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  1. <insert appropriate b word here> ...flounces off in a huff ...has a second thought ...flounces back and yells, "So there!" ...flounces off again in a huff with a hair flip
  2. I've always loved the phrase "stark raving bonkers". It covers everything offensive without being offensive. Brits are damned good at it.
  3. Why not Hut's for a buff burger? Or is the airport location gone now, too? https://austin.eater.com/2019/6/10/18660339/huts-hamburgers-closing-austin-burger-restaurant
  4. That is the original idea behind the holiday. A reminder of the importance of not taking your loved ones for granted (you may lose them one day) and to set aside a specific day to remind people to say the words before it's too late and the words can never be heard. Humans need to hear it, not just see the results that aren't always obvious.
  5. I've always wondered, since she has been married to him for so long, if it wasn't an arranged type of marriage. Not necessarily a traditional arrangement, but, an arrangement nonetheless.
  6. There was once a store (not yours) that I did my damndest to buy nearly everything she produced, in just a few days, because at the time I could and I just loved her stuff. I'm still buying some of her creations I wanted years ago. My point is, regardless of whether or not I (or anyone) uses FP in their creations, if your creations are "good enough" there is always at least one person who would buy everything you produce, if they have the means to do so. That's just how humans work. It's nothing to get paranoid over. It's nothing more than a customer who loves your work enough to want it all even if they can't afford to buy it all. Like me.
  7. Now that's a pleasant surprise. Of course, the way my luck goes, if I were to come up with a name or two to send to, I'd never be able to get in and send because the region is always full of premium accounts who get precedence over basics. I remember when everyone had equal access to LL regions and no one got special treatment. That should never have changed.
  8. Is this another one of those premium accounts only things?
  9. I saw it. Still not sure how you came to that conclusion since Nobhead was a good bit older than 48 in 2014. He's 88 this year so he must have aged 40 years in about 5 years. Of course I could be reading that whole page wrong. One of the oddest configurations for a forum/bboard/blog I've ever seen so it is possible I missed something.
  10. No. But you certainly chose to read that into my words when it wasn't even implied.
  11. Wtf is this bs? Who said the thread was started to bring me down specifically? Sure as fek wasn't me.
  12. Didn't make it halfway through the first page before regretting reading the thread. Thanks for reminding me of all the things everyone else has (or had) that I've never had or received.
  13. My brain will never be the same. ...sets Scylla on fire
  14. One of those rarities that just gets better with age.
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