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  1. Only way I can see SL improving at this point is building up more of a Community by joining a Launcher. For example, it could be epic games, or Steam. Linden Labs just needs to pick one for more advertisement.
  2. Pretty much this, and with GTA roleplay sims becoming a thing. I fail to understand the same thing on SL can't be implanted on steam.
  3. You know, I was thinking about this. Until Tilia comes around with their 5 dollar cashing out over nothing. I really think if they went with steam if anything would help their company at this point.
  4. I was wondering since Sansar was released on Steam. Would there be any chance, on second life making this swap to as well? I think it'd be better for both advertisement on this old game seeing it on steams main mage, and would perhaps give Second life greater feedback on how to improve SL. I guess there would be other perks to, Benefits - Advertisement on Steams Homepage for SL events & sales. - Show friends on Steam that you play Second life. - Shows on Discord as well, being a game registered through steam. - More diverse feedback. Meaning you can prioritize what
  5. Oh woah, so the main viewer finally supports key bind change options awesome.
  6. I've been trying Black Dragon for a bit now, and I LOVE how you can change the default Short_cut keys to whatever you want. For example, Instead of double-tap W to sprint, I can just set it to shift to sprint like any normal UI interface. Black Dragon is far from perfect though, you could tell it's made for photo's and drains your computer usage. I was wondering are there any other viewers that have a keybind change option? So you don't gotta use E to jump, can set that to your space bar. Or most viewers still only support arrow key movement still?
  7. Deadwool http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fingal/52/147/35
  8. Actually, many people over the age of 20 still use Facebook more than just saying happy birthday. Facebook is used to check the weather, news, & heck streaming video games now. Heck, I recall a meeting of Amazon, Apple, Google, & Facebook quite recently by the USA. Because all four companies are developing too much power & creating a monopoly. Second life could compete with Facebook in a way for social media and using their 3D viewer as something on the side. And yes do something similar to Instagram, and maybe blog on your profile about RL & SL, However, this would all be
  9. it's actually not a bad idea. Seeing how second life is marketed as a social video game product. Re-developing their website into something similar to Facebook, or myspace wouldn't be a bad idea. to increase social features & interactions.
  10. Oof I been scammed quite a few times on SL, I've even done a 3kL exchange for a tank that didn't even work. I tried getting my money back, but LL basically blew it off even with photos as evidence. I also been ripped off by custom work. However, I can talk about that 10kl failed project another day, What I'm mainly getting at is you're not getting your money back. Edit: They'll mainly tell you Linden Labs does not help with in world transactions. Only through when you purchase items on marketplace they can assist.
  11. I wish opensim was a thing. I really do, because the performance all around is better then SL plus land is even affordable. However, what binds me to SL is all the merch, and players play SL. Whereas Opensim are just many dead sims.
  12. oof well I wasn't aware they removed it from the third party viewer webpage. Also, with mobile around the corner for beta I'll just take down the video. All I can really do for ya.
  13. Ok well, I think we both can agree this remain public knowledge until we can get an opinion from a Linden or more official source. Because I can go ahead and make another video about it still being on aptoide and it wont change anything dude.
  14. I just checked aptoide my phone its still there, but I'll take down video if your claims be true and it gets removed. Like I said on the other thread, this is just something I saw on reddit when you search for "Clean lumiya download." Edit: The viewer itself doesn't even have a BoM update, so I don't get why would they sell it now. When BoM avatars look messed up on it.
  15. I just saw it off of redit post, so I made a video about it can read up on it more there just google Aptoide lumiya "looking for a clean lumiya download"
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