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  1. Thanks for the necro thread jesus, however "Whats hot now" is honestly full of bot regions, skill gaming, clubs, and some stores. Most the regions that are advertised in "Whats hot now" are pretty garbage hangouts.Hence why all the communities tend to come to forums and complain that their enjoyment of SL is dead or gone. There needs to be more variety in "Whats Hot Now" and categorization...For example gaming regions should list the best chess, capture the flag, etc, and list the traffic/avatars. There also needs to be done about traffic with bots. For example, add a anti afk or somethin
  2. Ah ok, so you can split the difference with a 512sq plot and a mainland one.
  3. Title pretty much says it all. However, I was looking into getting a 510 plot to sell some stuff or people to test demos. But wanting to keep that free benefit in a Linden home for a place to stay. Like can you have both for free? If you can't then other option I was curious about can you like have a small store/skybox aabove your Linden home?
  4. I do much more then just shop & gamble on Second Life. I was talking about you're average player. Click the "Destinations" button in your viewer. Here are the regions advertised for Second Life. 1.) Clubs 2.) Stores 3.) Gambling (Skill gaming regions.) 4.) RP regions filled with bots using all the same IP address. Destinations is what I met for what most players can expect in second life. For example, they're dozens of videos on youtube where the average guy just logs in and trying to find stuff to do through Destinations. New players don't know whats fun or g
  5. There's alot of communities dying in SL, not just pods. They're more video games released every year, and some that are just like Second life (IMVU, Smeet, Chit Chat city, etc). In short though, Second life has a bucket list of problems such as high cost for sims, players not being able to find anything to do besides shop & gamble, and terrible computer performance on modern computers. It's not a real shock SL is hemorrhaging players.
  6. as I said before, LSL needs to go in the dumpster before they can do anything. I'd imagine hiring staff for all these features are a pain because they don't teach LSL in colleges.
  7. Should read my first post, I mentioned this already. But you get the point. But honestly, it's a lot more feasible and cheaper to move. If the government were to fund the trip to another country for African Americans that are in poverty. Would probably fix a lot of this issue, then African Americans have the same solution as Native Americans in the US do today. African Americans could either live with their community in Africa with their own laws & government. Or try to stick it out as racism gets fixed slowly because it's not going to be overnight. I also think that would be
  8. yes beats getting shot, or living in the gutter for all your life. Moving to another country for equal benefits would make sense for most people. Heck, in US history that was one of the main reasons why the colonials left great Britain back during the 1700s, for rights. Like I literally gave a bucket list of on issues African American issues they face and they won't move. Unhappy African Americans want to duke this out with BLM card. Which is fine, they got chokeholds banned now in all 51 states, and most of all the confederate crap removed. However, I don't see America being able
  9. Surprised someone bought Second life, the game itself needs so much work done to it. Such as LSL probably needing to be replaced by javascript, and something needs to be done to make this game run better on modern computers.
  10. Yeah she really should have put this in marketplace to get around the fuss for the head. As for being banned. You should contact support, not come to forums.
  11. I like how when someone comes to forums and brings a very accurate point.. Game runs like *****. However, instead of agreeing to this issue people rather just laugh at it.
  12. I like how most those names involve around sex... Jazzhands, Salty, Vanilla, banana, etc... Iknow this is first batch of last names but come on... why not choose like real common last names such as Marasco, Smith, Trump, Clinton, or common last names you'd actually see.
  13. Meqara will be hosting a bow tournament this saturday March 28 at NOON SLT. - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SOLARIA/40/51/1990 Board will open at 11:00 AM SLT. Both men and women will be able to compete in this event! But Medieval attire is required. Matches will be best 2 out of 3 and ties will be redone, you must use a standard GM or ZCS bow that has been approved on the zCS Compatible Weapons~1.89 notecard. Current pot is 5000L, % payouts as follows, but could rise. This thread will be updated as it increases. 1st - 40% of the pot 2nd - 25% of the pot
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