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  1. "As others have pointed out, Sansar is really not for us. So that's the thing: for those who enjoy (or enjoyed) Second Life, the most optimistic hope is for Sansar to fail quickly, before it squanders all of LL's resources, so we can get past this distraction and finally get on with fixing Second Life's shortcomings." Sorry but who elected you the spokesperson for "us"? I'm damn sure there will be plenty of people from SL who as with other virtual worlds will move on to others they find they prefer. They've reached limitations of the SL engine can do hampered by retaining compatibility for o
  2. City of Heroes or WOW aren't stupid comparisons, for most users wanting to take stuff across like clothing Avatars etc SL is entertainment not an investment. That SL miilonare pulled out long ago as have all the smart people who were investing in SL as a business. Those people will be jumping into SLs replacement and making money again without clinging to the old world. Doing bandaid coding to move content across isn't going to work, LL's been bandaiding SL for the last 5 years, there will be new formating preventing use of old content that was done in a different way, you have no idea of
  3. I put hundreds of dollars into City of Heroes too, did people expect that back because it shut down? What about World of Warcraft, do people expect their money back from that when they pull the plug? Its had a reasonable run but SL is old, when the plug gets pulled it gets pulled. I was hoping Google or someone similar would take up the flag, but if LL's replacement is good enough they'll probably buy it out anyway..
  4. Oh No! I can't take my stuff from Fallout1 to Fallout 4!!! People will rebuild their sims better than before and new people will build new better sims than our current best. The people that won't will be like all those people who didn't want any change like voice, mesh, windlight, materials etc.... Long dead Dinosaurs..........,
  5. I was hoping to see some announcement about it at SL12B if Uncle Phil was there, maybe a few snapshots ot some video footage would be nice.
  6. Hopefully we can take our Avatar names and friends lists, maybe groups over if not our material stuff.
  7. I guess it will continue for a year or two at least till the replacement is up and running and people have moved over by their own desire to do so, hopefully we can take our Avatar names and friens lists, maybe groups over if not our material stuff.
  8. Get in before the bots do Road access for all 4 blocks, near a free Land & Water Vehicle rezzing platform http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desire/237/119/123
  9. Simple used your imagination, make something new & unique, sell it then pump money out of the game.
  10. What I've noticed over the years here is many of those who complain loudest and threaten to sell up their sims or delete their accounts are the ones who are still managing make actual net profit from SL I guess trying to make a comfy living from SL isn't easy as many would like. "Change is always bad, stagnating is easier"
  11. "Oh that's what we want, random people teleporting to us while we're dressing, building or visiting with our sweetie. There is already an ability to teleoport people to you when you want them to come to you. We don't need them popping in on us whenever they feel like it." Read it more carefully before firing off your negative attitude next time. It's optional, just because some people don't want to use a feature, it doesn't give them the right to deny everyone else.
  12. I like the premium only sandbox idea, it means I don't need to depend on tennants spare prims for building and I'm sure there are many premiums with just a 512 plot thad don't want to delete their home every time they want to build a 150 prim object. It would be good if registered alts to my premium account were also able to build there. Sometime I use an alt as a maniquin. It's possible that more premiums will socialise with each other as previously public sandboxes have just been untidy uncleaned griefer havens. I'd really like a reduction in tier then I might buy more land. I've tiered dow
  13. by Vivienne Schell on 08-28-2011 06:34 AM "Dunno about Flexiprims, Sound and Color. Because this was before January 2009. User concurrecy has been cut by a third since then. In spite of Mono, Voice, Sculpties, Windlight. We´re back in January 2008. Shiny technology, self-serving techie progress and a few nerds isn´t what makes Second Life attractive, and never was" Yeah but you got to remember the 1/3 of the "population" we lost were land bots, camping bots and traffic bots, there were more bots online than real people, we might be 50/50 now
  14. "Sorry to be the stick in the mud but i like sl the way that it already is... why fix something not broken?... LLabs get more memory and boost the lag issues instead? My jeans look anough like jeans already but they really scuk when i lag halfway across a sim just trying to walk across the floor ... jus saying". And some people liked SL just the way it was before it had Sculpties, Flexiprims, Voice, Windlight, Mono, Sound & Color ........................................
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