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  1. I did not post in the forums from so long time ago. It's amazing to see that for so many people LLs are always wrong, no matter what they do. I suspect that should they give free l$ out some would complain that Ls have to be gained by hard work. My two cents anyway: some people are creative and skilled enough to create fun for themselves and others, some aren't. I, for one, always thought that SL should supply some kind of gameplay for those that don't have the time or the will or the ability to give themselves an aim, and I appreciate that they are doing something in this direction. Like ever
  2. More than else, please do something because this release has a lot of performance issues. The first i would go after would be the continuous freezing. it goes - freeze - it goes -freeeeze - it goes - freez - it goeeeees -freeze. it would be acceptable in beta not in a release build. Please note that i use only the official viewer 2 since it was released. To date the best version was the 2.4 official release. Maybe the new texture libraries have issues, i don't and can't know, but 2.4 was way better. I don't like web profiles as the ONLY option as well, but this is not a major issue for sur
  3. i filed this: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24444 it's linux related but...
  4. doesn't work for me, but good job guys
  5. Sorry about that, but i guess that's clearly a "way to say" that a few of the folks out there get mad a bit too easily. I'm a ESLer so i reckon that it may be told better. but definitely it was not a suggestion and i was on LL's side in that post. Given that to improve my english is one of the few reasons why i post and read in the forums, please, if you have a better way tell me. No irony. and also no vocabulary used regards
  6. Uhm I think my bad english is the responsible this time. Actually i meant: "if in SL people would have the kind of problems they have CURRENTLY in OpenSim i think they will send bombs to LL for christmas, if we think of the reactions we got for some viewer side UI layout changes. So, should I be involved in OpenSim, i would rather try to make it work better instead to worry about the problems affecting SL that, indeed, has some that should be worked out", i have no time to visit each alternative grid, but to compare the OS grids where i have been to SL...c'mon mate. I'm speaking of SL-wise gri
  7. If you "preloaded" the nearest sim with the avatar's state when they are 4 seconds from crossing, then the simcross problem would be dramatically improved. And if you sold stand alone islands that are not connected to any other island, had no land heightmaps (use megas for faux ground) and were 1Km per side, the racing crowds, boating crowds and flying crowds would buy them in the hundreds. Imagine being able to fly for more than 10 seconds without turning. Imagine being able to have a real dogfight instead of just spinning in the sky. It's easy to do. It's compatible with all the existin
  8. yes if only the sim on the other side was online that doesn't happen that often. buck every single post you make is about how good is opensim. I believe you're in good faith, not to criticise, but i would suggest you to keep your eyes open in YOUR home, that has major problems that, should be in SL, people would send bombs for christmas rather than suggest to a much more advanced system to copy a lesser. and Opensim is nice but not exactly up to the level of Second life friendly, sincerely yours.
  9. one thing i found rather unforgiving is to try to upload meshes with uncorrect normals. Anyone has the same impression?
  10. "1 is there a good cheap tool to downsample a mesh to something sane (ive crashed the viewer trying to parse a 65 meg mesh)?? 2 is it possible to have the textures picked up automatically from a textured mesh??" 1. Yes, definitely. You can use Blender's script poly reducer. It can be accessed in Edit mode, via Mesh->Scripts->Poly reducer. I succesfully used it to reduce the polygons on a face i created in Sculptris, exported in Wavefront's OBJ format, then imported in belnder and reduced applying the polyreducer three or four times. I think it's rather good. 2. actually i'm un
  11. Not YOU ALL anyway, some does like it - me for example - and i'm a scripter RATHER experienced, and for that matter i'm a professional developer in RL. It's all but awful (anyway, Mr. power user, you can tweak the UI). Oh, nevermind...i won't get back to this prehistoric topic again
  12. Yep, i fear that there are a few ways to fake "meshes" - e.g. a matrix of vectors standing for each "dot" coordinate - while bar charts and pie charts shouldn't be that difficult to implement in world. Not to say that MOAP and a good javascript framework could help a lot and at the end of the day would be easier to handle. Regards Errata Corrige: obviously in my previous post i was referring to llDetectedTouchFace, there is not any llDetectedFace function in LSL @ Rex Cronon Definitely true, i suppose that at the end of the day we will have to use a set of sotfware , each sw
  13. Qie, I have to try scripting a link set of meshes yet but my guess is that meshes will be scriptable like any other object. For example, since textures are applied per material slots, i guess that llDetectedTouchFace(x) will behave like it does with prims, for each material slot; so for example you should be able to light windows without the use or normal prims, if you take care to apply a unique material slot for each glass surface. Just a guess but i think it's likely true. Editing->selecting a face actually selects all the faces of the mesh that share the same slot. for what about sit
  14. well, the code will always work, but fortunately it's always possible to override the autoplay in user preferences. Two different ways to see things. for that matter, also chat and IMs wouldn't always work given that one can be muted, and teleports don't work if you are TPing in a place where you aren't allowed. I would rather think that is the right way to do things that provide contents that somebody would not want or is not allowed to see. I think your proposal is ok tho, but i can see a couple of side effects that i don't want to dig atm being 4am regards
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