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  1. @greek Wingtips I'm sorry, but, we just need to accept that companies really do not care if they retain customers that are disabled and/or on fixed or low incomes. They're too deep into our pockets to care. They would much rather have our money in their pockets than for us to have food on our tables, clothes on our backs, rooves over our heads and quality education for our children. They want the same things for themselves except they must have the million dollar homes and cars, the thousand dollar suits, caviar, etc. It would never do for them to have to make do, like the rest of us.
  2. Aww. I know the feeling. No one has ever celebrated my rez day. No parties, nothing. Same as my RL birthday. 🥀
  3. This should stand out in more than just a court room. It's going to take a hell of a lot more than respect to change attitudes about clothing. It's going to take people not saying things like they wore something to intentionally attract the kind of attention they don't really want or actually doing that. When every human out there stops using their clothing to attract what ends up being undesirable attention (more often than not), then the victims might stand a chance of never being a victim in the first place.
  4. Is Clothing Probative of Attitude or Intent - Implications for Rape and Sexual Harassment Cases https://scholarship.law.umn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1412&context=lawineq
  5. You may want it but others do not. I'm walking away because I am so angry I am shaking. I'm not going to sit here and let some ...... tell me it's my goddamn fault I was raped multiple times. ***** OFF WITH THAT BULL*****
  6. That is a load of crap. What I wear is not implied consent. I'm so angry right now I see white hot. If you've never been a victim of rape you need to shut the ***** up and sit the ***** down. You do not know wtf you are talking about. If you have been a victim of rape you need to get professional help because you have not dealt with it. That is all I'm going to say. None of you is worth getting banned over.
  7. That is a refreshing change. lol I'm glad you got it sorted out. Это освежающее изменение. LOL Я рад, что вы разобрались.
  8. You couldn't pay me enough to be some jackarse's eye arm candy. Oh wait... Maybe you could, if you're rich enough to afford me. Just don't expect to get any sex out of it. Unless you want to draw back a nub.
  9. Translation: There is nothing showing on the status page. If you are premium member, contact live chat, if not premium, file a support ticket. Just in the off chance, you should also check your email for the form letter informing you, you have been suspended (or banned). Be sure to check your spam folder.
  10. It's a good way to run people out of SL for good. The more you nickle and dime people to death the less they want to be where it happens. Which is why I both like and dislike micro transaction platforms. If it's done properly and I'm not spending a small fortune every time I log on, then I'm fine with it (more or less) but if I'm having to spend real money every time I log in? Not going to happen.
  11. Even with up to date tech, SL is, has been and always will be a niche market.
  12. All this talk of trollops makes me wonder whatever happened to IsaDaft Trollop. I hope she finally fully recovered from whatever illness she had.
  13. Is that spot next to your barn still open?
  14. That ain't nuthin. I have LSLTBI. Linden Scripting Language Traumatic Brain Injury
  15. Humans put too much emphasis on clothing. Sure, even in our "caveman" days we found a way to embellish our protective coverings. It was kind of necessary to identify your protective coverings from everyone else's easily and quickly. When you get down to it, all clothing is for is protection from the weather and the sun... and the prying eyes of men.
  16. It's not now. There was a time when being suspended/banned from the forum meant you were also from inworld. It still happens just not every time now. Never heard of anyone being suspended/banned from the MP though unless they violated MP rules that have nothing to do with the forum or inworld.
  17. Yes. And no I've never been suspended or banned from any website in more than 20 years on the net until I started posting on the SL forum. That should tell you a whole hell of a lot about the people who mod the forum.
  18. Not until you get the 3day. Then you can join the rest of us on the Group W bench.
  19. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory
  20. Back when I was premium I ended up giving up on live chat and just filed support tickets because most of the time live chat gave out erroneous information. It used to be available 24/7, now they don't even keep the same 'normal' business hours that everyone else in PST does. So if you live in PST and have a problem, you won't be able to talk to live chat because they close 2 hours before you get off work! And if you are like most people you don't have time in the mornings before work, especially if you have children. All of the cut backs add up and it makes me think the mismanagement of LR dba LL/SL has been worse than I originally suspected.
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