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  1. No Rose, that is a limit that is set in the forum software. It can be completely removed, increased or decreased. They just don't want people to flood the forum with posts. That is what that feature is for. Preventing flooding. Note the amount of time between this post and my next post. One minute. That is what the timer is set at so you have to wait one full minute before making the next post.
  2. That's cuz I like mine fresh. And I like to play with my food first.
  3. ...hugs you all up and sets you on fire We love you, too!
  4. Thank guys. I needed the laugh after trying to get my outlook account unlocked because MS locked it for no freaking reason other than I tried to use it for the first time in months last night.
  5. That's the name on the one I have. The name also includes use instructions "drop at feet".
  6. This is Maddy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heyoka
  7. I'm sorry, too. It was just a pic of an SL fart bomb dropped at someone's feet. I don't know who it is. I didn't take the snap. I found it online. The fart bomb I have makes these huge sickly green clouds and of course the usual sound that accompanies and has been around for about 10 years or more. I thought, being a fellow oldbie and all, you would know it for what it was. So I'm sorry, too. ETA: Oh and if you see Maddy inworld, run! I gave her one.
  8. Thank you. You aren't the first and I doubt you will be the last.
  9. I'm not a troll and I don't appreciate being called one. If I had known you would not appreciate the humor in SL fart bombs I would never have posted that image. I won't make that mistake again.
  10. Mel borrowed it. And I still love Blazing Saddles. Even after all these years and changes, it's still funny to me because I know what Mel was attempting to do with it. It was never just a comedy. It was aimed at the hearts of those who are prejudiced. Mel didn't know, at the time, that most of those hearts were made of stone. Even to this day many of my nonwhite friends find it hilarious because they understand the message behind it.
  11. Lindal was right to ask that question. Clarification was needed for those who are not that familiar with SL RP.
  12. In a scene where something takes place that one of the players does not want to participate but the scene is necessary to move the story forward. Just because consent is implied, it does not mean you have to accept every kind of roleplay that comes your way. If you find the roleplay going in a direction you are not comfortable with, IM the other person and inform them immediately. Once they are aware, the two of you can negotiate some way to steer the roleplay onto more neutral grounds. Or in the worst case "Fade to Black" wherein you both agree on the final outcome of the scene without actually roleplaying it all out. ETA: Also note that the implied consent is restricted to roleplay alone. No matter what role you play, players have the absolute right to say no.
  13. Mel Brooks didn't have anything to do with the movie that came from. The movie starred Humphrey Bogart. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948.
  14. *adds this to her collection ...drops a fart bomb at your feet
  15. I'd say my threshold is higher than yours since I don't reserve wtf for just one particular type of situation. It's one of those versatile phrases.
  16. Then you're definition of a wtf reaction is far different from mine. Because when something confuses me that is my first thought. It connotates bewilderment not scorn. Bewilderment is a far cry from scorn.
  17. A little "technique" that may be of service to you if you ever find yourself in a situation. It's called 'fade to black'. Similar to how the old cameramen would fade a scene in a movie out before moving to the next scene. Here is a description of fade to black that should help you to understand how it's used in roleplay (and why). There are a few other transitions listed that are helpful in RP as well. https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/the-hidden-meaning-behind-popular-video-transitions/
  18. How you figure? Seems more like a wtf kind of reaction to me.
  19. Thank you Rose. You are as sweet as your name. *hug*
  20. I told you. You are heyókȟa. It's why we get along so well. ...sets you on fire for not posting a pic from the river
  21. Agreed. Which is why I do not react or respond to that person. Never again. That's one trap I won't ever fall into again. No matter how hard that person tries to goad me.
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