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  1. People who RP in third person like they are recording things to post as some sort of story later.
  2. VR Chat hasn't won anything. It's pretty much the only game in town if you're one of the very small percentage with VR gear and want some sort of virtual world setting. It's not nearly as versatile as Second Life. Mostly people standing around in generic default avatars chatting and 'gesturbating' Want a custom AV? I hope you have multiple hundreds of dollars. It's the app that's getting noise about it. Probably will be something you don't hear about a year from now.
  3. Apparently, after the update this week, around half the grid will be uplifted. They are moving sims pretty quickly now that initial testing showed no major issues. If your sim doesn't end up on the cloud tomorrow, it soon will. Check out the latest Lab Gab on YouTube to find out more.
  4. One of the oldest places on the grid is Luskwood which is pretty much all furries, many long time residents who can probably direct you further. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lusk/217/127/52
  5. You need a hook to get people interested. You can set up the new club and advertise the heck out of it and still get nobody showing up. Most new clubs fail within a couple months. I hope you have a deep pocket. The only one who really doesn't get paid for a club is the owners. You pay for the DJs, hosts, dancers. They aren't going to care if only 3 showed up, They'll still expect to be paid. I won't even consider DJing for a new club for less than 1500L per set (offset by tips). Been screwed over too many times when it's been the owner, host, a couple of owners friends and not of them are goin
  6. They sometimes send an e-mail and sometimes don't. You will be directed to a screen where you can appeal (which is difficult if you don't know the reason). They may respond and give more information, but according to the ToS they don't have to. They can ban or suspend you and never communicate with you again. The most obvious reason for an account lock is owing them money for too long. It can be very tricky to give up land or a premium account without owing another month of tier. If you violate a more substantial rule, you may never even get a reason so don't do those things.
  7. Goals are wonderful, but short of making top end items that a lot of people want or becoming a land baron, that just isn't going to happen. Certainly nobody is going to hire you for that amount. I've been DJing for years and make around 15kL/week and that's pretty good.
  8. If your box extends over into their parcel, they could simply return it. You need to shrink it to fit within your parcel boundaries.
  9. I'm assuming the Firestorm devs are waiting to the last minute to release a new official viewer which stinks. The 'beta' EEP version has been out for close to three months. They need to release that official even if there will be another release before the end of the year. As soon as that's released. LL should do something to flat out stop parcel windlight from working. It's turning into another Mesh situation where people won't switch until they know everyone can actually see the changes, and people who haven't changed see no reason to because they can still see parcel windlight (which the EE
  10. People who send blind TP offers. Strangers get blocked. Friends get one warning. I don't give a crap if you set up a contact group. If you can't control your TP requests, don't send them.
  11. I'm so sorry if you are offended by the message to vote for those of us in the US. LL is a US company and it's employees could be greatly affected by the outcome of the coming election. They aren't saying whom to vote for, just encouraging people to exercise one of their rights and some would argue duties. If you are that offended, try some Butthurt Ointment and see if that helps.
  12. Gor is based on some incredibly cheesy, poorly written fantasy novels. A lot of the BDSM style interactions in them would cause serious physical or emotional harm if tried in the real world. It would be like trying to play out the Beauty series RL. Just not happening. Many of those into it in SL are immature idiots who probably would run if given a harsh look RL. I guess the closest in RL I can think of are the jerks who claim to be 'True Masters'.
  13. I have an alt for a couple reasons. Mostly it's to use for a second camera view when I'm building something complex. I also use it to escape the IM storm that happens when I log in to my main. Finally, it's a convenient piggy bank so I can save up funds to pay for my next year's premium account on my main.
  14. There is a trick you could use. As long as the root prim of a linkset is on your parcel the rest can go over the border. What you can do is create your own section of road with a rise in front of your parcel. The road textures are available free at the Mole Mart. As long as you do a decent job and vehicles don't get hung up on what you add. You won't get in trouble for doing it. In my experience, LL will not remove items like that from the roadway. An easier option would be to find a better parcel of land (abandoned or for rent) with more level access.
  15. Your limit is plus/minus 4m from the original height of any given point when LL created the sim.
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