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  1. Which door is the exit? That's the one I want.
  2. No, sorry. How that sounds to you is not how I said it or meant it. Not going to argue over it either.
  3. For me, the differences no longer exist. I've watched SL become more and more like RL for well over 15 years. Should have been expected since SL is populated by humans. Some of us had hope it wouldn't happen. Silly us. So unless something drastic happens by the end of the year and some changes are made in SL (LOL) I might as well pick RL. At least I won't be alone all the time in RL. Just most of the time. And of course NOW my eyes are finally adjusting to the smaller screen size of my laptop (since my main desktop died and backup is way out of date on Win10) so that maybe I can actually see what I'm doing IF my laptop can actually run SL. I've never even installed a viewer on it. lol Sucks to be me.
  4. Renaming the thread to "How to turn Second Life into a crappy MMORPG" would be more accurate. The two are not compatible. Do you really want SL to be another The Sims? Do you really want to make your avatar go to the bathroom to relieve itself, bathe, eat and sleep? All those things we have to do in RL but wish we didn't so we'd have more time for the things we need and want to do. Why am I even bothering. No one is going to hear, much less actually listen. No one ever does.
  5. Are you calling me a liar? Because if you are, you are most sadly mistaken. If you know this why are you punishing everyone else for the actions of one? I think I'm going to go back to just reading the forum and shaking my head because, frankly, humans are a bad joke.
  6. Oh I get it now. It's ok for you to do it but not anyone else. There is a huge difference between ignorance and stupidity. Most people are neither.
  7. I'm over 60, like I said. People who are immunocompromised are supposed to be some of the first ones after essential personnel, along with being a senior citizen. Those two things should have put me in that group. For whatever reason, it didn't happen. So, as usual, I'm screwed and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it.
  8. I was flat out told I do not qualify. Meaning, I won't get the vaccine until everyone else has gotten it when I am at high risk. My doc told me I should qualify but when I signed up I was told NO, you do not qualify for vaccination. Current admin doesn't even know I exist. I've been patient for 50 years, how much longer do I need to be patient? Not mad at you Sid and I'm not meaning to take it out on you or anyone else. It's just so damned frustrating to be treated like I haven't mattered my whole life. I've pretty much given up on getting any kind of decent medical care in the US.
  9. lol No. They aren't "afraid I could die from the vaccine". This is Medicaid. The same Medicaid that has denied treatment for the very thing that compromised my immune system. This is what health care looks like in the US.
  10. At least you qualify. Apparently over 60 compromised immune systems don't. So I have already said eff it. Why bother? No one gives a damn if I live or die. They only care if they live. FTW does not mean For The Win.
  11. You aren't the only one. And now he's trying to dig up dirt on other posters. Real classy guy.
  12. Remember Fractured Crystal? Yeah, he's the one and only one responsible for the DDoS attack on that website.
  13. Like I said ask Jessica Lyon for the info. As head of the whole FS team she is the one who receives that info from Linden Lab. LL doesn't give that info out to just anyone same as they don't publish a lot of the info they used to publish.
  14. Sorry, no, not falling for it. I've been around too long and seen too much. I know a snake oil salesman when I see one.
  15. I haven't believed a single word you have posted on the forum. You are not what you present yourself to be, imo.
  16. Aren't they still in court over the names? I think it was Mickey D's that filed suit against McDowell's.
  17. *thwaps you on the nose with two fingers* Behave! The figures we used to get came directly from LL. As for what that figure might be now you'd need to ask Jessi since LL isn't going to provide those figures to anyone else (that isn't on a TPV dev team, not the support team). You might find the most recent figures somewhere on the FS blog. Jess does post that kind of info usually. All SL photogs should use LL's standard ratios for profile pics. There's good reason for it if they'd just do the research.
  18. Reading/skimming all of his posts from an accounting/bookkeeping POV, this guy is an accident waiting to happen.
  19. It would behoove LL to listen to residents since many of us have been in SL far longer than they have been employees. Obviously, there are exceptions like Strawberry but she wasn't hired for a position with any real authority. Meaning, she can convey but she can't make them listen. Want to know what happens when companies don't listen to their customers? Ask US Airways, W. T. Grant and Blockbuster. Do you believe it can be salvaged? - Page 12 — The Sims Forums Yes, that is my post.
  20. I'll back Coffee on this. Every word of it. Except the developer part. I didn't do that. But yes, I saw this happen so many times over the years. Barely managed to get them to accept the media filter, of all things.
  21. So? People should be asking you hard questions. Your answers are what give people the information they need for an informed decision. Doesn't mean the others are waiting with you. Many of them are just waiting to see LL say no. One of the first rules of entrepreneurship is know your audience. When are you going to start studying yours?
  22. The links have already been posted. Second post in the thread I think. Not scrolling up to look.
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