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  1. It can be done if you are the sim owner (or estate manager) and save the RAW file, then edit it with an external editor program. A RAW file is just a multi-layer graphic image, Each layer can be rotated, if you have the right software, just like any other graphic program. I've edited them a lot, and you can even extract individual layers and edit them in other graphics apps. It's been a while since I did this, and my computer that has my raw file editing apps is not available to me right now. But it certainly can be done if you have the right software, and then you can re-upload the edited R
  2. You may also be trying to wear an outdated Furry avatar that still relies on "invisiprims" to hide the legs, rather than the newer alpha layer method. Currient viewers can't see the invisiprim effect any more, which relied on an unsupported (but widely used) glitch in the system coding. An alpha layer designed for one of the newer furry avatars can often be used with the old invisiprim-based ones to hide the shins as you want to do. Many avatar makers include those alpha layers in their demo versions of their avatars, and the free demo copy of the alpha layer can be re-used as I suggested. S
  3. L$1800 is nothing...That's less than eight dollars in US real-world money. I remember once that I decided I really wanted to expand my parcel of land to include a parcel next to mine that had been set for sale. This was years ago, before the price of land in SL crashed, and when people still could get far more per M2 for land even leased in a private sim than what they are willing to pay today. I think they wanted something like L$34 per M2. My parcel next to theirs was in a beautiful set of well-managed private sims that had lots of water sims along the edges for boating and swimming in, an
  4. If you want water that can be accessed for sailing and boating, you'll need to purchase and pay for homestead sims or similar, in addition to your four main RP sims. As far as I know, LL won't provide usable water sims adjacent to private holdings without charging you for it. There is a Linden-owned boating area, with 16 or more adjacent water sims. But as far as I know LL won't let private sim owners park their sims on its edges to get free boating access form their priavte sims.
  5. No one in these forums is in a position to answer that yet. The new SL isn't a public reality yet, and even if any of us were in an alpha test of it already, those people would be under a heavy non disclosure agreement and unable to spill the beans. To the best of my knowledge it's all still on the drawing boards, and no one is in an alpha test of it yet. In my opinion, odds are good that a lot of what you have now won't be transferrable, simply because trying to make a distinct improvement while retaining 100% backward compatability would make any real innovation almost impossible. But I su
  6. Generally speaking, no. Not after the fact. If it's a private sim, and you own it (not rent it), or at least have the correct permissions as estate Manager, then you can save a .raw file for the terrain state before you start changing it, and save the raw file again after making the changes. Then you can switch between the two states by loading the appropriate saved raw file. But this is always a sim-wide change. It can't be done on the parcel level. Be careful also with 'revert'. While that does affect only the selected chunk of terrain, you may not get what you hoped for. Revert takes you
  7. Have you actually used any payment info yet to buy anything from Linden Lab, such as buying some L$? There has been a glitch for years that entering, but not using, the payment info doesn't get detected in-world. Using it once will fix that.
  8. If you want more flexibility for how your home works, you'll need to abandon the starter 'Linden Home', and get a normal parcel of land and put a normal house on it. Linden Homes are very simplified started units, designed just to give you a taste of what owning land and a home of your own is like. They are intentionally limited in capability, so you will want to move on and buy more land and more complete home solutions after you get that taste.
  9. Received what sort of notice? It' quite possible that the furniture you tried to rez exceeded the 117 prim limit for your Linden Home. Those limited parcels need very prim-efficient furnishings to decorate with. Many older furniture items can't rez at all in just 117 prims of available land impact.
  10. For a script to detect someone is in a particular group, the object it is in has to be set to the same group, they have to touch the prim the script is in, and they have to be wearing that tag at the time. A script can not detect all groups a person is in - only the group whose tag they are wearing, and only if the group tag matches the group of the prim they touched. So if group A can open the door, and anyone else, including group B, can not, you need to set the prim to group A, and use the LSL command llDetectedGroup or llSameGroup. This also means you can't make a single script that res
  11. Replace the P with a B for the first letter, and you get a mildly naughty word. As they said, the word filtering is broken. Such filters are a very bad idea in the first place, because they NEVER work completely right, and are prone to lots of false positives.
  12. Just checked with the current LL client, (Version 3.7.14 (292638) Aug 4 2014), and it looked normal to me. No huge picture.
  13. Lindal is right. If you look at the property edges with "Show Property Lines" enabled, in the standard LL viewer, there is an indentation in the line every 4 Meters! I wonder when they added that handy feature! I'd never seen that before!
  14. Try Robin Sojurner's "Kick the Can" store in the Livingtree sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Livingtree/150/130/24 She has shapes, g-rated kid skins, clothes, kid accessories and also has a second store in that sim that sells fairly close-matching teen/adult skins, if you want to have your child 'grow up' over a period of time. It's also a great place for kid avvies to hang out and have fun, with a skate park on the roof, a playground, swimming holes, and places to go fishing and camping. (as in roleplaying tent camping by a fire pit, not sitting on something for L$).
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