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  1. Now you are jumping to conclusions. But then you must be that rare type of person who never ever uses their own experiences as examples and believes anyone that does is making everything all about themselves when nothing could be further from the truth. Enjoy your SL. It's the only SL you've got. Ta.
  2. So I ran the benchmark on my tater that rarely has any trouble running SL at just below Ultra just for grins n giggles. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/19205705 I told you it is a tater. And the only time I get any stuttering is when I've been logged in for hours without relogging or rebooting. Rarely do I need to reboot to stop the stuttering. Relogging usually takes care of it. Oh and while the benchmark was running I had my browser open and was doing a couple of other things. My pc slowed a little but not enough to be frustrating. ETA: Oh neat... after scrolling down a bit I found this: UserBenchmarks: Game 30%, Desk 36%, Work 29% CPU: AMD FX-8300 - 41.3% GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050 - 35.3% HDD: Toshiba DT01ACA200 2TB - 97.5% USB: WD My Book 1230 2TB - 58.5% RAM: Samsung M378B1G73DB0-CK0 24GB - 43.8% MBD: Asus M51BC The My Book is my external drive.
  3. Except the creators would know the difference and that can be a problem for some. Knowing it is of lesser quality than originally made can weigh far more heavily on a creator. I know it would bother the hell out of me. For me personally, optimization is a good thing but it can be taken too far. You seem to be taking it too far and that is why people are being resistant. No one wants lesser quality products even if they can't visually tell the difference. They know it and that can be a turnoff. On the other hand there are still those of us who are so prim conscience, due to having been in SL so long, that we still use fewer items to achieve the same results. Not something that is easily done. Especially when the variety of items you have to work with are slim to none. Sure you can get similar results with less but the person who did the work knows it could have been better and is left feeling... disappointed. That disappointment builds after a while to a point where the creator just says eff it and quits creating. So do we want fewer or more creators. Note that is a statement and not a question that requires an answer.
  4. Gentle reminder that some of us simply can't afford to upgrade or buy a new pc (or hardware) every 2-3 years to keep up with the software demands. I know you are not one of the people who believe the poor and/or disabled/ill/elderly should not be allowed to have any enjoyment out of life. Sometimes we hold on to the old out of necessity, not stubbornness. Because we can't afford to replace.
  5. I am not even going to try to read what appears to be the longest run on sentence I've ever seen. tl;dr WTH? where are the paragraphs?
  6. I have never had a USD balance. Never will. I have not had to agree to Tilia TOS to buy Ls. I have not had to agree to Tilia just to be able to log in because as LL found out that is coercion and quite illegal in the US. NO USD BALANCE. NO LS SOLD. NO CASH WITHDRAWALS NO TILIA TOS AGREEMENT POPUP. FULL STOP. LL also thought I didn't know wtf I was talking about regarding coercion until they found out I do know wtf I am talking about and dropped the attempt to force everyone to agree to Tilia. Go read that long thread and you'll see mine is the very first response on that very subject. Enjoy your SL. It's the only SL you've got.
  7. No, I am not wrong. I don't sell Ls. Ever. If you are selling Ls then chances are you are withdrawing. I. DO. NOT. SELL. Ls NOR DO I WITHDRAW REAL MONEY FROM SL in any form. Get it through your thick skulls. I. DO. NOT. SELL. Ls NOR DO I WITHDRAW REAL MONEY FROM SL in any form. I. DO. NOT. SELL. Ls NOR DO I WITHDRAW REAL MONEY FROM SL in any form. I. DO. NOT. SELL. Ls NOR DO I WITHDRAW REAL MONEY FROM SL in any form. I. DO. NOT. SELL. Ls NOR DO I WITHDRAW REAL MONEY FROM SL in any form. Never have and at this rate I damn sure never will.
  8. Be sure your sound is on and all dogs out of the room. https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/animals/horse-loves-playing-with-rubber-chicken/vi-AAFBkPE
  9. I never store passwords. It's a security risk. FS already has the options to store one or the other or both. It's not the devs (FS or LL) fault MS chose to do something that would throw a monkey wrench into the works. MicroSoft caused the issue. Which means there isn't a flipping thing that can be done about it.
  10. I don't want anything but user names stored. No passwords. Np passphrases. Just user names stored so I don't have to keep typing them and my passwords every time I log in. Nothing more and nothing less.
  11. Well poop. Why can't they (MS/LL/TPVs) all just get along?
  12. Pfft... don't hold a candle to Justin Wilson.
  13. It's been on the Jira for almost 2 years now and hasn't been assigned so I"d say they don't intend to fix it. And if that is the case, I'll have to start looking for another viewer to use because I'm not going to deal with this kind of crap every time MS updates Win10. Life is more than complicated enough with computers, cell phones and all the things that are supposed to make life easier and better but instead just makes life more complicated and difficult than necessary. Just more crap to have to keep up with and maintain.
  14. The whole point is to not have to type in the user name every time I log in. The only thing that changed on my pc was I had to update it from the 18xx to the 19xx because they are dropping support for 18xx. And I had been logged in after the ISP change so I knew it wasn't that. So I blame both MS and LL.
  15. Some days you're the ped and some days you're the mo? I like Mo. Mo is cool. Ped, on the other hand, he's always Xing.
  16. There were also instructions for those who can not obtain a government issued ID to contact LL so they can tell you what you need to do. It may have even said to file a support ticket. You seemed determined to leave SL over something LL has no control over so there's no point in saying anything more. It's not my job to convince people to stay and LL sucks at retention so, there you are. Where you go from here is up to you.
  17. Doesn't matter where the customer lives, companies have to abide by the laws of the country in which they are domiciled. Whether you like it or not. All countries are that way, including Australia.
  18. The US laws have changed since 2007. LL must have the info in order to comply with the federal statutes. If not then either you aren't allowed to withdraw funds or LL has to shut the ability to withdraw down for everyone if they fail to comply. Since LL is domiciled in the US, there is no way around the changes in the law.
  19. It was said by a Linden, somewhere in that long thread or the one they locked (not stickied), that at some point in the future we would be able to withdraw from LL/Tilia and have the monies directly deposited into our checking/savings accounts. No need for PayPal (for US residents) anymore. That is what I've been waiting for all these years. I trust PayPal far less than I do LL. They burned that bridge long ago.
  20. Ok. Then the only thing left to say is LL dba Tilia is going to keep your info as secure as any site is going to be able to against hackers. Truth is there is no such thing 100% secure. It boils down to how much you feel you can trust LL dba Tilia to keep your info safe. Both actually have a very good track record of doing so as compared to many of the companies I've done business with in the past 30 years or so. Of course, LL/Tilia is not a major target like Equifax.
  21. I have 4 active accounts and one inactive.
  22. I found it. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_stored_passwords Thanks all. Got rid of the message but now I still have to re-enter all my accounts. Not what I was trying to do... dammit. Oh well. *sighs* I don't store passwords only user names and I was trying to preserve the user names.
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