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  1. If you buy land from LL, you still pay monthly tier if it's over your premium account allowance to LL. You need to have a premium account to own land. In return, it's your parcel, you have full control as the owner. If you set up a land group to deed it to, you get the benefit of the land bonus (around 14%). You are allowed to build anything or do anything with the land that doesn't violate the LL ToS. It's nice if you respect the theme of the area if there is one, but you don't have to. The downside is if you can't pay, you can potentially have your account locked. Also, if you ever want to get rid of it, you either have to sell it, or abandon it and lose the original purchase price. If you rent from somebody else, they are the owner and some of the parcel controls won't be directly available to you (there are things that can only be done by the parcel owner). The rent will almost certainly be more than the the tier cost for that amount of land since the owner probably wants to make at least some profit. There may be specific rules about what you can build or how you can use the land. On the plus side, if you ever want to move for whatever reason, you can with no strings attached. If you have a good landlord, please be courteous and give notice since you may end up wanting to rent from them again at some other place. In fact if you are just looking for a change of scenery, ask them if they have other rentals available. Good landlords are worth supporting. If they are somebody you never want to cross paths with again, just pack up and go and they will figure things out soon enough, but there's no penalty for you doing so. Also, you don't need a premium account to rent whereas you do to own land.
  2. There's a bit more to this. Those sims were originally created under a specific charter for the United Sailing Sims. For a lot of years, those were the only private sims allowed to be connected to the mainland. While that is now possible for others, that original charter still dictates certain conditions of who can own those sims. It looks like one of the USS sim owners is going to take over at least some of the Sailors Cove sims. As far as I know the Second Norway section is still on the block at the end of the month. That estate area has always had some of the highest rent prices on the grid. It's been losing tenants over the last year. Certainly Bellisseria opening up didn't help, but it wasn't entirely the reason either. LL has every reason to want large private estate areas to shrink and more people to pay for premium and move into Bellisseria. They've flat out stated they wanted to start relying less on land tier (and thus the large land holders) for LL's income stream. I fully expect them to keep making Bellisseria more and more attractive for people to inhabit and for fewer and fewer to be willing to pay premiums rental prices even for water access parcels.
  3. If they have their home set there they can get in regardless of whether the sim is maxed or not. That's a little work around a lot of people don't know about.
  4. You are well within your rights to use the items you already purchased under the original agreement at the time of purchase. They can't stop you from doing so. In theory they could stop you from buying more items from them but if they don't, the stated terms on the MP are what apply, not any personal IMs and such.
  5. I'm all for LL pulling L$ gained through fraud out of the economy provided they also pull any items purchased with those L$ as well. Arguably, if it's a no trans item and the account that purchased it is locked, the content creator isn't actually out anything. With Gatchas, I could see an issue since those are often resold on the MP.
  6. You will first need a Paypal or Skrill account linked to a bank account that those can link to and verify. There are some online banks that work, but most of the time you need an account at a brick and mortar bank. Once you have that, you see your L$ for currency from your account, Then do a process credit. If it's the first time you're doing that, you may have to answer some questions and possibly provide a photo of an id. They will verify everything and then transfer the funds to Paypal or Skrill which normally is done in 5 business days or less with a 5% fee (or $3 whichever is more). It can take up to 30 days if you haven't had any payment info on file in the past. After the first time it usually only takes a couple days.
  7. I would like to think you ran some sort of beta test with the Casper systems before enabling this for everyone since if that broke it would have a huge impact on the grid given how widespread it's use is.
  8. It's a balance between their privacy and yours. Also consider that if somebody changes their name, that name might be available for another to use and they would have no way of knowing the past history of said name. The UUID has to remain the same or it would be a new account for all intents and purposes which would break giving content updates and re-deliveries. There will probably be issues with that as is.
  9. Before people jump on this somewhat overpriced option, better make sure any vendors you've used will be able to work for updates or re-deliveries. I can't imagine many content creators are going to be willing to do manual updates for everyone who does this if those break.
  10. Sloldbie here, just. Don't have a lot of sympathy for people who whine about SL issues, because I remember when they were far worse (once a week grid shutdown, remember that). Some of the newer players seem a bit more entitled to me and don't seem to realize that the places they like to go are being paid for by somebody else and they have no special right to be there.
  11. It'll cut down on spam and seriously, if you're a premium account it's like 3 cents worth of L$. Anyone who leaves because of that was going to anyway.
  12. I and a group of friends have our home area along the Little East River. Nice area. I do wish a few landowners along the river would parcel their land so banlines didn't extend into the river, but I guess they can do what they want.
  13. Furries aren't hated in SL. As a matter of fact they are one of the biggest subgroups in SL and one of the oldest. There are very definitely furries working for LL. Yes, some RP areas or groups disallow furries, but generally it's not because they dislike furries, they are going for a certain theme that furries just don't fit into. That's fine. If the SL grid were wrapped around a planet to scale, it would be the size of Neptune. In that space there are many times more areas where furries are totally welcome than ones where they aren't. Try going to the former and ignoring the latter.
  14. If you won't make any effort to figure out if the problem is actually on your end, a Firestorm specific problem, or something on LL's side of things, why should they either? It may not have occurred to you, but your issues affect you a lot more than SL as a whole. You just aren't that important in the grand scheme of things and aren't entitled to any extra time just because you have a nebulous complaint that may not even be repeatable.
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