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  1. Sloldbie here, just. Don't have a lot of sympathy for people who whine about SL issues, because I remember when they were far worse (once a week grid shutdown, remember that). Some of the newer players seem a bit more entitled to me and don't seem to realize that the places they like to go are being paid for by somebody else and they have no special right to be there.
  2. It'll cut down on spam and seriously, if you're a premium account it's like 3 cents worth of L$. Anyone who leaves because of that was going to anyway.
  3. I and a group of friends have our home area along the Little East River. Nice area. I do wish a few landowners along the river would parcel their land so banlines didn't extend into the river, but I guess they can do what they want.
  4. Furries aren't hated in SL. As a matter of fact they are one of the biggest subgroups in SL and one of the oldest. There are very definitely furries working for LL. Yes, some RP areas or groups disallow furries, but generally it's not because they dislike furries, they are going for a certain theme that furries just don't fit into. That's fine. If the SL grid were wrapped around a planet to scale, it would be the size of Neptune. In that space there are many times more areas where furries are totally welcome than ones where they aren't. Try going to the former and ignoring the latter.
  5. If you won't make any effort to figure out if the problem is actually on your end, a Firestorm specific problem, or something on LL's side of things, why should they either? It may not have occurred to you, but your issues affect you a lot more than SL as a whole. You just aren't that important in the grand scheme of things and aren't entitled to any extra time just because you have a nebulous complaint that may not even be repeatable.
  6. I always try to contact the creator if there's something I really feel was misleading about an item. If I don't hear back after an IM and a notecard, I will leave the negative review with full details about what the issues was (and even then I try to find positive things as well). I've had a couple creators actually update their item to fix the issue in which case I delete the bad review and update it to a positive one. I've also had some just give me a refund with a snotty demand that I remove the review. I usually do so to avoid drama, but I'm always thinking it's a little dishonest if they have no plan to fix the problem.
  7. I don't mind groups that charge some pittance 5L or whatever to keep out spambots and griefers, but I won't pay more than that.
  8. I use this around my land on the mainland to get rid of crappy low hanging sky boxes and other unsightly prim puke if there's no option to put up masking walls. You have the right to build what you want on your land. You don't have the right to force me to look at it. I'll also derender stuff around airports I land at regularly to cut down on texture render lag. I don't feel like it hurts my SL experience at all.
  9. The LL viewer defaults to 2 which is the max on it's slider. With debug setting you can go higher. Most third party viewers let you take the slider to 4. Mesh models can be uploaded with detail models for various distance ranges. Doing that properly increases the LI a bit so some creators cheat and stick in single polygon shapes into those in order to lower their LI to make their item appear more attractive to buyers. Personally, I try not to buy from such creators. Any who's products can't hold up with a setting of 4 are flat out crappy makers and deserve horrible reviews on their products.
  10. That makes sense though I wish they could just tell you up front or give an indication that it was going to take the full time because of X reason. I don't mind the fact that it's taking the full time (other than it may not be done before the 3 day weekend) as much as the lack of any communication as to where the progress is other than 'in progress'. I guarantee that any red tape is on LL's end. Paypal doesn't care where the money is coming from as long as they get a chance to charge a fee on it. Maybe Tilia/LL will get it together to the point they will be able to do direct deposit to bank accounts at some point. I'd certainly prefer that than having to deal with Paypal as a middleman.
  11. The process credit information says it takes 2-5 days. Has anyone ever actually had it take less than the full 5 days? It's a simple digital transfer to Paypal. The only reason I can see for any delay is so LL can get some small additional interest on the funds. If they are going to charge 5% to do it, it should be done within 24 hours. I guarantee I don't get 5 extra days to process the bill to pay my land tier. *venting done*
  12. I had to enter my information in order to do a process credit on Monday. It was Name, Address, SSN. It was accepted and confirmed and I was good to go.
  13. I just did so for the first time ever on the 26th. I live in the US and did have to enter my name, address, and SSN which Tillia accepted with no issue. My understanding is I won't have to do this again. I also had to link to my Paypal account because I'd never done that, also pretty easy (Paypal was already linked to my bank account). After that I did a process credit. It was very much like selling L$ to increase one's account balance. It had me verify my password, and then indicated the amount I was processing as well as the fee that would be charged (5%). That's pretty much it.
  14. Basically, prims are no longer the limiting factor, space is. Pricing rentals by the square meter makes a lot more sense. The rentals I manage, I set a reasonable number of prims per spot, and almost nobody uses close to that number. In a couple cases somebody did need some extra and I just increased their allotment.
  15. It's to give them a little oversight to prevent abusive land buys. At this point, pretty much anything less than a 1/4 sim is likely to be set for direct sale after filing a ticket. I've done it several times and it's pretty straight forward. In most areas there are parcels of abandoned land to be found so always check before paying any more than 1L/m. If you already own land, check to see if there are small irregular patches of abandoned land around it. LL will almost always sell those to the owner of the parcel they are next to as it makes the land more valuable and desirable if it's ever sold off or abandoned again.
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