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  1. Well... if Scylla doesn't know by now, she never will.
  2. When did that happen? This is the first I have ever heard of basics not being able to use voice.
  3. I think it's more that people are fed up with a lot of the mistakes LL has made over the years because of the people's love for SL. Kind of like how most of us don't have a choice of who we pay for our electricity because there is only one provider we can pay in that area. Prior to moving I had to pay PGE. Now I pay the town I live in. If I want electricity I have to pay the town, not PGE, even though the electricity comes to this town from PGE. When it comes down to it, SL is, in spite of LL, the "top rated" virtual world in existence and that is what most people are going to choose even if they are not very happy with company performance.
  4. They were. Most of the people I heard about them from had nothing but praise for them.
  5. Thank you. I'm so relieved you meant it tongue in cheek.
  6. I gave up arguing with the lifers years ago. Now, I just toss the facts back at them, turn my back to them and walk away, never looking back. It will either sink in or it won't. If it doesn't, it was never going to. You can't fight willful obtuseness.
  7. You admit he is an acquired taste, something which is not for everyone, yet, I'm a bad person for not being able to watch something that is an acquired taste. Alcoholic beverages are acquired tastes so, by your reasoning, I'm a bad person because I don't particularly care for the taste of most alcoholic beverages. Hmmm. That means, I'm a bad person for not liking whatever everyone else likes. Then, so be it.
  8. lol I tried. I really tried. I could never get very far beyond the "friendly greetings" without either falling off my chair or spitting coffee all over my keyboard and screen before stopping the vid. It's not his fault. He helped a lot of people. I'm just not cut out to benefit from his method. I like cream and sugar in my coffee but not that much. lol
  9. Does it make me a bad person if I've never watched any of Torley's vids? Yadni's and Jopsy Pendragon's Particle Laboratory are where many of us got our start in building. I don't remember now if Jopsy did shut the lab down or not but I know he mentioned having/needing to do so a year or two ago. According to this post the lab was still there in April of last year. I'd post a link to where Jopsy mentioned shutting down but the SLU archives are not up yet. Still. I don't think it was mentioned on VVO but it may have been after the move if anyone wants to go look.
  10. I didn't say it was required or mandatory. Wasn't implying it either. Just the fact that people are finding it necessary is a glaring error on LL's part to go along with the hundreds of glaring errors LL has committed over the past 16 years. They have a unique product. They know it. They have a monopoly (close enough) so they take advantage of it. Which doesn't help their image, at all. People outside of SL (non-residents) hear about these things and it turns them off. That means that LL is turning off potential residents, potential income. This is why people say LL keeps shooting themselves in the foot.
  11. Nah. Just zap them from orbit that way the people who live on reservations and reserves will survive. Even if no one else deserves to survive, they do. Just notify me in enough time so I can get back to my home rez first.
  12. If you've read more than the first 10 of Norman's so called novels, you have permanently warped your brain. Amina also left out the exact same paragraph appearing in the same novel several times. And on the same page! That was no printer's error. It was Norman going off the deep end. Norman is a prime example of what is wrong with white men's society. EVERYTHING!
  13. Wait what? Installing an additional program just to be able to get a Linden Home? That isn't crazy. That is insanity. There should not be a need for any such thing. I have now lost any desire I had for a Linden Home. So that leaves me only one reason to go premium now and with all the private estates... Seems like LL doesn't want my money since every time I start considering going premium... they pull stupid shiite like this and force me to make an about face.
  14. Nope. There was no voice until there was voice. lol What I mean is when voice was deployed on the grid it was deployed for groups as well.
  15. I just finished re-reading the second Thomas Covenant Chronicles and am about to start reading the third chronicles. The bolded part is pretty much what the books are about. May not be the easiest reads (I keep having to use the dictionary lol) but once you start reading it's hard to put them down.
  16. No, you have to register on VVO. Cris couldn't port anything over to the new software other than some of the smilies. Haven't heard anything about the archives since he said he would be doing it. No progress reports that I've seen.
  17. They should have called it SL16: Happy Days. You're welcome.
  18. Any culture that can come up with the word "gobshiite" has to be the best. I don't know what it is about that word but ❣️
  19. Only if you've figured out how to hide from the mods.
  20. You haven't met any of the ones I have then because they have and do say such things, almost verbatim. Reading through these last few posts I have to wonder if any of you are aware of just how long Gor has been online? It was/is in Active Worlds and has been for 23/24 years. Before that it was in chats like YaHell Messenger (never saw it in YaHell but it's just an example). And before that, there was UseNet. Gor has been online for probably over 30 years now. And all that time people have been saying it would not last long. A bunch of them did get together and created their own grid several years ago. And they do "recruit" for that grid in SL. They tried to recruit me then got pissy when I refused to leave SL. They always get pissy when you don't fall for their bs.
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