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  1. L$1800 is nothing...That's less than eight dollars in US real-world money. I remember once that I decided I really wanted to expand my parcel of land to include a parcel next to mine that had been set for sale. This was years ago, before the price of land in SL crashed, and when people still could get far more per M2 for land even leased in a private sim than what they are willing to pay today. I think they wanted something like L$34 per M2. My parcel next to theirs was in a beautiful set of well-managed private sims that had lots of water sims along the edges for boating and swimming in, an
  2. If you want water that can be accessed for sailing and boating, you'll need to purchase and pay for homestead sims or similar, in addition to your four main RP sims. As far as I know, LL won't provide usable water sims adjacent to private holdings without charging you for it. There is a Linden-owned boating area, with 16 or more adjacent water sims. But as far as I know LL won't let private sim owners park their sims on its edges to get free boating access form their priavte sims.
  3. To be able to go to all sims: 18 and older To be able to go ONLY to the G-rated sims, 16 or 17 can also sign up, but they can't cross into the other sims and I think they can't even see the non-G sims. They can, however, IM someone who is 18+, no matter where they are, and you have no way of knowing they are only 16 or 17 unless they admit it, or unless you require them to join you in an M or A rated sim and they can't comply. The 13-15 years olds can only log in to specific education estates designed for kids, and they can't access or communicate at all with the main grid. The adults that c
  4. Not possible in a Free Linden Home, no. You would have to purchase land elsewhere on the Mainland, and if you abandon the free Linden Homes then each Premium account can contribute 512 M2 worth of free tier, plus 10%, to a group that both accounts are members of, and have the shared land be owned by that shared group. So the two of them could own, via the group, a 1024 M2 parcel, plus an additional 96 M2, and still have it be tier free. It won't have a pre-fab home on it that doesn't count against your prims, but you also don't have the restrictions that a Linden Home has on the use of the la
  5. One script can invoke functions in another, certainly, All they need to do is communicate with each other. They might use llWhisper, llSay or llRegionSay on a specific chat channel, with listeners on the same channel. That can communnicate between different linkests entirely. Or they may use llMessageLinked, with a different type of listen for linked messages, for communications within a single linkset. But all the scripts need to be running at least a listener of some sort, for that communication to happen. For example, I made an elevator. The script in the floor call buttons makes the scrip
  6. @Tavish: The status of your progress in Linden Realms is maintained server-side. The HUD only displays it. If you leave LR and return, you get a fresh HUD, which updates with your prior status information, and you resume where you left off. The down side of this approach is there is no "starting over". You can't reset the status and start from the beginning again, except by playing with an alt that has never been there before.
  7. One thing you can try is to leave Linden Realms, go to a different "Portal Park", or at least use a different portal in the one you know how to find, and re-enter Linden Realms. You may get teleported to a different instance of LR where that function still works. The stations in LR have been buggy, and have required frequent intervention by the Lindens to reset of fic various quest stations. Fortunately, they have multiple sets of sims set up as the LR game arean, and so if you leave and come back you may end up in one that works right.
  8. You can earn between L$80 and L$100 playing the Linden Realms game. Not enough ta all to be worth doing it just for the money, though I am sure some individuals are finding ways to cheat the system and milk it for L$ rapidly. If you're stuck at a point that doesn't seem to work, try leaving Linden Realms, finding another portal park, and resuming from there. Many of the functions, like firing the cannons, seem to be glitchy, and don't always work in all LR sim instances. The good news is that have multiple instances set up, and if you go from one to another, your game status goes with you.
  9. Oz Linden wrote: This has been fixed in 3.2.5, for which a Beta version is available. Glad to hear that, Oz! Thank you!
  10. JIRA Created: VWR-27889 V3 3.2.4 - Can't resize window smaller than 1016 x 741
  11. It appears that 3.2.4 does not allow setting the window size smaller than 1016 x 741. That is an absolutely stupid limitation. Apparently they felt no one ever has a monitor that is smaller than 1024 x 768? I often set my viewer windows to about 800 x 800 or even smaller, so I can have 2 to 4 sessions running concurrently for different avatars while roleplaying. For many of the less active NPC's, all I need to be able to do is keep up with their chat. I can watch what they are doing from my primary character's view, and enlarge their window when needed if I need to move around or do other ta
  12. By the way, Linden Realms looks outrageously bad and is completely unusable on any viewer that isn't mesh capable. I just took a look with the 1.23.5 Viewer, and it was hilarious. Tons of badly textured cylinders and cones and spheres - signs unreadable... Gives you a great preview of how unusable SL in general will be for non-mesh viewers, once Mesh gets more widely in use.
  13. Well, now that it's open to those of us in the "great unwashed masses", I sent one of my alts in to have a look. She finished every quest in a few hours, and earned a whopping L$ 83 for her efforts. (Linden Lab : "Hey kid, thanks for play-testing it for a few hours for us, have a shiny new quarter for your efforts. Now scram.") I quickly found that the three keys to survival were "Timing is everything", "Always Run" and "Remember to jump!". You'll never evade the rock monsters if you don't run, and if you time jumps right, you can jump right over the rock monsters, or use the jump to get away
  14. There are two very different ways to approach "relationships" in SL. When people who use the two different approaches try to mix, people get hurt. Many people in SL see their avatars as fictional characters that they have fun with, and NOT an extension of themselves. For them, anything that their storybook characters do may be fun, entertaining and engaging, but it's no more "real" to them than it is for George Lucas when he writes a love scene between Han Solo and Princess Leia in Star Wars. Most people in this group who already have real-life boyfriends / girlfriends / wives / husbands / co
  15. You can't sit on an attached prim. The "shoulder sitter" is a two person animation, like a hugger attachment. The second person isn't really sitting on you, though they act like it until the animation is released. All the saddles and the like I have seen for dragon and centaur and horse and wolf avatars that allow someone else to ride your avatar are a vehicle script, with custom animations for the avatar type. So you would need to make a vehicle that has sit poses on the various riding spits, plus an atachment point for you to sit on first. That vehicle would have to animate your avatar th
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