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  1. Oh my !! I think I've let my garden get out of control. My Clematis needs a damn good pruning and my potted Geraniums seem to be breeding :-)
  2. I'm a scripting/coding dumbo. So... 1. Will Sansar have a open API enabling the addition of editor extensions by third party developers ? For instance Playmaker visual scripting tool or perhaps Behaviour Designer - Both of these editor extensions are available for Unity and are written in c# I believe. So .... will it be possible for Unity developers to port their editor extensions to Sansar ? I rather hope so as it would increase the power of Sansar xMillion. 2. I'm confused and so are others it seems. Will Sansar support a 'Universal Avatar' that can travel with it's inventory to any San
  3. Mostly I'm interested in additional information regarding Project Sansar and welcome this opportunity to ask questions. 1. Will the permission system of SL be carried over to Sansar, or some version thereof ? 2. Will Sansar allow full blown editor extensions like ... Fabric Engine, PlayMaker etc ? 3. Will Sansar encourage the development of land rental/estate businesses ? 4. When Sansar opens will SL land prices go down? 5. How do LL plan to develop the content ecosystem for Sansar in a timely manner ? Without it, players/users won't be attracted to Sansar. Content is King. 6. In Sans
  4. Runitai, Couldn't we use the same 'visual muting' for large mesh objects, based on client preferences, instead of basically making large mesh objects impractical because of high PE We can attach 8000 sculpted prims (which is 1,638,400 tri polygons) but I can't use the equivelant tri polygon of 2 sculpties ( which is 4096 tri polygons) for a decent size 20m tree. It comes out at 180 prims at only 20m tall !! 4096tri polys as mesh at 20m = 180 prims I've seen sculpty trees that are 30 and 40 sculpty prims ..... This seems completely unbalanced. For plants and trees ... tri polygon wise .
  5. hmmmmmmm ....... so we can wear - 11k prims ...... Yet large rezzable objects are severely restricted by very high PEs for anything over 20m ....... Perhaps I should forget my beautiful mesh trees for SL and make AV accessories instead where there are no sensible limits and anything goes !!!
  6. Skinning with Dual Quaternions ....... yummy ... want it ...... but want lower PE for large objects first. Mesh is only HALF ALIVE with the super mega high PEs even for ultra optimised large mesh objects
  7. The PE for large objects is extremely harsh. It really is a great shame as the landscape of SL is in great need of mesh. Avatar accessories hardly need mesh at all and end users new and old will notice no difference between a billion ploygon sculpty necklace and a billion polygon mesh necklace We need mesh most IN the world not ON the avatars The look of SL could be transformed by mesh but the current mesh implementation with high PE for large objects will not improve the look of SL and hence will not improve SL retention rates :matte-motes-crying:
  8. Very nice work Mikki and 11 down to 4 does seem excellent, in fact outstanding PE ...... that's a lot of geometry for 4 prims. Must go do more tests with some big objects. If PE is dramatically improving for small avatar size objects, perhaps there's hope for bigger objects like trees and waterfalls etc Is there light at the end of the tunnel for large mesh PE costs ? I do hope so.
  9. Just in case I sound like some crazy person who only wants to make 64m trees ... perhaps I should clarify. I'm generally concerned about the PE for big items .... whether they are trees, waterfalls, castles, houses, whatever . Even 30m trees are coming out at 100's of prims. Compared to the sculpty equivalent ... which would be 3 or 4 prims ... how can mesh help make the SL world look better under these circumstances. Virtual worlds should be grand, magnificent, dreamy places. Sure some things are small but some things should be big and if those items are crippled by massive PE the world
  10. Thank you for the info Drongle unfortunately I tried the trees on bug fixed Sandbox 21 and got pretty much the same crazy high PE numbers. Three sculpties each having 2048 tri polygons .... the mesh equivalent at full size ( 64m ) is over 500 prims. 500 prims for the same number of tri polygons as 3 sculpties .... that makes large mesh items completely unworkable and mesh is as good as dead if it stays anywhere near this number. If mesh PE was twice as expensive as sculpties ... ok .. we could handle that .... but 500 to 3, forget it !
  11. PE results bothers me greatly also and if you have to build in mesh, import the parts separately and then rebuild it in Secondlife, to trick the system to achieve an improvement in PE .... this wrecks the whole point of using mesh in the first place. One of the beauties of mesh is elegant pipelines that can dramatically improve productivity. If we have to build twice it's not efficient and is unnecessarily creating additional work. So everyone will have to build everything twice to achieve a bit of an improvement in PE ! that's just bonkers ! Current PE counts for any medium to large object
  12. Maelstrom, If you haven't already please go download Google Sketchup, a beautiful and elegant mesh modeling tool that is simple to use and a thousand times more powerful than building with SL prims. http://sketchup.google.com/ Mesh is wonderous and with tools like Google sketchup you can make mesh content for Secondlife that's more efficient polygon-wise than prims or sculpties. What would take you 10 hrs building in Sl prims ... you could build 20 mins with Google Sketchup or any pro 3D tool. It's only the mesh PE (the prim count for mesh) that's standing in the way of a new, visually ex
  13. I'm so sad and despondent for mesh, but for me and thousands of other creators mesh is effectively dead, killed by the current PE
  14. Hey Drongle, Actually I noticed a tree on mesh sandbox made by Charlar Linden. It was about 4-5m high, which is about twice as tall as your avarage avatar. So..... it would be considered a small tree .... and it was 138 prims. I'm sure if Charlar Linden sized it up to a decent tree size it would be closer to 300-400 prims easy. Also noticed a tiny palm tree made by Bao Linden, probably fit inside most people's living rooms. That was 17 prims. Again, I'm sure if Bao sized it up to a beach size outside palm it would be 50 plus prims. Plants and trees traditionally have no physics. Even if the
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