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  1. I go to a club. In only my birthday suit Blame the frigging lag
  2. I've never actually cashed out Lindens or linked a PayPal account to a bank account and I didn't have to enter any new information when I checked my billing info. At least in the US, if you have payment info on file, they likely already have enough info for Tilia processing. If you're doing something you'd think the US government would be the least interested in, you have a lot more problems than Tilia having information that is likely already searchable on the net in multiple locations. Just saying.
  3. You can adjust the sensitivity in the joystick settings, but they are actually set to reasonable levels once you get used to the controller. You are probably applying far more force than you need to. It takes a little practice and then you won't even be thinking about it, the camera will just go where you want it to. Once you get used to it, you should be able to circle pan around an AV or anything else smoothly. As far as I know there isn't a 'lock to AV' feature available.
  4. Considering this only applies to logs passed in world, it's a pretty weak protection. Copy and paste to an e-mail, Discord channel, etc and there's not a thing LL can or will do about it. I'm not even sure they enforce this even if it happens in world at this point. It's just such a trivial issue.
  5. So basically you want one while it's still trendy and something you can work into conversation just like those who drive a Prius always let you know. At least you're honest about it. I hope you get one if only because of that.
  6. Tier date is based on the date the owner got their premium account not when the sim was created as far as I know. There are probably others listed that you could check. I would think maybe 1.5 times the cost of a new non-grandfathered one would be fairly reasonable. Unless something has changed, the transfer fee for one of these is $600.
  7. At one time it was allowed. The problem was people abused the heck out of it and rather than using them for private low traffic purposes, set up clubs and such on them. This more or less overloaded the servers they were using and any other homesteads on that same CPU would be lagged out. Nowadays, it's mostly a commercial. The problem is that if they offered homesteads without needing an estate, it would effectively kill a lot of the value of full sims and the large landholders would be (understandably) upset. Think about how many would abandon their mainland areas to get one given that the tier on a Homestead is less than for half a mainland sim. Sure you get fewer prims to use, but most places now don't use anywhere close to their limit. This would be detrimental to LL's bottom line and I think to SL as a whole as people would have less reason to be social and explore.
  8. I'd be happy if they'd separate the log in name/password entirely from your user/display name. There is absolutely no excuse having half the information you need to log in with be in world viewable by anyone. Link the in world user name to the login name so people always know who they are dealing with, but they shouldn't be the same. This change alone would likely stop most phishing attacks.
  9. The SL viewer has direct support for the Space Navigator and has since like version 1.23. You don't need the 3dx drivers at all if you aren't using it with any other software. The one thing that could be interfering is if you have any other input device that claims to be a joystick. I had to actually disable the driver for that on my g-13 keypad. I've been using mine for like 6 years with no issues at all and am currently also using Win 7 64bit. IM me inworld if you want. Just be warned, once you start using it to control your camera you'll never be able to stand the standard camera controls again.
  10. You only need to provide information needed for RL currency transfer if you plan to transfer RL currency out of LL. It's not LL's choice, it's US law. If you just buy L$ or sell them and leave the credit in your LL account to pay tier and membership fees, you're good to go.
  11. Provided the neighbor in question hasn't already shown themselves to be a jerk, my general offer when I've felt the need to put up screens has been "I can put the same texture on your side I'm using on mine, I can make you're side transparent, or, if you provide a texture, I'll be glad to put that on your side." In my home area we have fairly nice mesh rock walls with greenery and waterfalls on both sides where needed. Just one complaint so far and that was from somebody who put up some super tall ugly as hell apartment buildings.The complaint? That the wall blocked the veiw of what was on our parcel and would make the apartments less desireable. They didn't like it much when it was pointed out that the view of their apartment buildings made our parcel less desireable.
  12. Actually there is a lot of land available, some as good or even better that's abandoned which means you can put in a ticket and get it at 1L/m. This includes land on protected water, roads, and rail. You might have to search it out, but it does exist and is almost always next to parcels that people are trying to sell for many times that. I have some land I got that way and thus haven't bothered with the new Linden Homes. As for a hard date, you aren't going to get one. You could keep an eye on the currently sims at the edge of the already occupied ones and get a reasonable idea of how things are going and if you try enough you can get one even now as people are giving them up occasionally. In case you didn't know, the Moles aren't paid to do what they do. They are volunteers making cool stuff for us all over the grid, not just on Bellisseria. I assume you've read the rules on banlines and orbs because you seem the type to move into a crowded neigborhood and then complain about how many others there are around and in Bellisseria, you won't be able to put up invisiwalls to keep people away. There is this little thing called SL16B coming up as well which is sort of a bigger deal to many than your issue.
  13. There's a balance that should be maintained between expressing oneself and what is already in existence in the area. If it's already a complete free for all, then by all means have at. If there's an obvious theme going on then at least try to do something that will fit in. That should be a consideration BEFORE you buy the land. "It's my land and I can do what I want with it!" is the cry of the rude, immature, and entitled.
  14. Yeah, it makes me think it will need a seriously high end computer to run it and the lack of inworld object creation pretty much kills any enthusiasm I have for it. At that point, you might as well be creating Unity games. Phillip Rosedale recently all but pulled the plug on High Fidelity which was essentially his version of Sansar. As with Sansar, he was banking on VR tech advancing at a much faster rate than it has and becoming far more mainstream. He admitted he'd miscalculated and maybe in 7-10 years it might be time to try again. Until then, go watch Ready Player One and dream.
  15. They did indicate they were going to look into improvements in the coding for groups. It's one of the oldest sections of server code left and it's aparently going to be a bear to fix because it's got hooks into a lot of stuff. Every tume it's been brought up, it's always been "We have other projects in the queue and groups work to at least some degree. My take is finish up current projects that are reasonably far along and then devote however many devs and hours as it takes to fix it once and for all. If it delays some new features that's not the end of the world. It would give TPV's a chance to catch up and for people to learn and use some of the features that have been added (and find any serious bugs in those).
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