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  1. They do and the TPVs have many more features the LL viewer doesn't have. The majority of residents do use FS as their "normal" viewer. I've seen the figures in the past. At one point, the figure was close to 70% as I recall. FS has increased in popularity over the years.
  2. As to the OP, consistency is the key. The SL forum has never had that and, frankly, as long as LL keeps viewing it as a part time thing it isn't going to change. They can deny it all they want but it became excruciatingly obvious during the past 17 years.
  3. And would not work for any kind of support group such as Firestorm's several different language support groups. When the mods/CSRs can't be on then others can help. It is rare that any group will always have 24/7 coverage. There just are not enough people willing to do the dirty job.
  4. I think you are giving LL a little too much credibility in that last paragraph. I do have my suspicions that some accounts are being suspended days and weeks after the "event", leaving the person completely baffled as to what they did wrong because the only explanation given is a link to the guidelines. ALL of the guidelines, not the one (or ones) that were supposedly broken. ALL of them, which is completely useless in determining what was done wrong and fixing it. People can't improve things if they don't know what went wrong.
  5. People who report posts out of spite when there is nothing wrong with the posts (other than they exist), to the point where the account is suspended without having broken any guidelines. It takes a very petty person to do such things.
  6. They can be the same thing Doc. I mean, how often do you get to see the offspring of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy? Only in SL.
  7. It's not a house. It's a mobile home. The new lines are PEX because copper is too expensive and doesn't travel well if we ever move this thing.
  8. I found it amusing since we had to not only replace our hot water heater, we had to completely redo ALL of the plumbing just 4 or 5 months ago. We still have to replace the flooring and subflooring from all the water damage, if we can ever afford to do so. If all you have to do is replace the heater, you're getting off easy.
  9. I don't read that section unless I have hit a brick wall I can't get past. Thanks for clearing that up though because it sounded like you were saying you weren't impressed with either of them to me. Doc has the unfortunate "privilege" of being about the only German I get along with so I tend to be a little protective of him when I see what looks like a communication issue since English is not his native language and he is, in some ways, still learning.
  10. I'm ok. Hope you are well. I miss it sometimes too but I left it because it just wasn't the same any more. It all changed when Fuzen disappeared on Sri. I'm in world fairly frequently these days so if you want to toss a friendship offer my way, feel free to do so.
  11. Doc is good people. I know him from the old Phoenix Lounge (the viewer) group. Cut him a little slack. This one: secondlife:///app/group/bbde14ba-cd49-9519-9826-03bcf2f008eb/about
  12. Walk in closet. Once I'm awake I may log in, take a pic of what I've done so far and post it here. I used these and they do fit nicely if a bit snugly in that room: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BAZARGlam-Closet-FEMALE-Full-Pack/8718031
  13. This one should have been before the snowman but the forum hasn't been very cooperative with my large images. 🥴
  14. You can blame @Scylla Rhiadra for this thread. She wanted pics so she is getting them and so is everyone else! To set the mood:
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