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  1. The lists contained 25 surnames and if you refreshed the page the names would change. If you refreshed a second time you would get the previous list so a total of 50 surnames on 2 lists. I don't know if that held true after 2009 as that was the last year I created an account. Periodically the lists would change and you would get completely new names but I'm not sure how often LL changed them. And of course if you used one of the 3rd party sites you would get different names. It got to be a big mess and I think LL kind of lost control and that's why the 3rd party sites were dropped.
  2. Now that you mention it, I do vaguely remember he was given a new account about 6 years ago and his inventory was moved to the new account. I don't remember now if I saw it mentioned on SLU or somewhere else. At the time it wasn't something important to me so I don't remember it very well. When/if you (general you) do run across him inworld, don't expect him to answer because he is still a "celebrity" in SL and likely has dozens of people trying to talk to him all at once. If he isn't busy he will answer though. He has been known to try to talk to everyone he hears from. He has answered offlines I've left him days and even weeks later when he was still a Linden. But if he doesn't get back to you, (general you) try not to be disappointed. Even after all this time he still gets slammed with IMs. I doubt he is just ignoring you.
  3. Except the Philip Linden account would be much older than 6 years so unless they gave him a new account that was not him. Philip's rez day would have been March 14, 2002. https://secondlife.fandom.com/wiki/Philip_Linden Philip left SL in 2010. https://www.cnbc.com/philip-rosedale/
  4. Long story short, if you're basic you don't count, regardless of how many thousands of USD you've invested in SL over the years. Not a good thing (or feeling).
  5. Bloodlines is still undead and kicking in SL. It hasn't been "driven off SL". https://slbloodlines.com/ https://secondlife.com/destination/bloodlines
  6. I am basic and it's already pissing me off. I can't afford premium, even less so when they jacked up the price of premium to $99US. Ever since they started the Sansar project they've gotten money hungry and don't really care how many current customers fall through the cracks. They'll just keep finding things to tack a price tag on until only the well off can afford to be in SL. And with the gap between middle and upper class widening at a rapid pace, they'll put themselves out of business much sooner. I don't expect basics to have all the perks premiums do but it sure does get old being left out in the cold. Sometimes it feels like they are actually trying to do away with basics completely. If that is the case, not only are they doing us a disservice, they're shooting themselves in the foot financially. Which is what they are supposed to be trying to increase, not reduce.
  7. Well that sucks. And it's going to piss a lot of basics off and won't encourage them to sign up for premium. Anyway... Friday's coming so I should be inworld tomorrow evening. Are we polling yet? lol
  8. I got that. That's not what I'm asking. From the way things read to me, it's the LL blog post is saying that only new premium accounts will be able to choose a last name and new basics will not have a choice. Emphasis on new.
  9. Apparently not. The whole thing is about as clear as mud. Maybe I should be asking @Vanity Fair which part is the updated part of her blog post. Just the red or?
  10. So that means the LL post from today which says name changes will be available only for premium accounts (as I understood it) is correct or does it mean that last names for new accounts will be only for premium accounts? In other words, only new premium accounts will get last names and basic accounts will be stuck with Resident? Sorry, I'm finding the whole thing a bit confusing.
  11. I'm sure they would be to those who can afford it. Not everyone can.
  12. Vanity's blog post was updated with what Patch said today, 11/21 and the LL blog post was made today as well. So yeah there is a conflict in the information.
  13. Not everyone does but many do. I've never fit in so that makes two of us.
  14. There is a conflict of what Patch said and what the blog post says. Blog post: Patch: So which is it?
  15. Neither do I but it is what it is and has been since Basics were first offered in... 2005/6. Somewhere around then.
  16. Basic accounts are the "underclass" of SL, not "Resident" accounts. Or did you miss seeing the uproar of "robbing" from the basic accounts to give to premiums that occurred not all that long ago? And they are about to add another "upper class" to the mix. So we will have 3 classes in SL just as we have them in RL in the US. Basic, Premium and Premium Plus. Guess which accounts will get the shaft once again, regardless of how much RL money they spend on SL.
