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  1. Hello all! I tried to do a quick search on the forum but did not find a good thread that talked about this topic, so hopefully I am not beating too bad of a dead horse here. I should start by stating why I do not want to use Photoshop: I am well-trained in Photoshop, as I have used it since 1999. However, when Adobe decided to make it a subscription-only service, I decided that was not for me as I consider myself a casual user who does not use it to make any profit that would help pay the monthly fee. I did it for some drawing and painting, which I have other programs that specifically can fill that need (Painttool SAI, OpenCanvas, Alpaca, Krita) , however I do not have a program that combines drawing/painting and photo editing, which is useful when making textures in SL. If I was selling my art IRL, I would definitely just pay for Photoshop's subscription. It isn't that I am unwilling to pay for software, I just do not like that utlimately Photoshop will cost much more than most other software on the market with its subscription fee (over time). I hope that makes sense. I have thought a lot about getting back into making make-up, tattoos, and clothing textures and feel it would be a great time for me to get back into the hobby that I once found fun. I would love suggestions on other programs to look into or try other than Photoshop and GIMP. I run on Windows, so it has to be compatible with that operating system. Now that I have explained that, ever since Photoshop went to subscription service, I have been searching for art programs that are very user friendly and similar to Photoshop in their menus. I have tried GIMP, and I cannot seem to do much beyond the basics before getting overly frustrated at its poor layout or lack of features (or the features are there and are worded differently or hidden in an obscure menu). Of course, I know there are lots of people who love GIMP and I think it is a great program that is offered for free. I think my problem is that I learned on and used Photoshop for so many years that I get in the program and it feels familiar but then it is suddenly like I am in the Twilight Zone with it. It is strange because I am able to use the other drawing/painting software just fine, however it is well-known that GIMP has a large learning curve and maybe it is just too big for me. A quick Google search lets me know there are other programs, some of which are not free, but offer similar experiences to Photoshop. I was hoping maybe others who use these other programs could chime in with their suggestions and opinions. **BEFORE POSTING A SUGGESTION: DO NOT comment saying one should just learn GIMP or just subscribe to Photoshop. DO highlight what you feel are a few PROs and at least 1 CON to the software you are suggesting. Links to the software should be added (if another user has already posted about the software, a link is not necessary) and any other links (video tutorials, etc are fine to add extra). Hopefully this thread can be useful to other users in the future as well.**
  2. Hello! we are seeking talented assistant texturizers for our mesh clothings and accesories. We currently have our hands full with alot of events coming up that we need to complete and we could use the help. Need to have basic knowledge of UV mapping, Photoshop, and can finish deadlines. Please contact me inworld for full details~ → Onimochi Resident - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▼▲▼- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ¡Hola! buscamos texturizadores asistentes talentosos para nuestras telas y accesorios de malla. Actualmente estamos ocupados con muchos eventos que tenemos que completar y nos vendría bien la ayuda. Necesita tener conocimientos básicos de mapeo UV, Photoshop y poder cumplir con los plazos. Por favor contácteme en el mundo para obtener todos los detalles~ → Onimochi Resident
  3. Hello, Name is Dots and I want to cut this short for everyone. I am looking for someone to do store ads with. Someone who is good at clothes making and is looking to start out as a new brand. I been making store ads now for half a year already for a vehicle store and I am very happy so far but I wish to get some extra work on my hands. Yes I know some people do them alone but some are just terrible at making them and no wonder why they don't have huge sales but i am here to help and boost sales by doing better quality ads. Think of this as a rare opportunity to get started with a new store. I hope we do weekly releases and monthly events. I can also help with sales flow as i was a CSR back in the day.I can share my socials on request. I check back this forum page later. Leave a message in my DM box or below and hope we will have tons of fun doing this.
  4. MY IW IS : hbkfelix (custom pose is optional) will edit for you too! ( email and iw will be required ) photos taken in 12k. price ranges from what your asking for and how many pics you want starting price is 1,500Ls my work is on : 💫New post everyday 💫 (@cryos.sl) • Instagram photos and videos
  5. **NEWBIE ALERT** I am new to working with system layers and am wondering how to fix the line that shows when using the 2 layers (shirt and pants) when creating high waist leggings. For instance, I have a black pair of high waist leggings and there is a white line showing across the belly where they meet. Any tips to remedy that? Thanks!
