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  1. Thank you, Nalates! Just wanted to mention that the FOCUS Magazine Community & Art Galleries have moved to the Holly Kai Art Sim
  2. Thanks, my friend! What a great photo, right? I remember adding it to the semi-finalists group... We had 20 judges total and 1000 of the most amazing pictures at the Focus/Seabrook 100,000 linden photo contest! We also have a FOCUS Magazine photo contest at the end of every month at the FOCUS Gallery, and every month is excruciating! The submitted photos are always astonishingly creative. But each month they are in the experienced hands of Rachel Magic who rounds up at least 4 judges each month. I'd still love to be able to give a prize to everyone! ♥
  3. Hi Orwar, Many thanks to you and Natales for your mention of the FOCUS Photography Fair, and I appreciate your opinion. I came up with the idea for the Focus Photography Fair because, as the publisher of FOCUS Magazine, there are many people who have come to me asking *how* they can begin photography and what support tools I can recommend. The FOCUS Photography Fair collects many of these tools into one place - as a sort of trade show - for people to discover tools they may have never seen or even imagined. I agree it's much more convenient for someone to make their own custom pose, but I
  4. Thank you everyone! I will need to read this thread a few more times to understand everyone better, but I think the takeaway on NFT's is that: #1 No, NFT's are not entirely legal, or logical and will likely just cause issues and cost money. #2 For those who want to sell their creative photos in the real world (as opposed to the virtual one), it *IS* legal for someone to sell photos of Second Life that may include avatars, goods and sims made by others - even if the maker explicitly says not to - because legally, photos are an artistically modified version of the item, not a resale of the exact
  5. Hi Everyone, I would guess I'm not the first person to ask this question, but I can't find any threads or other info about this: Is it possible for an SL photographer to sell their digital photos as NFTs? Lately, selling NFTs is a hot topic. We see digital art selling at marketplaces like Nifty Gateway for obscene amounts. Obviously, that's rare. Still a number of photographers have come to me lately asking if photos taken in Second Life are saleable as an NFT for a profit -- even a small profit -- on marketplaces like Nifty Gateway or Rarible. The TOS is so confusing. I've read bu
  6. HI! We are FOCUS Magazine & Gallery, The Exploratorium Photo Gallery, and FAIR Photo Gallery, and we are looking for a few people who are interested in being a part of our team. The magazine, the galleries, the events, the photo contests, the fundraisers – all have a spirit of community and collaboration. That is our fundamental goal: to bring people together in a fun and positive way, creating happiness, and appreciating each individual. We all have RL’s, and we all want to have fun in SL. A large time commitment is unnecessary. But if you have a positive outlook, some patience with scat
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