  17. The 500Ls was in 2009. I hadn't even heard of Frank's Elite until then (I knew about Frank's but not Elite) so I don't remember it being more before that. Even so the 1000Ls was even more out of my financial reach at the time than the 500Ls because it was a monthly fee not a one time fee.. It's even more out of my financial reach now than ever before. That which is a pittance to some is a small "fortune" for others. https://secondlife.fandom.com/wiki/Frank's_Place At the time I did take the advantage of the one time free visit to look it over but I was ignored by all the members present so I never bothered saving up to join the group.
  18. The whole thing does smell a bit fishy to me. At one time I had wanted to be a member of Frank's Elite. Back then the 500Ls was just too steep for me and now it's doubled in price? Sorry, no, I'm not contributing to someone's money grabbing.
  19. It wasn't just newbies at infohubs. I was spammed with bite requests at clubs, stores and other locations that weren't RP related. Bloodlines started in May of 2008. I've been in SL since 2004. Avatar age and location didn't matter. What really gave it the bad rep other than the spamming is your avatar name was added to a database without your consent, in addition to the fact that Mars refused to make it opt in rather than opt out and you had to pay for the garlic necklace rather than it being free. Granted, it was made a free item later on but it should have been free and opt in from the beginning. As for the consent thing, it should be noted that there was RedZone with people being dossed and the database containing RL information, up to and including health records, number of children, ages/names of those children, places of employment and a lot of other personally identifying information without consent. Here are a few links for anyone who isn't aware of what happened with RedZone and its creator, zFire Xue. It should also be noted that zFire Xue was already a convicted criminal (wire fraud pertaining to EBay) who was on probation from a 2001 conviction prior to his joining SL. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/sloffworldforum/redzone-dead-t293.html http://slnewser.blogspot.com/2011/03/linden-labs-acts-against-redzone.html http://alphavilleherald.com/2011/02/redzone-hud-forced-to-ask-to-reveal-alt-accounts.html http://blog.nalates.net/2011/02/25/redzone-privacy-issues-develop-review/ https://virtualnavigator.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/redzone-second-life-ip-address-detection-tool-runs-afoul-of-new-sl-policy-eu-data-privacy-law/ And of course there are all of Inara Pey's blog posts regarding RedZone and the JLU: https://modemworld.me/tag/redzone/
  20. This is the reason many stores have tip jars. It helps them to pay LL for the land during slow times/slumps. Nothing wrong with it and nothing wrong with helping stores "keep the doors open". Especially if you prefer shopping inworld to the MP, like many of us do. While the image below isn't an actual depiction, it is a helpful visualization and more or less reflects how sales rise and fall during certain months in SL. Summers are usually the slowest sales months in SL and most store owners are very appreciative of any help they get in keeping the store open through the slumps.
  21. I did too! If you want a copy I'd be happy to send one to you in a private message. I did save it. lol
  22. Yup. I was right. Here we go again. The so called guide thing was nothing more than an excuse to continue the ranting thread that was deleted not long ago. I wonder if this post will get deleted too. Funny how my images were deleted that said pretty much the same as Tari's, yet hers are still there. One was the same image I've posted a few times in other threads and no one took offense. There are no forum rules saying you can't post the source of information. In fact, the sources are extremely important when relevant to the topic, which most of what was posted is relevant to forum roleplay not inworld RP. Like this one: https://forumroleplay.com/roleplay-guides/forum-roleplaying-basics/roleplay-dictionary/ Here's one for RPGs (role playing games):https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Role-playing_game_terms And here is LL's own wiki page for RP in SL: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Role_play This is an SL specific guide written by Salvator Otoro. In fact that is what the whole blog is about, RP in SL: https://secondliferoleplay.wordpress.com/glossary/ There are even quite a few YouTube vids that cover RPing in SL. Oh and there are a number of RP guides that already exist on this very forum like this one: And there are tons more out there that aren't a guise for ranting about being banned from RP sims.
  23. Specifically for FS: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_camera
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