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  1. Atari. Ancient history. I laughed at all the jokes. I thought the outrage died out long ago. Who knew.
  2. No, it doesn't mean I think you are a misogynist. It just means that one is a much more important issue for me than the other. On the other hand, a misogamist is a marriage-hater. You're not one of those... are you?
  3. You didn't state that you were talking about just the smoking aspect of the commercials. What else was I supposed to think other than you were talking about the commercials as a whole, not just the product. This is twice in two days. I feel like traps are being laid for me and I have no idea why that is being done. I'm already walking on eggshells here after more than 15 years of no suspensions or bans and then all of a sudden that changes. If people really do hate me that much then it's time for me to disappear.
  4. You should have made that clear to begin with.
  5. When I win the lottery, I'm going to set up an estate of oh say 9 regions and guess what. Premium members will not be allowed access. So there.
  6. This crap of "basics don't contribute" needs to stop. It has NO basis in fact or logic. It's a lie. A bald faced lie.
  7. How long is the Linden Home waiting list now? 10 years?
  8. That collection of commercials shows how the company framed the product as "tailored for the feminine hand," and, more to the point, as a symbol of women's empowerment. In 1968. The ad campaign successfully captured the zeitgeist of the US at that time with an image of a confident, tall, slender, pants suit-wearing woman on the go, mirroring the country’s mainstream awareness of the women’s rights movement, led by feminist Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan and many other activists. Yeah, that's tacky alright. Reflecting the progress women have made in equality is always tacky.
  9. Cris is still running SLU now VVO. Siggy passed away. The others I don't know about.
  10. Just gonna leave this here... lee·ward /ˈlēwərd,ˈlo͞oərd/ Learn to pronounce adjective & adverb 1. on or toward the side sheltered from the wind; downwind. "the leeward side of the house" noun 1. the side sheltered or away from the wind. "the ship was drifting to leeward"
  11. Sorry. Website/hosting is outside of LL's support scope. You're dealing with 3rd parties that LL has no jurisdiction over. You need to direct your support questions at the hosting sites. They're the only ones who can answer all but the "which one is best" questions. Which one is best depends on your needs and only you can determine your needs.
  12. I had a friend in another VW that was like that. The best she could do was make her phrases longer so it wasn't as bad. It was annoying and heart wrenching at the same time. She tried so hard but never really quite succeeded.
  13. Thank you for listening and understanding. We have come a long way since "You've come a long way, baby", but we still have a long way to go.
  14. While they've never done the first and I would hope they have enough sense not to for legal reasons, they have done the second in the past. I doubt they want to open that can of worms again.
  15. Finally getting a round tuit and even though we've already covered it...
  16. And preferably ask your question all in one post/go/line/whatever. When you type short phrases like this things can get lost between others getting help at the same time. When the support groups are busy. And they do get very busy at times with several people all demanding/needing/asking for help. At the same time. It's very easy to miss an important detail when the chat is flying by. I should put this in the pet peeves thread. lol ETA: @Skell Dagger has it covered perfectly in his notecard. Well done and thank you! Everyone in SL should have a copy!
  17. You've been hanging out in FS support haven't you. /me runs before Whirlz kills me
  18. Without reading behind the spoiler (yet) this used to happen a lot in the FS support group. Well. Ok. Not a lot a lot, but a lot.
  19. I'll be darned. I didn't even look that close. It sure is Aimee. *waves from the future at Aimee in the past* Hi Aimee!
  20. The red ones inevitably turn out to be the cinnamon red hot ones.
  21. I agree. They aren't. Yet. I had to grow up around "problem drinkers" who were, in reality, alcoholics. Two of whom worked for the state, one in a very high stress job, the other was a governor appointed position. Anyway, maybe you can find something here that will help you to see my point. https://www.rethinkingdrinking.niaaa.nih.gov/
  22. But you didn't call them functional alcoholics or high functioning alcoholics? Those are the correct terms for what you described aren't they?
  23. No. You don't get what I'm saying. Molly does. I was speaking with Molly. I'm not interested in getting into a huge argument over it. What little you are getting isn't the whole picture. Not even the basics of a beginning to build a society on. The SL forum really is not the place for it which is why I'm not going to even try to go into details. One person understands and it spreads from there. If not, then I've done all I can do. I can't force people to listen or see.
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