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  1. I do the same thing. And sometimes I think the person is being deliberately absurd so that people will laugh. Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to oblige. Especially since I know there is at least one person that would like to see me gone from SL and the forum. Permanently.
  2. I wonder how many of my genuine laugh at the post because it struck me as funny laughs have been misconstrued as scorn. I can't help it I have a strange sense of humor.
  3. Thought so. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  4. @Rolig Loon, if I were to get this all setup and working with the doors linked to the root prim of the house, if I move the root prim will it mess up anything? Let me explain a bit further. I'm using mesh made by others so I have to add a prim to show me as creator. That is the root prim. Currently, while it is linked, it is not in the final position it will occupy so I will be moving it into it's final position once I have completed the build (my final step). Will moving the root prim have any effect/affect on the script?
  5. Oh so you were in Active Worlds for several years before SL ever even existed as I was. Nope. Sorry. Not buying it. I know better. Gor got its start in SL because people from AW brought it here. Full stop. I know because I was involved in it. It damn near ended my RL relationship that is now going on 20 years.
  6. I appreciate the thought! Thank you! I have to admit that I am finding more "good people" in SL in the past few months than I have in all the years I've been a resident. Definitely not going to complain about that!
  7. Yeah... good thing that isn't how it works in the real world. Thankfully.
  8. You've been reading the Alpha and Omega series or the Mercy Thompson series, haven't you.
  9. I didn't imply a thing. You chose to take it that way. Enjoy your SL. It's the only SL you've got. And no that doesn't imply anything either. I simply modified Joe Bastardi's closing statement for his forecasts on AccuWeather.
  10. Omegas aren't domme nor are they submissive. So. There you go.
  11. I was demonstrating my point, not trying to mooch off someone I don't know and doesn't know me. That is not who I am. Or how I am. You know what I meant.
  12. Sorry, I don't mooch off my friends. I earn the privilege. By doing something for them in return. As I am currently doing at Hither. I work for the use of the land. Yes there are plenty of sandboxes around. Like Skidz that I have been using off and on for more than 10 years.
  13. I'd love to. Can you afford to pay for something larger than a 512 for me since I can't afford to own land? Will you pay for premium for me so I can have mainland? No? Thought so. Point being not everyone in SL has an income of $50kUS and above, so not everyone can afford land.
  14. Sometimes you have to stop and look at the bigger picture. When one person keeps prodding (however subtle it may be for some since names are rarely named, if ever) sooner or later several people are going to respond to it. If the person doing the prodding doesn't want to have a ton of bricks dumped on their head, then they need to stop deliberately goading people.
  15. Mine must have been crafted at Hogwarts then. ASUS M51BC Series Windows 10 Home 64bit AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor, 3.3 GHz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) RAM 24 GB ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 OC 2GB Obviously I've replaced the graphics card and upgraded to Win10. https://www.asus.com/us/Tower-PCs/M51BC/ And yes, I use FS.
  16. Nope. Before the mentors existed. Back when LL employees freely walked the grid as Lindens. I'm in the wrong town and the wrong business. lol That's 10 times what I can earn anywhere in the US.
  17. Gor took off in SL because many moved here from AW in 2003/4. They were pizzed at AW because they were letting people fight back to get rid of Gor in AW. Not because continents. How I do know? I was there and witnessed it happen.
  18. Once upon a time that is precisely what LL had done. Then they flushed it, clogged it and fired the plumber.
  19. I don't think anyone is asking for them to be used in user names or display names, just in chat. They can already use the ASCII characters for that.
  20. Creators that give you every bit of ivy you need to cover walls with but nothing to go along the top of the wall. I want this: NOT THIS!
  21. They've been requested (not sure if Jira) many times over the years. LL always finds a reason not to. No harm in adding the basics though.
  22. https://oneadayuntilthedayidie.com/?page_id=10
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