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  1. Never heard of it. I just want to see Dano dressed up like Sailor Moon with bunny ears even if he has to put women's clothing on a male body.
  2. I don't recall ever having set up any security questions. All of my accounts were created from 2004 to 2009. What should I do?
  3. Worcestershire Honey BBQ Teriyaki marinade Like with mayo, homemade ranch is best.
  4. This is why I asked the questions. They need to be consistent and they are not. There is no real need to verify when filing a support ticket or asking for help in Live Chat. If it comes in email and the email address matches what is on file, no need to verify. Over the phone, definitely need to verify but otherwise, no. The only exception to that, I would expect, would be something like a recent data breach.
  5. @Grumpity Linden Not sure who I should aim this at but I figured it could be passed on to the right person at least. Could we get some clarity on this please? I can see verifying someone calling in over the phone but someone filing a support ticket? Do you guys also require verification when a resident asks for help in Live Chat? If not, then why ask for it on a support ticket? You have to be logged in to file a support ticket or talk to Live Chat so why is one treated differently from the other? If an account has been compromised would that person file a support ticket or ask for help in Live Chat after stealing the account? Has that ever happened? Would not the person filing a support ticket or asking for help to recover the account in Live Chat have to do so from an alternate account or via email or like I did to get this account back years ago via a phone call? Don't you guys keep a record of previously used emails for each account for verification purposes?
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_America Since I can no longer afford cable, I no longer have the pleasure of watching BBC Amer.
  7. I keep wanting to change your name to F. Fredrick's Kitty...
  8. I was a bit surprised to find he is English but only because I had never heard him speak in his own "voice". I've only gotten to see a handful of Blackadder eps but that was only after I found out he had worked in the UK before coming to the US.
  9. Is not mayo. https://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/shopping-storing/food/miracle-whip-mayonnaise
  10. If it hasn't been on BBC America or PBS (Public Broadcasting System) I won't have seen it or even heard of it. I only knew about Laurie because someone on the old SLU forum used an image, similar to the one I posted, as an avatar. It was captioned "wibble" and I asked about it because I recognized Laurie as Dr. House.
  11. I thought everyone knew Hugh Laurie was on Blackadder before he was House.
  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a dance partner to behave like a gentleman. Nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I expect my dance partners to behave gentlemanly and ask me to dance in public chat. I'm not lowering my standards just so others will approve. If you can't say what you want to say to me in public chat, you damn sure don't need to be saying it to me in private IMs.
  13. Quartz Wumpkins works. Crystal Wumpkins Emerald Wumpkins Ruby Wumpkins Sparky Wumpkins Gumby Wumpkins Grouchy Wumpkins Shortcake Wumpkins
  14. Ya know... come to think about it, maybe instead of Moles, they should be Wumpkins.
  15. Cata Wumpkins Kitty Wumpkins Mini Wumpkins Wimpy Wumpkins Wandering Wumpkins Whistling Wumpkins Fluffy Wumpkins Feral Wumpkins Feisty Wumpkins Fiery Wumpkins Whopping Wumpkins Whooping Wumpkins Wee Wumpkins I think Molly really is onto something.
  16. Only a few liked that damned thing but they were also the ones screaming the loudest when LL finally did the right thing and nuked it from space. It was nothing more than a popularity contest among what was then the "elite few" which made SL a negative place to be.
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