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  1. Map zoom is working in most areas! Map tiles are in the process of updating!
  2. So you've had the flu? As in sick as hell for 2-3 weeks with fever, chills, headache, diarhea and or vomiting? Then a week or two after to fully recover? That flu? Yeah, probably not. I never want to be that sick again. For the record, the Flu normally kills 10's or even 100's of thousands every year normally. Nobody who's said it's 'only a flu' has ever had the actual flu.
  3. This along with making your log-in something other than your user name would help a lot. It's pretty stupid that half the information needed to log into somebody's account is right there inworld for anyone to see. You're log-in name shouldn't be discoverable inworld by any means. That would cut a lot of phishing attacks right there.
  4. I DJ and I get on the mic at the start of the event and to announce music requests and any announcements the venue wants made. I don't talk over the music or announce each song. I'm also active in chat and if the conversation topic gives me a song hook, I'll play it. I hate places where they give the entire history of the band, the song, blah blah blah. Just play the music.
  5. I was partners with a wonderful lady for over 9 years. I'd be with her now if she hadn't passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. Would I partner again? Maybe, but they'd have to be somebody who would want that RL too. I don't do virtual only relationships. Learned that lesson the hard way long ago.
  6. I usually just say "I really prefer to only friend those I interact with regularly. If you become such, I'll send you a friend request."
  7. Your best bet is to join some groups based around interests you have inworld. I'm in ones that focus on aviation, sailing, equestrian events, etc. Then you know you have at least some common interest to fall back on for conversation. Check out the Leeward Cruising Club. They do two sailing events a week and their motto is "Nobody left at the dock." If you don't have a boat, just ask and you can ride with somebody. Dance party after the cruise and newcomers get welcomed, not ignored.
  8. It's best to try to be nice about it, but I've had times when I either got a rude response or no response within a few days. At that point any and everything sticking over gets returned with no explanation or warning. So sorry if you linked your entire build. Next time be more careful.
  9. It seems to me that if multiple people put in requests for a parcel, they should be the only ones able to bid on it. That would lock out the flippers that only bid because they know somebody else wants it, not because they actually want to use it for themselves.
  10. I get that the new investors are probably more interested in Tilia. Still, the map has been broken long enough. Apply enough devs and crack the whip a little. Sheesh.
  11. It's a trivial script command to check a changed name and should be automated at this point. If it's no copy no trans, there's like zero loss allowing a re-delivery which should update whatever outdated system the creator was using.
  12. You'd be better off increasing your memory to 16 gigs for right now. It makes almost no sense for you to upgrade the graphics card in that. It should handle SL mostly ok. Your best bet would be to go to 16 gigs of ram and add a small SSD. Graphics cards are in such short supply right now that even a low to mid tier 1000 series card would cost more than your computer is worth by a fair amount.
  13. Thanks for all you've done for Second Life, the things we users are privy to as well as a great deal that probably happened that we'll never hear about. Enjoy your retirement to it's fullest.
  14. This is getting a bit ridiculous. The world map not working makes flying/sailing a major pain to do. The grid has been fully uplifted for a month. There is literally nothing else so broken that it can't wait at least from the user side. Seriously assign however many devs are needed and get this fixed before adding any new features.
  15. Land is worth what somebody will pay for it. I wouldn't pay more than 1L/m anywhere because almost anywhere there is at least some abandoned land nearby that LL is happy to let be claimed. There are still people who believe it's hard to get. The times when all claims went to auction are long past. At this point if you want abandoned land, just put in a ticket and you'll likely get it with no questions asked.
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