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  1. I read "outfits" as referring to her computer(s), not SL clothing.
  2. Setting home somewhere as no affect on the amount of lag you experience or don't experience. If you want to understand what lag is and what causes it in SL read this: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/lag That page also has links to the pages that help you reduce your lag as much as possible.
  3. Desktop or laptop? Mine's desktop although I have a laptop that will run SL in circles around my desktop.
  4. I found Firestorm's complexity settings for anyone interested. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_avatar_complexity_settings#default_complexity_settings Low: 35,000 Low-Mid: 100,000 Mid: 200,000 Mid-High: 250,000 High: 300,000 High-Ultra: 350,000 Ultra: 350,000 Mine is set at High-Ultra by default for my GTX1050. I leave it there most of the time. So it looks like Janet must have hers set at mid-High which is a good bit lower than mine.
  5. If I'm not mistaken that is the default setting when you install the viewer. So you probably never changed the setting.
  6. Yeah I was thinking that is the way it is set up but the way Janet worded her post made me think she had something else in mind. They are hard coded steps, that is for sure. set according to where you put the performance slider. So I figure Whirlz, the Q & A Queen of FS, knowz so I paged her. And if she doesn't I'ma kick her butt cuz I know she should after having worked with her for so long... *sticks tongue out at Whirlz then dives back under her rock*
  7. That's where I keep my setting, defaults to 350. I'm pretty sure the default is fixed code and doesn't get changed the way you are suggesting. That would be the server load from hell and happy crashing! all the time. Looking right at it in my quick prefs it is maxed out at 350,000. Let's ask @Whirly Fizzle though. Where you at Whirlz?
  8. um... NOt sure since much of it is boxed away but I know it's well over 100k by now. Might even be twice that. I don't want to know. I don't throw out old stuff. Just the stuff that I don't want. Like any fashion I pack it away because you never know when it will come back into style again. Fashions do you know. On a roughly 20 year cycle. I organize by use mostly I suppose. I don't keep things in the Objects or Textures folders because I use those while I am working so I created my own folders for those things, keeping personal separate from business. Things like furnishings and decor are organized according to what room in the house they belong or are most likely be used. Clothing is organize by type, outfits by season. I have a folder named #BUILD that all my building stuff goes in, organized, again, by use. Nah... I don't really organize it. It just kind of happens in a way that I remember where things should be and that's where I find them more often than not. If all else fails search usually turns up the correct results, so as long as I keep it under 50K "loose" I'm good. By loose I mean things that have been unboxed and has its own folder, like a set. So, no I'm not keeping things because of BOM but BOM does give me a reason to keep on keeping them.
  9. Your best bet is to contact the creator for support.
  10. Sorry, no can do. Perhaps someone else can. I just don't have the programs needed.
  11. /me dials the number.... One ringy dingy... *snorts* Two ringie dingies... *snorts* Hello? This is Mis Tomlin of the telephone company.
  12. No Rose, that is a limit that is set in the forum software. It can be completely removed, increased or decreased. They just don't want people to flood the forum with posts. That is what that feature is for. Preventing flooding. Note the amount of time between this post and my next post. One minute. That is what the timer is set at so you have to wait one full minute before making the next post.
  13. That's cuz I like mine fresh. And I like to play with my food first.
  14. ...hugs you all up and sets you on fire We love you, too!
  15. Thank guys. I needed the laugh after trying to get my outlook account unlocked because MS locked it for no freaking reason other than I tried to use it for the first time in months last night.
  16. That's the name on the one I have. The name also includes use instructions "drop at feet".
  17. This is Maddy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heyoka
  18. I'm sorry, too. It was just a pic of an SL fart bomb dropped at someone's feet. I don't know who it is. I didn't take the snap. I found it online. The fart bomb I have makes these huge sickly green clouds and of course the usual sound that accompanies and has been around for about 10 years or more. I thought, being a fellow oldbie and all, you would know it for what it was. So I'm sorry, too. ETA: Oh and if you see Maddy inworld, run! I gave her one.
  19. Thank you. You aren't the first and I doubt you will be the last.
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