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  1. hello readers =) yikes it's been over 3 months since the original post but i'm pleased to report that a rez zone has been installed and indicated on the map with a star. i submitted a case (which is under review at the time of this post) to rez a suburban area, like Nova Albion has Shermerville, and although i don't wish for the world or am getting my hopes up about it...i've got my fingers crossed heheh. i'm also glad to report that our/the city is at full resident occupancy now so hopefully we can revive the street and city naming project and start doing more community activities. oh las
  2. although i'm yet to tinker with mesh i am thankful for the default prim sizing increase (from 10 to 64M). in the words of a group tag “Rez, We Can!” thanks lab =)
  3. hey Melita thanks for the input and as the city will be at full resident occupancy shorlty, with the last of the land auctions to end in the coming days, lets all get together (in-world or via the fourm) to collaborate once everyone has moved in =) :manvery-happy:
  4. /me nods at Qie Although I pondered the thought of a TSL continent community, which would include the city, it was not my intention of saying 'hey - over here, come visit..' to boost land prices (even though I think L$25 per sqm for 2x prim land is viable), but with the aspect of generating further resident awareness and hopefully to achieve a virtual community/neighbourhood experience not only with Resident input but also with Linden interaction, similar to the days of old..well what I've heard. Personally I see Nova Albion as the big sister city (not the gatekeepers of Rapture type) and wh
  5. Thank you to all the Residents that have participated and read this thread so far...making it a red balloon (hot topic). @Marianne /me waves. @Osprey - hahaha zombies, that would of definately been fun but as long as teen users didn't suffer from e-Posttraumatic stress. @Baloo - I'm not 100% sure but assume user restrictions (perhaps based on RL age) were enabled preventing general adult users into the teen grid and vice versa, even though we were all on Agni. @Pussycat - I asked the same question, will the city transfer to Sansara like Teen Bay City, and at this time, it is unplanned and
  6. Hi Melita, hope this helps: No Gamxor is resident and yes this is for fun (here's a response from Guy Linden: " I know some residents try to create lore for specific areas and give them names. Although not official, they can catch on and become known by those names."). Could you please assign your suggestions to a colour for vote inclusion (am working on a basic voting system in-world at Loki 128/128) and currently there is no naming theme. Once adults moved in and the majority of teens moved out, we wanted to differentiate the city from the original Nova Albion (so people weren't confuse
  7. Thanks Yevad and if you could link your suggestions to the above map colours, we can include it in the final votes.
  8. Thanks for the clarification Baloo and although we are aware of the Sansara continent names, can the same name apply to a different continent?
  9. Well it's Friday afternoon here and less than an hour remains of my work day..I did a brief region 'name' search, hoping to be inspired for street name suggestions and following are a few keywords: Hippoden: Hippopotamus amphibious; den Hyperion: Greek mythology; moon; portable computer (some anagrams 'pony hire' and um..'horny pie'). Loki: Norse mythology; close Ni: nickel / metal; atomic number 28; 7th note of the Indian scale Happy Friday :smileyvery-happy: Update (1) - Well it's just past midnight now and here's what I've got so far (includes some previous suggestions). White 1:
  10. I was thinking of using the forums poll function but now that I investigate further, I think it's user-type limited and although I'd prefer to have the responses limited to community accessible platforms, I haven't ruled out google forms. Alternatively, I'll see what can be done in-world and hopefully more replies will be submitted within the week. :smileyhappy:
  11. Received via notecard from Emma Starsider: My suggestions: 1 = Novatropolis Highway 2 = Beach Road 3 = Pontis Tilia Orange = Izzy Linden Blvd Yellow = Riverview Road Lt. Blue = Teen Grid Alley Red = Bayview Drive Purple = Sunset Blvd Teal = Shoppers Lane Pink = Guy Linden Blvd Green = Michael Linden Blvd Blue = Ocean Blvd Thank you to the residents for posting and participating so far =)
  12. Originally recreated on the TSL grid in late 2005 and merged with the main grid early 2011, Novatropolis, referred to by the locals, includes Hippoden, Hyperion, Loki & Ni regions and is the sister city of Nova Albion. Although our [merged] city community is relatively new, lets start with street names. Just 'Reply' to this thread indicating the street colour code followed by your suggestion and type (e.g. Street, Road, Avenue, Way etc) Hippoden (HD): Green; Pink; White 1 & 3 Hyperion (HY): Yellow; Orange; White 1 & 2 Loki (LK): Red; Cyan; White 1 & 2 Ni (NI): Blue; Teal; Pur
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