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  1. Crim Mip

    Breedables - Yea or Nay?

    I'm not a fan. First off most of them are high in LI and script hogs. Secondly, they are effectively a pyramid scheme since, ultimately, the creator of a given breedable system gets money for food and sometimes other necessary items as well for each active breedable out there. This is great if you're the creator of the system I guess. For everyone else, it's a needless drain on their L$.
  2. I haven't paid for a premium account because of the risk of getting it locked if you mess up with land tier or fail to keep premium while still owning land. They pretty much hold your accound hostage at that point. If they ever come up with a sane policy for that, I'll look at getting a premium account. Otherwise, I contribrute content and earn and spend my share of L$ of which some goes back to LL in the form of rent.
  3. Currently living on the mainland, but if LL ever makes it possible to own a Homestead sim without having to own a full estate, my girfriend and I would move to a private sim in a hot second. I hate the terraforming and terrain texturing limitations on mainland.
  4. Crim Mip

    Log In Issues?

    Supposedly resolved. Still can't log in.
  5. Crim Mip

    Firestorm - How to resolve requests / problems

    If JIRA is the best I'd hate to see the worst. It was obviously written by software engineers for software engineers with a UI only a software engineer could love. I despise reporting bugs on it and have only done so a few times. It's flat out not designed well for non-tech savy people to use.
  6. Crim Mip

    Want to learn how to DJ

    You're going to need some streaming software. I use MIXXX which is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux and is open source and free. It is sort of like a light version of Virtual DJ and does everything I need it to reliably. Setting it up has a few weirdnesses that can be frustrating if you aren't ready for them. The first is you have to download and install the LAME library separately (this enables MP3 encoding) due to licensing issues. The second is you have to assign a sound device to the master output. The program won't start without this. This would be the pre-encoded monitor output. I prefer to monitor what's actually playing inworld so I just assigned this to an unused SPIDF output and it was happy with that. Next, you'll need a streaming server to use. Some clubs may have them available, if you have friends who DJ, they might be willing to let you use theirs as long as they don't have a gig at the same time. Ultimately, you're going to want to rent your own. I use I-Shout which costs 125L/week. You should make enough in tips your first time or two to pay for a month and it will open up a lot more possible venues. A lot of places won't take you seriously if you don't have your own stream server. A decent headset is the minimum to DJ. You can get fancier with separate headphones and a higher quality mic. A relatively quiet room is also necessary. You don't want a fan or air conditioner blowing right at you or an open window with traffic, train, or aircraft sounds regularly being audible. Oh and be prepared to actually talk on the mic. This can be uncomfortable at first.You don't have to talk for 5 minutes between songs and don't talk over every song. You do want people to know there's a live person and not just an automated playlist running. Music you say you have. Hopefully it's in MP3 format as that's the easiest to deal with. Be aware that playing music for an audience and getting tips or even paid by the club is actually not legal for 99.9% of the DJ's in SL. Unless you are paying ASCAP and BMI license fees and sticking to their catalogs you are breaking the law. It makes zero difference if you paid I-tunes for a song. Tthat doesn't buy the right to play it for an audience. As far as I know, nobody has gotten in any trouble over this because the actual amount of money is so low that it's not worth the RIAA's time to pursue it. Thus, if you're going to do it, zipping over to Youtube to grab a requested song you don't already have isn't any more illegal than playing one you paid for. Finally, the bottom line. At a decent club, you should earn between 1000-3000 in tips for a two hour session. Do not count on the club paying you. That is relatively uncommon. Some may even take a percentage of your tips. 10% is fair. You'll need to to a bit of searching to find good places to play, especially at first. Look for larger established clubs that do tryouts. You may not get hired, but at least you have a chance at some tips to pay for things like a stream server and a few decent tip jars. Do your best and if you get hired, be reliable and be willing to fill-in for those who aren't. You'll earn a reputation and will eventually get other gigs because of it. One big trap to avoid runs as follows "Hey my friend is opening a new club and is looking for DJ's. I'm sure they'd hire you." That new club is likely to be horribly set up and opening night it'll have 6 people including the friend to told you about it, the owner, their host, and maybe a couple friends who they guilted into showing up. My standard answer is "I'd be glad to provided they give me a 1200L guarantee offset by any tips." In other words if they actually pack the place and I get 1200 or more in tips from their guests, they owe me nothing, if it's the first scenario, they pay any difference to make sure I leave with 1200L. I have yet to have one of these actually accept those terms and I'm happy to avoid playing for the crickets. In EVERY case where this happened, the club was gone within a month. I hope this helps.
  7. Crim Mip

    Can You Make Money?

