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  1. Took the time to mess with it and here are my opinions and thoughts. It would be nice to have more than one moon. Not really high priority though. We could use one moon as shooting star or orbiting space station or more. Or even as next planet passing by in the daycycle. I know for fact that Windlight use two layers, both using the same cloud texture, to create that changing formation of the visual cloud. It would be nice to be able change those layer's texture, not having to use the same texture for both. Cloud texture is just grayscale image. Support for color would be nice. It would allow me create nice and lovely "cotton candy" effect in clouds during sunset/rise. Moon at "zero" brightness is still showing on the sky. This need some work, because it still show full black and white pixels in daylight. It need to be a true "screen" light addition blend mode for the sky. It also need to be able block out the stars and sun via alpha masking. They just bleed right through it. Not good. Moon should have light source like the sun. Of course, could always replace the sun with moon texture. On some sci-fi world, two glowing moons, each in different size and color could make the scene different. Not sure if it's a technical limitation in Windlight for having one light source in the sky or not. It would be nice to have more than one. Not really high on priority. Sun/Moon's Position sphere map need user interfacing improvement. It doesn't let you drag the position on a sphere and have them go around the back side. I would have preferred two simple sliders than this though. It's best to keep it simple. Split cloud setting from the Sky setting. It should have its own asset. Useful for changing weather and different cloud formations while having same sky setting. Planetary's Ring would be neat to have for some sci-fi worlds. Default texture for the sun need alpha channel clean up. It's showing some texture's corners. Sun and Moon texture does not hide behind the atmosphere's haze at the horizon when setting or rising. It just show right through it. I didn't get to mess with water and daycycle setting yet. Will review them later on.
  2. Yeah, you may have read it while I was editing it.
  3. Got an honor to have these cloud textures added to Firestorm Viewer (version 4.4.0) as a graphical feature. A big thanks to Cinder Roxley who did the code-bending and made it possible.
  4. I have updated the links on my new server and had inculsed the link for my Natural Sky settings along with daycycle. Also, a thread bump!
  5. I might able to do a commission for you. I've IMed ya in-world about it.
  6. I brought you news from a developer meeting. "[16:04] Andrew Linden: First of all, I did manage to enable encroachment return on the mainland yesterday morning." Enjoy!
  7. Well first of all, clam down. and two, Encroaching prim return feature is coming pretty soon. A month at the most but it's coming and you'll be able to return them if they are indeed encroaching your parcel. Lindens has been talking about turning it on for mainland pretty soon. The problem was they have too many estates to manually turn it on, so they have been working on a automatic method to switch it on for the whole group of estates. But of course, there's always another good land out there, you just have to find it. Just hang on a bit longer and maybe cover the planes with something less tacky? A hill maybe?
  8. Oh.. well that's good, I think. Will have to test it for myself to see how much performance it could rob from the sim and how to abuse it if we're gonna be careless without hard limit. I don't hear too well on the video, didn't hear both of them mention about estate stuff. Wasn't sure.
  9. You can use normal prim objects, what he was talking about was... object requires mesh's prim accounting weight. As for estate owners, it's part of anti-greif tactic, I believe. Of course, not forget to mention that pathfinding is generally for creating a sim-wide game than having your own "pet". Cause... object can't teleport with you.
  10. *bumping this from the grave to hopefully find another shinning light to it.*
  11. I hated it. Step forward? Maybe. Best that they work on fully customizeable system for UI Skin designer to have full control over the layout. They should hire few coders who worked on WinAmp. In meantime, I'm sticking with Phoenix Viewer.
  12. The gift doesn't matter much as the Premium Sandboxes, which was about time!
  13. Ideally, it's best to actually do some work on LODs by hands than simply letting SL optimizes it or even Pro Optimizer modifier itself alone. Some times any optimizer tools leave out best number, but mostly end up looking stranger than could have done by hands. And that's where the idea came in for what I was asking. To save me a bit more time before uploading.
  14. You're quite right about the LOD issue but... I think it's safe to say making a relatively close estimation could work by guessing the numbers for LOD in prospective realistic range. Physic on other hand. Might be doable but most of the time PE score is based on the data than physic because it's often higher.
  15. ralph Alderton wrote: Vincent. 1. Real world concurrency ( RL world population ) currently stands at 6.8 billion and is growing at a rate of 83 million per year - and yes, Linden labs can not absolutley NOTHING about that ! 1a. LL are trying their best to improve concurrency, that's their job and that's the biggest indictaor of the success of SL - how many people use the SL World daily. 2. Yes we do need more land. It's a marker of SL success and growth 3. Mesh will not improve the ecconomy. The marketplace is already saturated and mesh sales will only REPLACE current already existing content sales. There will be no growth because of mesh as tier is too high to grow the userbase 4. Retention rates referes to the massive CHURNOVER of existing customers, who leave because tier cost is too high and onerous. It's no fun 5. Conversion rates refers to converting and keeping the 16k signups who register for Sl every day but don't become active users. And if some of them do become users others leave - proven by the fact that concurreny figures are stagnant and slipping because tier costs are way too high Linden Labs can do something about all 5 Mesh will not improve any of the above because we have a core problem undermining all of LL's efforts to grow the platform The core problem is that Tier costs are too high From what I've understand, you have clouded yourself with your own doubts too thick. No matter what I or anyone could tell you, won't able to take that prospective view. And I had asked what do you think is the real issue was and all I got in return you gave the same statement as your first post. Which tells me you don't even know what was the issue from what we can address it than assuming it based on a generalized idea of a whole; instead of tiny sand gains in the gear-work. I also noticed you're agreeing with fact that I mentioned Linden Lab can't do anything about RL world concurrency, yet you're showing expression of anger which implied that they could have done something about it. So, what do you think they could do something about it? (Not that I'm expecting an answer.) Quite frankly you're wrong about their job to improve concurrency while it is part of an indicator of their success, but clearly not the biggest indicator. Their jobs is to make a nice fun enjoyable experience for all of us, not worry about our concurrency, that's ours to decide. Investors in Stock market would be rich if they could decide our concurrency to spend on their own companies they've invested in the first place. (It's actually called brainwashing, by the way.) Having more land would be great for Linden Lab when it come to one of their sources of income... But doesn't mean it's a good thing for society that we have inside Second Life. It's no fun to visit a empty sim all the time. People came to gather and mingle. I'm not seeing any proof that Marketplace is saturated since Linden Lab had brought it from a resident. They had cleared up and removed discontinued and broken and freebie-junks more than it ever could before. However, you had wrote, "There will be no growth because of mesh as tier is too high to grow the userbase(.)" Admitting that mesh has nothing to do with tier and by logically adding more lands wouldn't help, because the rent is too damn high? Actually no, higher tier would only encourage people to share their land more wisely. If not, people wouldn't be logging on as much anymore by now. This data says otherwise, apart from the fact that it's picking itself back up since last year's fall. Life, even a alternative life in Second Life's world is one strange beast that can not not be fully understood and can not be predicted as I've learned that over the time. There's no doubt that Mesh can have a big effect, but itself alone can not change the game plan completely. On a personal matter. I think you need help to cope with things around you. It's time for you to reconnect with your friends that you haven't seen in a long while, but avoid talking about these sort of thing, it just won't help you. (In case you don't realize it by now, only way to improve Second Life is to mingle more often.)
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