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  1. For a Christmas gift... I'm seeking a MALE CYBER arm. I'd like something that looks really cool and moves well. This is an important gift for me to get so price is not an issue. gatchas are ok. Please feel free to give specific stores, links and or LM or inworld store. Please do not tell me to just look on MP. I'm curious to know if there is more out there then what I see on MP.
  2. Thank you so much everyone for the suggestions. I look so forward into each.
  3. for the holidays I need a few of the most basic couple standing poses. I'm not looking for props, sitting or fancy poses. The images are some examples of what would work.
  4. brie90212


    hi... just wanted to respond now... i blog.. and i hav a little but nice list of free eyes. i'll post my little list in less than 24 hours.
  5. I have found a very few places in SL that have environment that is not too dark, does not have a background that is not overly distracting and has basic nice lighting... Because I am taking pictures for my wardrobe these tend to be the things I seek out if possible. I do know the lighting can be controlled to a point in sl. However, I do find locations that work best for what I'm seeking have just nice general lighting already set up. For my wardrobe shots I do not plan on ever doing any photoshop on the images.
  6. I have continuously seen SL in FACEBOOK ads to this day. I also watch youtube videos about SL because I'm interested in shopping/ building/ BOM updates and on occasion I'll seek out twitter/ reddit posts. But, I'm only finding these types of things online because I seek them out. In general I don't know how SL is reaching newcomers to date beyond FACEBOOK.
  7. I would like to start a conversation... I'm truly wondering how individuals heard about SL. Because I do really like SL. And I would like more people to hear about it. I've been asked more times than I can count how I found out about SL. I myself found out about SL through a FACEBOOK ad. The FACEBOOK ad was under games along with 'candy crush,' etc. How do you feel SL could have more reach to new people?
  8. I have looked at these ears and tried to edit them... I really like the shape of these ears. And in the description it stated they were fully modifiable. but... When i open the texture tab under edit and try to change the color... No color can be changed. I am using edit and pressing selection then trying to change color under texture tab using 'color'. I did notice I can change the transparency of the ears... that works. but i can't change the actual ear color or the earring color. Does anyone have experience with these ears? If so were you able to change the color of the ear? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Crescent-Moon-Bejeweled-Drow-ears-Moonstone-Gold/6543068
  9. 1. Do older skins work with BOM? Im confused about this because I saw a video where the girl stated older skins look so nice when using BOM. 2. If I hav OMEGA TATTOOS do i still need an OMEGA APPLIER when using BOM?
  10. some people really don't like to use a mic. this may cause an issue with how many are willing to help.
  11. Is there a reason why the gift thing would not be able to find a person if I'm copying and pasting the avi entire name and putting it into the 'gift name' area in mp? MP says it can't find the person. But, I checking in the persons avi profile and the name is correct that i'm using.
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