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  1. Is this still coming out in late 2018?
  2. If you get a plot and you have no house (Which is very likely, it's the main reason people abandon their plots so it's the main reason you'll end up getting one) DON'T ABANDON YOUR PLOT! Ask Linden to restart the region, houses re-rez themselves on region start.
  3. Right. I owned 1024 sqm in Bay City Brewster for almost a year. The buy-in last May was insane. I won't even admit how much it was. Before base 1024 premium, I owned 512 sqm of the same sim for the last 5 years or so. But, I considered it the best plot of all of Mainland if you only want Base Premium, because I personally hold a high value on neighbors and immersion and, in my opinion, most of mainland is kinda ugly and immersion-breaking, but not Bay City. These new premium homes were so attractive to me that I sold what I considered to be the best plot of mainland, at a LOSS, just to move to one, the lack of double prim didn't even matter to me. The build just looks so much nicer, and playing house in suburbs is all I wanted anyway. It might look like the 9th layer of hell to some, and I get that, but to others, me included, it's what I've been looking for in SL for a very, very long time. Plus i can extend my drawdistance more without dying. And the neighbors are actually online! Totally worth it to me. No regrets. (And even if I sold my bay city plot at a loss, it was still a considerable pile of pocket change.)
  4. A good point. My statement came off as a little harsh too. Rental doesn't work for me, but everyone is different. Still, I don't see Linden homes being any danger to land rental. The 0LI houses are nice, but you only get their own selection. That's one edge you'll always have over LL. As I understand it, LL's setup with linden homes isn't doing anything special that only the Lindens can do - just houses with their root on their own parcels. If you wanted to, you could offer their same service on a smaller scale, with your own 0LI (from the renter's perspective) content/scripts. Not everyone's a scripter, but the stuff they're using isn't too complex.
  5. I got one!! Edit: IT WAS YOURS! Thank you!
  6. I think your region has lost connection to the rest of the gird. I wasn't able to accept your teleport offer. Are you able to leave and return to Tembleby?
  7. I've seen "Traditional" appear a few times during my refresh, but when I hit "Next" to grab it it always errors out saying someone else snagged it first. So I just took that to mean that they do in fact appear on the website instantly. But maybe they don't?
  8. Sorry for the late response, no I still don't have one. Sadly, I guess I missed it. Still refreshing like mad, lol.
  9. Let's be honest, renting has always been a terrible deal for everyone except the landlord. But it's exactly what I've been looking and waiting for. And, the fact that we have polar opposite opinions here is important. Mainland will always have a place. I bought-in to the VERY expensive Bay City plot just to have an aesthetic that was similar to these Linden Homes. That northeast 80s/90s vibe is exactly where I wanted to be. So I'm very happy this exists. Can't wait for them to print more so I can actually get one. I don't think it will kill land rentals, or mainland, though. There will always be a place for people who want to built their OWN place and not fit to a particular theme. For people like me, though, I happily sold my 1024 sqm "prime mainland" Bay City plot to jump on this free plot, which has only half the prims, just for the better neighborhood view. Some of us just want to play dollhouse in a cookie-cutter town. I don't know how many of us there are, but hey, we filled it up fast so LL knew their demographic here.
  10. I'm only seeing choices for the smaller 512 sqm homes.
  11. Now I wish i would not have made alts using the the name I would have wanted to use on my main.
  12. Do not allow yourself to have a snapshot taken where you and the object are both in frame and can be seen at the same time. That really is the point of all of this. You don't want a snapshot of a child standing next to some bondage thing, for example, and suddenly that picture is on the news. Who cares if you aren’t using it, it still looks terrible out of context. Personally I’d advise just not going to adult sims, though. Most I’ve seen really have no place for child avatars. Anything can be made to look bad out of context, and out of context in an Adult region is all you need to get banned.
  13. I'm going by memory here but I recall blended alpha looking just fine, it was just not included in the GI pass. This was only a problem when someone tried to match up a blended alpha texture with a identicle, but alpha-free texture, as that would cause what was originally similarly shaded textures to show a seam of shading differences. However, that was the specific case where alpha masking is the correct alternative, which would've played fine with GI if they were around at the same time. This can be seen in non-SL games as well, blended alpha plays just fine with GI engines. It was the lack of alpha masking, and the blended-work arounds that were used as an alternative, that made GI mess them up. But we don't need to do those kinds of things anymore, GI would play just fine with blended alpha, as it is used today. As for it being intensive - SL tends to push today's GPU's the hardest knowing tomorrow's GPU's could handle it better. Intensive isn't much of a reason not to include optional eyecandy dor those who can see it. Also it was intensive 5 years ago. Probably not anymore.
  14. My video really doesn't do the feature justice. I wish I would have taken more pictures with it out in the wild, back in the day. Minus blended alpha content, SL never looked better with it on. It's just never looked the same without it. It brought the entire scene together. Strongly missed.
  15. Just to clarify - the script doesn't - and in fact can't - check your gender. It's one of the things Linden was very careful to never let scripts do! The message is just a regular chat message when you wear it - you are free to entirely ignore it, it can't stop you. But it may inadvertantly deform you a little!
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