    If you have 3D modelling skills or can code in LSL and do scripting, you can likely make some decent money. The same if you can sing decently, you can do live shows and charge a fair amount for doing it. Otherwise it's mostly not going to pay as well as almost any RL job. I DJ and make enough to cover my inworld expenses without having to buy L$. Even if I could get a gig every day it wouldn't be enough to live on. To put a number on it, on a very good day I might bring in 2000-3000L for a 2 hour set. They aren't all good days though and often it's closer to 1000L. or about $2/hour real money. I mostly do it for fun though since the place I DJ at are places I know most of the regulars and get to chat with them and joke around on the mic. I certainly don't make enough that it would be worth doing if I didn't have fun with it.
  8. Crim Mip

    SL songs

    There are a couple and
  9. Crim Mip

    Can RP Admins ask for logs?

    The whole "you can't share IM logs" rule is stupid and is probably violated at some point by almost everyone in SL. They could always get around it by setting up a Discord account or the like to copy the logs to (if it's offworld, it's not LL's business). Of more concern is the fact that enough arguments happen that it's an issue in the first place. If somebody isn't mature enough to resolve an RP issue with the others involved without drama, they don't belong in that RP setting in the first place. It should be very rare for an RP manager to have to be called in.
  10. I just use a decent headset. I also don't get on the mic a huge amount. People are there to hear music, be able to make live requests, and chat with their friends, not listen to me blather on. I also don't have a trained 'radio voice' so it really isn't that big a deal. You could do worse than one from Shure or similar. The stand or boom you use to hold it is just as important as the mic itself. Bear in mind that the average SL user is probably not going to be listening on particularly good speakers or headsets so there's no real reason to go nuts with this.
  11. Crim Mip

    Most avatars only showing up as silhouettes?

    The idea is you can set your threshold to a level where you still get good graphics performance. For example, with my system, around 180k is about the point at which my frame rate starts going down when AV's above that come into view so that's where I keep mine set. Around 80-90% of AV's render just fine. The advantage is I can have more non-imposter AV's because the really slow rendering ones aren't causing lag for me. The next release of Firestorm will have this same feature. Once that comes out, I expect there will be an adjustment period with some drama as people realize that amazingly detailed outfit they got from some well known designer is so complex to render that most people aren't seeing it at all. We aren't talking the ones just a little higher than that. I've run into people above 500k. It's like, sorry, you get to be a jellydoll to me and likely most everyone else.
  12. First off, give them another week. Second, never pay in full up front for stuff like this. Third, no payment on file is a major red flag for anyone who sells anything in SL. Finally, you are kind of creepy and stalkerish as far as trying to track him as you have. Just saying.
  13. Crim Mip

    Have a ? about Host and Djs

    I've been asked several times to DJ at new clubs. My offer is always the same. Guarantee me 1000L offest by any tips. If I get 500 in tips, you only have to pay the 500L difference. If I make 1000 or more in tips, you owe me nothing extra. I think that's perfectly fair for a non-established club. I ask far more for a private event (especially if the ones hiring me don't want me to have a tip jar out.) Not one new club owner has accepted those terms and not one of the clubs in question lasted more than 3 months.
  14. Crim Mip

    Best Helicopter?

    If you want one that's really simple to fly requiring little skill to actually fly for sightseeing and such. One from Spijkers and Wingtips would be a good choice. There are several models and all fly pretty much the same. There's even a free MD-500 which you can usually get by joining the group and checking notices. This is a really nicely done helicopter with a lot of accessories available for it. If you want one that handles and flies as close to the real thing as you're going to likely get in SL. Then the Brantly B2B from Shergood Aviation is the one you'll want to check out. Plan on hours of practice to learn to fly it. It's not easy, but it's fun. I wouldn't suggest one of these for your first SL copter unless you have some experience with other helicopter flight sims. In between those extremes are the ones from Animate Works. They take a little practice as you have to adjust the collective when you adjust the cyclic to maintain the same altitude just as in a real helicopter, but they aren't nearly as sensative as the Brantly. In the same general difficulty level are ones by Amok. There are several combat helicopters as well as some Russian General Aviation helicopters that are interesting to fly. There are others, but probably one of those will get you started with something decent.
  15. Unless they are using a tool that is probably against the TOS, there is no way they should be able to tell which accounts are on which IP. The long gone Redzone took advantage of people who left their media autoplay settings on, but otherwise if you created an alt and had that off, there'd be no way to tell which IP it was attached to. LL provides no way to bad by IP for estate owners so it's likely they checked groups and such to see who was likely associated with you and banned them manually. That's sort of a jerk move, but as the owner/renter of the parcel or sim, they can boot or ban anyone for pretty much any reason or no reason at all and not violate the TOS. The vehicle history display was pretty neat by the way.