  6. REBIRTH, a brand of mesh body and heads, established for over a year, regular and expanding sales, many loyal customers, we are hiring head skins creator with those skills : 1- mastery of photoshop or equivalent 2- skin creation on 3d software is a plus 3- knowledge of the creation of skins for a long time (references requested) You can contact us in-world: AngieForever21 or Skull.Connor More infos: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/REBIRTH Forever/47/79/21 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/229597 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RebirthSecondLife https://www.flickr.com/photos/rebirth_sl
  7. Hi to all, A few clothing makers here have formed a Discord group for makers and new makers to share and find out things on many topics from Blender, 3DMax to Substance Painter to name but a few. If anyone is interested here is the join link. https://discord.gg/Cy3ajtDw Hoping to get a lot of talented and new makers together to share the knowledge, experiences and help make SL the best it can be for everyone.
  8. So, I spent a good part of a year figuring out how to make materials and shine for tattoos. That's all sorts of spiffy, and I've managed to use them on heads just fine. The problem comes in when I attempt to do materials and shine for a body tattoo. The seams simply do not line up, and I'm left scratching my head as to how to proceed. I've test different methods of making the normal and specular maps in photoshop, but I get the same result each time when I apply it to a body. Is there anyone out there that can possibly assist me in figuring out what I need to do to get the normal and specular maps to work properly for body applier HUDs? https://gyazo.com/c5e91119adefbcb7ed55db1e74c4de9a
  9. السلام عليكم يسرني ان اعلمكم بانني اعددت اكثر من 22 كورس ودورة تعليمية تجعلكم تستفيدون من السكند لايف وامكانياته الان بامكانكم تعلم التصميم بالفوتوشوب والتصميم بثلاثة ابعاد والكثير الكثير من الدروس والدورات يمكنكم التواصل معي اي وقت من داخل السكند لايف Spider Mycron اتمنى من الجميع الاستفادة من السكند لايف والانترنت اقصى استفادة وانا في خدمتكم اي وقت تحياتي
  10. Looking for someone to make custom car liveries. Instructions to each livery will be given. Experience preferred, but not required. High quality expected. Templates will be provided. If interested, contact in world @EliBenett Example
  11. Looking for someone to make custom car liveries. Instructions to each livery will be given. Experience preferred, but not required. High quality expected. Templates will be provided. If interested, contact in world @EliBenett Example.
  12. Second Life al subir la imagen no deja subir imagenes mas grandes de 2040 Pixels, sin embargo las veo borrosas, le he subido la resolucion interna sin embargo sigo viendo borroso el resultado una vez en Secondlife, de alli que pregunte cual es la resolución recomendada para trabajar con texturas de alta calidad o detalle en photoshop para el metaverso, de antemano GRACIAS
  13. I am a photographer/blogger ( Graphic Designer in RL ) and i have been wanting to work somewhere ( preferably as a photographer ), also i do commissions! ♥ Here is my Flickr ♥ My Instagram ♥ do IM me if interested. ( elisesum ) thank you ! ♥
  14. Hi Everyone, I would guess I'm not the first person to ask this question, but I can't find any threads or other info about this: Is it possible for an SL photographer to sell their digital photos as NFTs? Lately, selling NFTs is a hot topic. We see digital art selling at marketplaces like Nifty Gateway for obscene amounts. Obviously, that's rare. Still a number of photographers have come to me lately asking if photos taken in Second Life are saleable as an NFT for a profit -- even a small profit -- on marketplaces like Nifty Gateway or Rarible. The TOS is so confusing. I've read bunches of opinions on the TOS and ethics etc., but does anyone have a concrete verifiable answer? Thanks!
