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  1. i have already removed all BOM eyes and have put on an eye alpha. It is still not working.
  2. I hope this post is in the right place... eye issue... I have a lelutka head. And I have been using BOM eyes. I now want to change to applier eyes. But... When I try to use appliers for eyes I cannot get it to work.. Can anyone help me switch from bom to lelutka applier eyes?
  3. hi... general shopping question... Does anyone remember if 'backbone' has everything 50% off on 'black friday'? and... Did anyone attempt to buy out close to the entire store? If so i was wondering how much usd spent about? I'm planning on buying everything in store this coming black friday... just thinking ahead. thank you
  4. There are many things i can say about the fs support. but i digress.
  5. This gift is called 'culprit sphynxie christmas angel' and its animesh... I know its a free gift and its probably from 'shop hop' or 'access'... unless i'm totally wrong. pic attached...
  6. I cannot find the store list with links for the shop hop December 2020 event. Does anyone know if its out? Can u please give me a link if u know of it?
  7. I understand I can look on 'search'. However I was looking for actual possible specific recommendations from people if possible.
  8. Do you have a cool place u like to hang out? Please share the LM, do tell if the place has lag and if u ever see others to chat with.
  9. Now that 'Lusthouse' has decided to charge $500L for a membership fee.... UUgggggg... Where is a 'sex club'/'bdsm' club that u like to hang out and or just watch?
  10. I'm using bom and the brows on the hud are applier brows. If anyone has first hand knowledge how to change the brow color i appreciate any experienced user assistance.
  11. hi... I need help with coloring my genus brows using the genus brow hud. I cannot figure it out. Right now i have brows on but they are white and i can't seem to change the color at all. I'm using the genus strong face free head.
  12. hi... i really need some brows. I would really really like bom brows. please... if u know of any bom brows i can color tint let me know. otherwise i need catwa and or lelutka brows with appliers. ty
  13. I am actually pretty good with my avi and figuring things out. But... i have never been able to figure out how to tint brows and hairbases when using a BOM brow/ hairbase... can someone please explain to me how to do this in most basic way possible?
  14. UPDATE... I just noticed what happened... its not the right body. im just really tired from rl work.... disregard post. I'm not allowed to remove post it now.
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