fully animated inworld blinking, beak opens, sleeps, stands & walks... the unbelievable part is each bird is only 1 prim! When I finish up flying and pecking behaviors they'll be 3 prim each. This is the biggest improvement to SL since I joined up back in 2006.

Thanks again Lindens for helping make Second Life a better world.

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Congrats on Mesh!!  Now that you've done that, can you please fix shadows on Macs?  I'm stuck on Viewer 2.7.2 because every version since then (including Viewer 3) makes objects with transparency turn completely invisible when shadows are turned on.  

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Its a shame V3 does nothing but lock up ever few seconds on my pc guess I will wait till Firestorm has mesh

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I was also having severely low frame rates with 2.8 and 3.0, until someone asked me to check the anti-aliasing setting in the Hardware options. It had defaulted to 8x, which is extreme overkill. I dropped it to 4X, and my frame rate jumped from 5 to 7 FPS to a much more reasonable 30 FPS or so.

Adding the Starlight/Stardust skins to eliminate the sidebar completely and fix numerous glitches makes Viewer 3.0 almost bearable. But Firestorm still performs better and has a better, more efficient user interface, so as soon as they get Mesh capability it's unlikely I'll ever try LL's Viewer 3.0 again.

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@Ceera, you gave me hope and got me excited. Unfortunately this was not the case for me because anti-aliasing was disabled. 


@Everyone saying I am a Phoenix/FS fanboi you couldn't be more wrong. I have been one who has spoken on these forums about how much I love V2 and have no problem with it. As for using Kirsten's it is also having the same exact problem, anything newer than S21(7) has horrible frame rates as low as 5fps in places where I can get 20fps on the older builds. 

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