  15. Need someone to photoshop my semi nude pics to nudity or sketch artist to draw me nude.
  16. Hi there, I'm looking for someone who can make a personal livery/texture for my sailboat. I got the templates and all that. If you are fairly good in photoshop, got some drawing skills etc and can do some good texturing, feel free to IM me in sl directly. I've got the idea of what I want on it just need someone who has the talent to get it on there if you happen to be able to show me some of your previous creations in that area, feel free to show that as well! Once I got someone I'll delete this post, so as long as it is up, get in touch! Cheers 💙
  17. Hi There, I tried all links on the Wiki for this and most of them are broken or do not work properly. Is anyone able to link me or send me the Standard SL Avatar with the UV Maps attach in an object file? I want to be able to paint on it in Photoshop 3D Thank you in Advance
  18. Hi everyone, I am looking for a few artists who may be interested in working for a new photography studio. Perks include but not limited to: Clients come to us wanting to book with artists. No need to go out and try to find clients or spend hours advertising with no luck. We do all the heavy lifting over here! We have a photo studio that is designated for our artists only. In the event that you would like to add furnishing at the designated time of the photo-shoot. Feel free! Clients are booked for you and will keep you up to date as well as your client. Artist of the Month awards are given, at a chance to earn extra L$. Saving yourself time & money. Work with a loving & thriving team. So much more! The sole difference from our studio compared to others is that you set your own rates and get paid based off of what you want and tips, instead of a chunk of change being deducted from your own services. We just ask that a small MONTHLY fee is paid for maintenance. No application required. Just send me a message inquiry and your gallery in-world or discord. Very Respectfully, Ariyana Kiyori (DISCORD: ariyana#1332)
  19. I'm pretty new with the whole editing photos, so I thought it would be easier to only look for any photographers or editors to help me out if possible. I'm willing to pay $500-$1k per photo. If the pricing isn't enough, I am open for discussions.
  20. I am looking for a job which has something to do with graphic design, typography, logos, layouts, and editing - be it in photo or video! I am apparently a multimedia arts college student and my (online) classes are likely to resume August-September. My tools are: Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Adobe InDesign CC 2019 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 I wish to spend my break learning something and enhancing my skills in the multimedia field, especially from my soon-to-be employers and/or clients. You may view my sample works on my Business Instagram or my YouTube account. Thank you so much! ❤️
  21. Hello to everyone, If you do not yet know MeshAgency I specialise in creating 3D mesh items. With the quarantine i have had allot of new kinds of requests, i could do with some help and also some specialisations. - Texture artist : I have clients that ask for texture packs, i'm not interested in doing this but if you are good and would like to try you can contact me. You need to be good with photoshop, creating realistic folds and wrinkles and a BIG PLUS would be if you are good at creating jean textures. - 3D render : This is something i do for myself but not a service i offer to clients, so if you are interested in taking rendering orders and have good experience please contact me. Working with renderosity would be a real Plus. Also having mannequins already prepared and waiting, i'm not looking to spend time setting someone up at this point - Rigger : You know how to rig and have all the kits working and ready to go, male and female. I do allot of rigging myself but i'm looking for backup on the overflow and also to take pure rigging only orders that i turn down atm. Working with blender would be better for me but maya can be fine. - 3D artist : Interested in having new contacts for when i need to outsource some of the orders due to lack of time. Experienced creators only. Working with blender is better for me. - Any experience with uploading jewellery? > On an unrelated note i have real troubles uploading small items when they are rigged like chains and gems if you have any tips i need them - I have also had some requests for buildings, i don't do building, so if you know not only how to mesh them but how to upload them efficiently i have some contacts for you and also i would love to learn. - I have also had some request for hair if anyone is interested. Any answer please send by email to : meshagensysl@gmail.com
  22. I'm a 3d modeler and environmental artist with over 7 years experience. I use blender, photoshop and substance painter. My service includes online support and you get full permission on all my work, that includes the model in obj, uv maps and textures. To see examples of my work please take a look at my website, http://www.hansvet.com/ For inquiries please message me. Regards, Hans
  23. Ellty


    hi i'm looking for someone to make a commercial logo ,My name is Ellty resident in world
  24. Hello , I am in search of a skilled texture artist. Looking for someone that works well in substance painter as well as photo shop. Please be familiar with working with unwrapped models as i will provide you with both the low & high poly version of each item. Must be capable of working with clothing items of all sorts dresses , jeans , shirts , gowns etc. Also be able to create various different patterns , sheers , leathers , and denim textures. Need someone with a fast turn around , don't want to wait a month for 1 texture , i am looking to get items textured weekly if not even quicker then that. If you are skilled in photo shop and substance painter or any other texturing software , please contact me inworld with images & references of some of your previous work! Oiryok Resident
  25. Title say it all. I'm looking for a good Photographer for my SL profile picture. i don't want to waste a fortune on a photo though. SL Username: xkloeyx Have a good day! 🥰
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