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  1. Now why does that look so natural on Maddy?
  2. Doesn't answer why but it was rhetorical since no one really cares to know the answer. No one wants to see themselves in that light. It goes far beyond just that. But don't even suggest that it is possible to have a society where prisons don't exist. The disbelief is palpable because they can't learn to think any other way.
  3. Why the need and/or desire for a "bottom"? Not you, personally, of course. Humans in general. Is there not a point at which humans can get past that and all the "baggage" that goes with it? If there is no bottom, there is no top. And honestly, humans really do not have a need for the existence of a "bottom". You know where I'm going. lol
  4. I'd say when Hell froze over but...
  5. Good thing there are (usually) a few around who do think about such odd things. Sometimes though, there are better ways to accomplish the ends without the means digging into people's pockets so deeply they can't afford to enjoy life even the least little bit. I think everyone deserves some enjoyment out of life (regardless of income or lack thereof), otherwise it's not worth having to live in a hell created by the same society that denies them the right to well... for lack of a better way to put it, "the pursuit of happiness" as it states in the Declaration of Independence. Another one of those things people conveniently forget about. In the US that is. Can't speak for the rest of the world since I've never had the means to live anywhere else.
  6. That's because it's the female of the species that holds that "secret" and the male of the species is too damn proud of their so called masculinity to listen to the females.
  7. My dad made the same choice. That's why he didn't get the Aeronca until he was in his late 50s early 60s.
  8. I started to say something about existing while being a non white female but I already know it won't make even a small dent, much less a tiny scratch, in that armor plated hide.
  9. You and my dad would have loved flying together.
  10. I agree that most of the ones who will be or already have downgraded won't actually be leaving SL but I think the number who will be downgrading (including those who already have) will be a good bit higher than what you are anticipating. So, if LL's plan is to increase revenue via increased premium fees and adding an even higher priced premium, it's not going to give them the increase in income they apparently believe it will. What they should have done is roll out this "super" premium for the $99 US and at the same time lowered the price of the current iteration of premium by a few bucks. A 10 - 20 dollar reduction should be sufficient. What little they might lose from lowering the "mark up" will be made up in volume as more people signup for the lower priced premium vs the higher priced premium. Doing so will give them the results they are after. Doing what they are doing now is going to backfire on them. Maybe not to the point the residents notice but it will backfire and we will see the results of that in the next 2 - 3 years.
  11. CEOs need something to spend those million(s of) dollar bonuses on.
  12. Well now, that sounds like a very plausible and logical reason for the recent premium fee hike. I think you just hit the nail on the head E... I mean Molly.
  13. Mismanagement of funds is what caused IW's downfall. You do not take out a loan to keep your business afloat the way it was done for InWorldz. Why did she move to Panama? Think about that. IW closed due to defaulting on a loan and got her shut out of PayPal which she needed desperately to operate. Then, after her loyal residents raised enough money that was initially supposed to go to pay off the loan, she reopened IW with that money only to have it crash and burn in less than 6 months. That's how it went down. I watched the whole thing burn so it didn't surprise me when her second attempt failed even worse than her first.
  14. I admit I giggled. A little. Just a little.
  15. Most people are tone deaf to my posts. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. I stand corrected. My apologies to you both for the misunderstanding.
  17. Had you made it clear, from the beginning that you were discussing both, as opposed to discussing thumb vs finger, then I wouldn't have responded. Like everyone else, I do not like being insulted. Especially when it isn't called for. Which, of course, it never is. I'm sure you disagree with that as well.
  18. It wasn't a mistake on their part. The forum software does that when you copy from a quote within a post that was made by someone other than the person you are trying to quote. It's happened to me, Love and a couple of other people I know of recently. It's not the poster's fault the software is wonky.
  19. I've seen a lot of guys get tossed out of bars. Not once did I ever see a barkeep or a bouncer do that. That only happens in the movies and on tv. What part of "I've never heard of" did you not understand? You didn't answer my question:
  20. I simply told you why it got so popular. What got that whole thing started. You had to be premium to own land. Most felt the cost of premium, at the time*, was not affordable but people (basics) wanted to be able to own land. Thus pooling tier and renting was born on mainland and private estates followed not too long after. *14/15 years ago.
  21. Ever find yourself waiting for the person in front of you to move off the LP so you can enter the building? In RL? Yeah, and I've said "el oh el" out loud, too. Took me a bit to realize why all those people were looking at me so strangely.
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